Is ‘Vegan Vagina Man’ John Sakars Responsible For Mass Disappearance of Trans People?


Conspiracy theorists worldwide are scratching their heads, unable to account for a recently-discovered demographic anomaly. In a nutshell, hundreds of millions of transgendered people…have basically gone missing.

Based on the widespread coverage of transgender issues in the accredited media, and the large number of laws passed in recent times concerning trans-people, we can confidently estimate the trans population to be approximately two in every 10 people. This would mean a worldwide trans-population of around 1.4 billion and up to 65 million in the United States. Some hateful conservatives claim the number is in fact far lower (e.g. hundreds of thousands), but this is probably wishful thinking on their part; besides, the relentless coverage of trans-issues would make absolutely no sense if the number of trans-people was below our estimates.

The problem: we are usually able to notice subtle aesthetic differences between a womyn who has retained the same gender assigned to her at birth, and a trans-gendered womyn. Whilst we are usually distrustful of empirical data, the evidence from our eyes suggests we encounter very few trans-people on a daily basis:

So, where are all the transgendered people? In a nutshell, it seems that the modern vegan movement has some explaining to do. According to popular blog ‘Everyday Feminism’, followers of modern veganism like John Sakars ‘completely erase’ trans people. Whilst this proposition may seem other-worldly or even completely insane to some, the logic employed by Everyday Feminism actually makes total sense when read. According to the aptly named Mahealani Joy of EF:

I’ve seen a lot of adverts and signs over the years declaring that being vegan is feminist, and that the animal industry is built on the exploitation of the ‘female reproductive system’ — thereby making it an issue that all women should resonate with,” Joy explains. “The problem is that defining what it means to be female as having a uterus, ovaries, vagina, and mammary glands completely erases trans women, trans men, non-binary folks, and anyone whose body doesn’t conform to that super essentialized (and incorrect) definition.” “By rooting their analysis of animal rights in this archaic definition of gender, mainstream vegan feminists ignore and exclude the lives of trans folks.” [emphasis added]

There you have it: Sakars and his kind have completely erased trans people. That’s why you see so few of them.


this is unreal…animals are just the same as humans and are also gender-fluid!

Not only women can have children, gdit!


Wow great post Pbier. I have to hand it to Everyday Feminism. As chief editor of the AT, I naturally think that we are still the leading progressive publication, but EF is certainly giving us a run for our money. They frequently identify social justice issues so subtle that even a group of highly educated CRT scholars such as ourselves are embarrassed to admit we hadn’t thought of them. Hats off to EF for this stunning piece of journalism!

Zuccini of Truth and Foliage Justice
Zuccini of Truth and Foliage Justice

I don’t understand how Vegans can feel they hold any moral high ground while they go about murdering defenseless plants and vegetables. Plants produce various forms of seed pods in order to reproduce themselves and these murderous vegans voraciously devour their potential children. Now they are gunning for the trans community by marginalizing their very existence. My suggestion would be that they attend plant sensitivity training and learn to live off genetically engineered supra hydroponic discarded leaf mulch while taking appropriate trans inducing hormones like I do.