Asian Privilege – A Growing Scourge Upon The Earth


The ultimate and most significant form of privilege, white privilege, has been well documented by progressives, and accurately identified as the leading cause of worldwide poverty, imprisonment rates for African Americans, rape culture, the patriarchy, high crime rates in black, Arab and Hispanic communities, and a variety of micro-aggressions such as cultural appropriation, man-spreading, mansplaining, whitesplaining and misgendering. But there is another form of racial privilege, which is growing by the day, and poses a serious threat to progressive narratives if left unchecked – Asian privilege.

Now, let me say upfront that I’m aware of some disagreement within the progressive community about Asians. Some say they don’t exist, as they contradict progressive racial narratives, some say they are themselves people of color and therefore victims of white racism, and others, like myself, tend to think that on the whole they are privileged and gel more with whites than with people of color and other victim groups. 

So let’s examine the facts – Asians earn more on average than whites in white countries, even with systemic racism targeting and keeping non-whites down. How is it that Asians are able to so consistently overcome white racism in white countries and outperform these countries’ dominant racial group? We know that Jews outperform because they are geniuses who invented the modern world, but Asians don’t get as much media attention, so we are left with only one explanation – privilege. Only privilege allows you to consistently outperform others who are equal to you in every way, and this is what Asians do, time and time again. So, as much as I hate to disagree with many of my fellow progressives on this, yes, Asian privilege is a thing.

Asians are also now colonizing Africa like whites did, and are building infrastructure to intimidate and oppress the local population, while building oil wells and mines to steal their resources. I reside in South Africa, and many of the Asians I know here side with the racist whites and criticize Africa for its “incompetency”. I’ve never heard such appalling racism in my life! They’re not even diplomatic about it like whites are. Having said this, these are mainly Asian males, so we have male privilege at play here too. 

Asian women also make black women feel inadequate with their straight, silky, rich hair, which normalizes patriarchal standards for female beauty. My Asian girlfriend gets funny looks from jealous African women wherever I take her, and I feel guilty and ashamed of both of us – myself for my white, cis, straight male privilege, and her for her Asian, thin, feminine privilege. I keep trying to convince her that we’re guilty of horrific crimes of identity politics, and that we owe reparations in the trillions to people of color, but it just goes over her head. It’s like Asians don’t even understand the concept of reparations for other groups. At least whites know how to check their privilege somewhat. Asians don’t even understand social justice.

Asian privilege is a growing and serious problem, and we need to introduce it as a new progressive narrative, because there is a growing awareness of Asian achievement, and without a narrative to explain it away, people will assume that whites aren’t actually racist and keeping people of color down! We need to get ahead of the curve on this one fellows, as the threat to many of our most cherished narratives is dire and just over the horizon.

IThinkThereforeIAm (ITTIA)
IThinkThereforeIAm (ITTIA)

This is a tough one to tackle. Your facts above are undoubtedly true concerning their seeming success in modern day society and if you look at the internment camps during the 40’s and the intercontinental railroad construction well before that, we see signs of oppression from the whites of which the Asians would be grouped as mistreated POC. I see only two options for us as progressives: we combat this new “Yellow Privilege” as we would that of the whites or we take credit for their success thus showing we are gaining ground for our narratives. I’m in favor of taking credit so that if we have more issues as described in South Africa or during the LA 92 riots of Koreans fighting other POC, we can simple explain it away as the white man’s fault for pushing them to these extremes and then everyone wins, but the white man


I, too, am afflicted by a hot Asian girlfriend. She spends a couple of hours a day in the gym, to maintain her lithe, supple, tight body. When I point out to her how painful this is to real womyn, who, through no fault of their own, are grossly overweight, I just get blank stares. I know she’s not stupid, she’s a university professor, so why can’t she get it? If any reader knows of a dating site for real womyn, where I can get rightfully humiliated for being a privileged, white, working class, heterosexual male, please share.