A Handbook For Progressives – How To Respond To Any Conservative Argument


Over the years, progressives have developed a set of standard responses to pretty much everything conservatives say. These usually consist of labeling their argument with an adjective, morally shaming them, belittling them, or, when all else fails, changing the subject. By mastering these responses, skilled progressives are able to put conservatives on the back foot, and have them doubting themselves, while you sit with a smug expression on your face, tutting and rolling your eyes.

To make this easy, I’ve created a list of common conservative arguments with a valid response for each one. Learn this list of responses and you’re well on your way to becoming a savvy progressive, who simply cannot be won over with any amount of logic, reason or evidence.

Argument: Government debt is significantly harming the lives of future generations, who have no say in our political system, the very people we should be trying to protect

Response: You hate the poor

Argument: Taxing high earners at exorbitant rates reduces the incentive for people to take risks, forego short term comfort and create jobs and new products and services that improve our lives

Response: You hate the poor

Argument: Obamacare increases premiums, lowers the quality of healthcare, and caused the stock prices of the very insurance companies you hate, to rise massively

Response: You don’t want poor people to have healthcare

Argument: Raising the minimum wage removes the lower rungs of the corporate ladder for low skilled workers, making them redundant

Response: You don’t want poor people to get paid more

Argument: Communism killed hundreds of millions of people in the 20th century, dwarfing the kill count of the Nazis or any so-called fascist regimes

Response: That wasn’t real communism (if they persist, say they’re wrong and then promptly change the subject)

Argument: Gender is a biological term, measurable by observing x and y chromosomes

Response: You hate trans people 

Argument: The wage gap doesn’t account for hours worked, pregnancy leave and the types of jobs women do

Response: You don’t want women to get equal pay for equal work

Argument: Black on black crime dwarfs white on black crime, so the Black Lives Matter movement should be primarily concerned with black on black crime

Response: You’re racist

With this simple yet effective set of responses, you can defeat almost any conservative in a debate and walk away with your head held high, feeling proud of yourself and morally superior. In the rare case that a conservative persists after being labeled as a bigot, promptly change the subject and launch a series of rapid fire questions back at them, designed to throw them off balance and have them gasping for air, trying to convince you of their position, rather than you having to defend your position. It’s always more effective to convince conservatives that they need to convince us that they are not bigots, than to actually make a case ourselves and defend our own positions.

So keep this handbook in your pocket wherever you go, and repeat after me:

“Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no conservative argument, for I have adjectives, snarky quips and rhetoric to protect me.”

John Sakars
John Sakars

Sometimes conservatives ask me if I’ve saved any money for retirement. No I haven’t. Capitalism is not sustainable. In the future, we’re either going to have a moneyless world, or we’ll all be dead. Either way, I’m not going to need any money.


Wow – what powerful advice MDB. Right-wingers are so illogical and hateful it’s a wonder that they can string a sentence together at all. Every position that they take is about hurting the poor. The alt-right freaks are the worst – their hatred towards central banking is so selfish it beggars belief. We’re going to need a strong central bank if we’re going to solve inequality with a universal basic income.


The response can be “you’re racist” for every single one.


In reality we shouldn’t even let the conservatives speak in the first place. Some effective tools are loud whistles, bull horns, mindless droning chants, fireworks, screaming inanities, etc. Why should we even allow them to put their hate-thoughts to words where they might infect the more vulnerable.

Black Lives Matter

We need to RISE ABOVE RACIST WHITE RETHUGLICANS by responding LOGICALLY. One of two tactics normally works:


Or, more concisely:


Anyone who supports Trump is a RACIST and is complicit in the POLITICAL CRIMES committed by this “administration,” including ARRESTING DISSIDENTS and causing FORCED DISAPPEARANCES of political opponents. Notice that the most prominent BLACK SCIENTISTS have been almost completely ELIMINATED and SILENCED by this “administration.” Where did they go, Donald Trump???




I’ve really missed you BLM. A lot of stuff has happened, me and Aashiq broke up. I went to Guinea but things didn’t work out so I had to come home. I would have been right in the $#!+ but MDB wired me enough money for a plane ticket – progressives are so kind to one another unlike sleazy alt-right men. I asked Anon if he’d lend me the money to get home but it seems he just wants to hit on me but not be a real friend. Thank goodness for MDB – I was able to catch a plane out of there as some Guinean woman were not very happy with me.

I’m so happy you’re back 🙂 🙂 🙂