Israel, Israel, Israel


It has been a seemingly long time here at AT since we focused on our greatest friend and ally in the entire world, and the greatest friend and ally that anybody could ever have for all time, Israel. Thus, this article is focused solely on them. Elsewhere, they are barely mentioned, ever.

It’s also important to take a moment to remember the Holocaust. And to never forget it and to be constantly reminded. Six billion Jews died at the hands of evil Germans, merely for the color of their skin. Ruminate on that. Six. Billion.







That’s a lot of lampshades.

Join with me and George Bush in asking the critical question about school education- “is our children learning (about the Holocaust)?”

Are we doing enough to help Israel? We send billions of dollars…but is it enough?

According to this report, we have provided $127.4 billion to Israel since WW2, approximately $2 for every Jew killed in the Holocaust. A mere $2…it simply isn’t enough compensation for being the greatest beacon of peace in the Middle East as well as the closest ally that could possibly exist. Join with me in calling for a double or tripling or six billioning of that amount, to reflect the proper support for this indispensable partner.

We also need to promptly attack and destroy any nation Israel doesn’t like or considers a rival. Or which neighbors it. The Israelis are constantly under threat from all sides, sort of like a paranoid person, except really real. We should commit our military immediately to rectify this, and honestly the amount of “collateral damage” inflicted is irrelevant. Remember – 6 billion. A few Arab terrorist children might have been slightly inconvenienced in our recent military campaigns, but the 6 billion are dead and constantly calling to us from the thousand or so Holocaust museums in every major city.

Congress is standing to applaud Bibi, are you ready to as well? Or do you disagree with anything I’ve just said and are therefore an anti-Semite?

Israel Israel Israel.


I guess the fact that Israel escaped the attention of our accredited authors for so long is evidence of rampant unconscious antisemitism that even permeates sites like this, who’s editors stand unequivocally with Israel in all of their endeavors.

Israel must be very important to the interests of average Americans, because they have universal bipartisan support from accredited politicians across the political spectrum. If something is agreed upon by both Republicans AND Democrats, you can bet it’s sensible and in our best interests.

Our brave American soldiers stand ready and willing to fight and die for our greatest ally, Israel, and our tax-payers stand ready to foot the bill. No price is too high to support an ally that wouldn’t hesitate to do the same for us. They are literally the ONLY DEMOCRACY IN THE MIDDLE EAST! … THE ONLY DEMOCRACY IN THE MIDDLE EAST! Doesn’t this warrant our infinite unconditional support?


I think I have a solution to the toxic anti-semitism that still infects each and everyone of us. OK, so it’s a solution borrowed from our friends at Everyday Feminism, who offer a healing programme from toxic whiteness for a mere $97:

For a one-off fee of $97, Accredited Times can help its readers be cured of toxic anti-semitism. Here’s how it works (using near identical language to the EF programme):

“Once you notice just how insidious and ingrained anti-semitism really is – and how often you find yourself unintentionally upholding it – it can feel like your whole worldview is being shaken.

As you think about what you personally can do to address anti-semitism, you may find yourself wrestling with questions like:
•How can I make sure I don’t accidentally say something that’s anti-semitic and hurts people I care about?
•I know I need to speak up against anti-semitism more, but when does speaking up cross the line into speaking over people of the Jewish persuasion?
•What do I do when I discover I’ve been subconsciously stereotyping and judging Jewish people?
•I feel so guilty about having non-Jewish privilege, but am I really willing to give up that privilege? Do I even know what that means?
•How can I figure out what I should be doing to fight anti-semitism without burdening people of Jewish persuasion by constantly asking them what I should do?
•How do I deal with the fact that I’m scared to talk to other non-Jewish people about anti-semitism when they often get really angry at me?”


I think it’s absolutely disgusting that due to financial pressures, Everyday Feminism is forced to resort to capitalism to fund its operations, by offering a service that people can voluntarily choose to pay for. This is the world that right wingers would have us live in – a world in which social activists don’t get government funding, and people have to provide value to others in order to get paid, instead of getting a well-deserved living wage, which is a HUMAN RIGHT.

This is another example of white privilege, because whites know very well that they would be expected to fund the bulk of a living wage, and that minorities would disproportionately benefit and continue to outbreed them into insignificance. How racist of them not to want this!

Black Lives Matter

Why is the lampshade white??? The Nation of Israel is BLACK. Could it be that the Corporate Media doesn’t want African-Americans to know our true roots? We are descended from the kings of the Bible and the Quran. David, Solomon, and Jesus were were BLACK.


Those lampshades were made from Ashkenazic Jews. The Sephardic Jews are black.

Black Lives Matter

So the Corporate Media picks the WHITE lampshade while ignoring the BLACK victims??? This just makes the racism even worse.


According to Afrocentric scholars, Shakespeare was also black. Just look at these professors of Afrocentrism visit Shakespeare’s burial ground and demonstrate incontrovertibly that he was BLACK:

Black Lives Matter

And who invented the English language? That’s right, SHAKESPEARE, an African-American. Whites wouldn’t even be able to speak were it not for People of Color. YET THEY SILENCE US EVERY DAY.


Not just Shakespeare, but pretty much every Englishman of any merit was BLACK! Just look at these Afrocentric scholars school the IGNORANT Louis Theroux about how blacks used to rule Europe and will once again be KINGS and reign supreme over whites! (Ignore the racist title of the video)

IThinkThereforeIAm (ITTIA)
IThinkThereforeIAm (ITTIA)

Let me get this straight. According to the video Jesus was Black and therefore Christianity is actually a good thing unless its practiced by white folks? Just when I think I have a handle on all things progressive, I learn something new. Now I can celebrate Christmas and not feel racist but will I be guilty of cultural appropriations?


If only Hitler had had more time…


Black Lives Matter



Had he more time …
… he coulda finished his mission.

Black Lives Matter

What mission was that? I thought you racist crackers didn’t believe in facts like the Holocaust?