Data-driven Racists Use “DNA” To Prove That Blacks WASN’T KANGZ!


From the now non-accredited independent:

“Scientists who managed to obtain full genome sequences of Ancient Egyptians for the first time have concluded the people of the pharaohs were more closely related to modern Europeans and inhabitants of the Near East rather than present-day Egyptians.”

Holy crap, people! We as progressives cannot tolerate this use of science to refute the Afrocentric narratives regarding ancient Egypt, the Pyramids, and Africa!!!

Join with me in some kind of march with signs! It is CURRENT YEAR … this type of scientific racism must NOT be permitted any longer!


This comes as a double blow Trav, because data driven racists are now also claiming that the original humans may in fact be from Europe, not Africa, which is a direct assault on yet another Afrocentric narrative!

White tricknologists just can’t handle the fact that civilization began in Africa!

IThinkThereforeIAm (ITTIA)
IThinkThereforeIAm (ITTIA)

At least they do still agree that we are dissented from apes so that’s a plus.

John Sakars
John Sakars

Sometimes white men say things like, “Nothing offends me.” Then they’ll go on to say there’s no such thing as white male privilege. Um, hello, not being offended by anything is part of white male privilege! There’s nothing anyone can say to offend a while male, and that’s part of being privileged. Admit you are privileged, and work towards getting rid of your privilege, because we need justice for all. We need equality. We can’t get rid of white male privilege until we admit that it exists. Does that make sense?

I feel that I am indeed trying, but I have to try harder to change the world. I want justice for all. I want equality. I recommend filling out this checklist. It gave me something to think about.