A Bloody Injustice Against Womyn!


As progressives, we must never relax, smile or engage in frivolity until every injustice of every victim is ended and reparations made. In the case of womyn, the list of injustices is depressingly long: under-represented in the nation’s boardrooms, paid less than men for the exact same job, subject to the patriarchical rape culture on a daily basis, forced to do an unequal share of the housework…

There are literally not enough pixels in the virtual world to list all the injustices against womyn.

And yet, there is another injustice to add to our list – the absence of an emoji to represent that awkward time of the month when Aunty Flo comes to visit. Unicode offers 1,088 emojis to cover all manner of things, but menstruation does not get a look in. Disgusting!

We find it frankly absurd that the defecating-community, for example, is well-served by a smiling poo emoji but there is no period emoji. Not one! Worse yet, this issue is totally ignored by most of the accredited media. Pick up and read any of  the Financial Times, The Economist and even the Wall Street Journal and I am quite prepared to bet anyone a trillion Zimbabwean Dollars that none of these publications discuss period emojis on their front covers.

As so often, it is left to the likes of the Guardian to explain what a serious injustice and a major world issue the lack of a period emoji is:

For a natural phenomenon that the average woman will spend thousands of days of her life experiencing, the shame and silence around menstruation makes no sense. In fact right now 800 million women, including people who identify as male or non-gender binary, are menstruating. Yet in Australia and around the world, there is a strange belief that menstruation is disgusting secret women’s business.

Love them or loathe them, emojis have become a part of our modern vocabulary. More than 92% of the online population use emojis every day to communicate between friends and across cultures. And Plan UK’s research showed that almost half (45%) of women surveyed would happily use a period emoji, particularly to communicate with their partners.

It’s ridiculous that Unicode offers 1,088 emojis, including a long nose goblin emoji, a floppy disc, a unicorn emoji and a smiling poo emoji, but there is no period emoji. The exclusion of a period emoji is a just another way to silence speech around menstrual health which contributes to stigma, shame, leading to yet more silence.”

Although I identify as a male and am not non-gender binary, as the Guardian points out, I might one day menstruate and be part of the 800 million who Aunty Flo is currently visiting. I am fortunate that, until now, Aunty Flo and I have never met. I cannot guarantee that this happy state will always continue but this is besides the point.

The point is that we need a period emoji. End this bloody injustice now!

Vaginostar Gynolactica
Vaginostar Gynolactica

Thank you Pbier. You have opened my eyes. As I am a cis white male (shame, please accept my apologies) I never considered the darkness in which wymin must live because of the lack of menstrual emojis. Now that I can take a glimpse of their pain I would also suggest that we add emojis for other wymins struggles. Among the many possibilities we could add: yeast infections (a stalk of wheat emerging from a drippy vagina), Vaginal Herpes (little red spots on a lippy va-jay-jay), Endometriosis (projectile menstruations), Cervical Cancer (Zombie-like Vagina), and Vaginosis (a green cloud rising from a sparkling snapper). I hope that soon we can offer these options to finally help wymin progress into the beings they were meant to be.


Those are good suggestions. I think to further help isolate men and women from each other, though, we should also focus on the most gruesome aspects of masculinity, like penis infections, hygiene issues and pubic hair. We must not stop until men and women are totally repulsed by each other and stop breeding altogether.


only white people tho


I always thought that the “.” was the period?


Thank you, Pbier, for bringing our attention to this hideous injustice, and thank you once again to the Guardian for continuing to push the boundaries of social justice, despite the backlash from the ignorant general public, which has brought the company to the brink of financial ruin.

One of the key elements of modern feminism is to destroy every aspect of female beauty, whether it be physical beauty or qualities such as sweetness, affection and modesty. On the whole, pretty much only Asian women still display these qualities in my opinion, so I propose we bring feminism to Asia as soon as possible.

By focusing on the most unaesthetic aspects of femininity such as periods, vaginas, weight issues, pregnancy and many others, we are helping to repulse men who might otherwise try to further the patriarchy. We are also helping to end white male rape culture by making men so disgusted with modern women that they no longer desire to rape them.

Black Lives Matter

This is such an important piece. Thank you for speaking up for the oppressed gender.

Make my votes count
Make my votes count

I want to to thank Pbier for pointing out this injustice but to be honest, There are so many injustices that I am currently protesting against I just don’t have the time to do this cause it’s justice.
The right criticizes SJW’s but have no idea how hard it is just to keep track of all the horrible causes we must battle.
Just thinking about it has me triggered and I am retreating to my safe space.


Not having enough time is no excuse! You need to know about every one of these injustices, or you are IGNORANT and a BIGOT! Just because you work a full time job and aren’t a college social justice warrior who doesn’t show up to lectures, doesn’t make it OK for you spend time with your family instead of focusing on social justice, OK? NO EXCUSES!