How White Privilege Allowed Whites To Survive The Ice Age


Many theories abound as to why whites are so inconceivably heartless and cruel compared to other races. One theory, put forward by world-renowned black studies professor, Leonard Jeffries, is that whites survived through the Ice Age for an estimated 18,000 years, during which time they evolved to be stingy with resources and mean to one another. Racists argue that this harsh environment actually caused whites to evolve to have inordinate amounts of compassion and concern for others, because of the constant threat of extinction. But we know from CRT, that whites are the least empathetic, and most ruthless and sadistic group of people on the planet, who invented racism, slavery, rape culture, and all other forms of oppression. But the question remains, given that when it comes to ingenuity and conceptual thinking, genetics don’t exist and race is a social construct, how did whites survive through the Ice Age for thousands of years? The answer of course, by the laws of CRT, is white privilege.

White privilege and whiteness are not simply concepts developed by CRT professors – they are natural phenomena, observed in the physical world. Whiteness refers to the system of oppression imposed by whites, by their very nature, and white privilege refers to the advantages and benefits endowed upon whites by the universe. We know that privilege is provided to whites by the universe, because if it were provided by others, then who gave it to them before they encountered other races? This would mean that they provided privilege to themselves, which would mean that they invented things, by themselves. But we know from CRT that everything whites have is stolen, because otherwise we would have to credit whites with ingenuity, and thank them for inventing all of the things we use and benefit from immeasurably on a daily basis.

So the fact that whites survived for thousands of years in an inconceivably tough and brutal environment, just goes to show how privileged we are. Our Ice Age European ancestors must have faced the threat of extinction time and time again, and would have had to invent ingenious methods of survival over and over again, while taking care of each other and leaving no man behind to prevent their small numbers from diminishing. This is such an enormous feat, that it would have been impossible to accomplish without white privilege.

So next time you want to claim that whites are different from say Aborigines because they adapted to a different environment, in the same way that grizzly bears and polar bears are different, and border collies and chihuahuas are different, just remember that not every species has privilege. Of the entire animal kingdom, only one breed of one species benefits from the force of privilege – Caucasian human beings. This phenomena is not witnessed anywhere else in the animal kingdom, which is precisely what makes whites so despicable and evil. It’s time for us to formalize the study of CRT, and start weaving these ideas into the very fabric of society, so that whites never get credit for their privilege, ever again.


This is a topic close to my heart. I’m currently waiting to hear from UNESCO as to whether they are willing to provide funding for my thesis. I believe there is some firm evidence out there to suggest dinosaurs were wiped out because of cis gendered white male oppression. It would be a tragedy if a lack of funds was responsible for this key question remaining unanswered (although I know in advance what the answer is)

IThinkThereforeIAm (ITTIA)
IThinkThereforeIAm (ITTIA)

Ugh, no wonder I’m so miserable…. My privilege is embedded in my DnA. I wish scientist could locate the “Privilege Gene” so I could be treated and/or removed.

IThinkThereforeIAm (ITTIA)
IThinkThereforeIAm (ITTIA)

so “it” could be treated, but I guess “I” would still work since I’m willing to make the world a better place.


well, in other news they have 42 or so intelligence-associated genes now.

Make my votes count
Make my votes count

OMG by reading this article this just occurred to me, The fact that climatologist all bring up the WHITE polar bear as a reason to save the earth from global warming is just further proof of WHITE privilege. The brown and black bears live here as well and also have to put up with urbanization and getting shot by a greater number of hunters. Do we ever hear about them?? Nope, just the WHITE bears.