The Left And The Working Class – A Love-Hate Relationship


Progressives have always been somewhat ambivalent about the working class. On the one hand, they are the original proletariat – a class of victims, eternally oppressed by low wages, poor working conditions and a myriad of social afflictions caused by poverty and circumstance. Thus they have always been prime targets for victimization and absolution from responsibility by the left, who keep them in a constant state of fear, envy and discontent, promising them financial security and equality, in return for their freedom. 

On the other hand, the working class has never cared much for etiquette or political correctness, and their quaint affinity for simple pleasures like pretty women, fast cars and violent sports, has won them universal despisement from elite progressive intellectuals, who prefer a society based on status rather than the pursuit of hedonistic pleasures (that they too secretly desire but feel feel unable to obtain).

The working class were responsible for creating labor unions, which gave workers the right to collectively bargain for large pensions, a relaxed work environment, and laws making it impossible to fire people. But the white working class also overwhelmingly voted for Trump in 2016, leading to the greatest political crisis in America’s history.

The white working class has always formed a large voting base, making them hard to ignore. But progressives may have finally found a way to dismiss them once and for all. By importing huge numbers of foreigners, the left has gradually displaced the the low and middle income white voting base that they used to depend on so heavily, and we now stand on the precipice of a radical transformation of America’s demographics. And with this shift in demographics, Democrats find that they can increasingly ignore the white working class altogether, focusing almost exclusively on the rights of women and minorities, soon to be a majority. The DNC race showed us that the Democrats believe more than ever in identity politics, and are more committed to excluding and eliminating white males than ever before. 

The working class has always been a thorn in the side of progressive revolutionaries and political scholars, but we have had to keep our disdain for them secret … until now. As the white working class continues to fade away under the avalanche of brown people flooding America, we can now start to reveal how we truly see them – as racist, xenophobic, sexist, classless brutes, who deserve to be sent to fight and die in humanitarian interventions overseas, just like we’ve been conscripting them to fight for us for millennia. It’s time for us to show our true colors, and do away with these cretins once and for all, so that we can finally rule over the planet unopposed by any major demographic, while we sit back, a glass of champagne in one hand, a book in the other, reveling in our own sophistication and self-importance.

Maurice Miner
Maurice Miner

Yes! Finally the blinkers of False Leftist have been removed from your eyes, MDB!

The workers are indeed revolting. It’s as plain and simple as that, and now that our Liberal political betters have come to this realization, you and I can now disparage their worthless lives, without fear of political repercussions.

Workers and the working class simply stink from body odour and beer. Now that they are demographically unnecessary to sustain a future Liberal victory due to being supplanted by women and minorities, they can be discarded as a useless waste of white human male skin.

I feel ultimate success is near at hand!

Richard Louis Trumka
Richard Louis Trumka

Great article MDB…xe have well illustrated the fact that the white working class has committed apostasy. The the fat, ungrateful slobs have abandoned the elites that created them and now pose the greatest threat to the rule of progressive enlightenment. It is good that our insightful rulers were one step ahead of them and saw to it the country would be flooded with more easily led immigrants. We can now fully show the disdain we’ve had for them all along. I feel like a 200 lb cross was lifted off my back.

May the peace of the prophet be upon you.


In other news

Muslims burn girls to death for their unwillingness to participate in sex slavery

because its their religion

ISIS is Sharia-compliant in the most literal sense. Its fighters are following the example of Muhammad himself, the warrior prophet of Islam who captured slaves in battle and had sex with them. As the prophet was entitled to take advantage of such fruits of battle according to the Koran, so ISIS believes its fighters are entitled as well. Thus, these savages thought nothing of burning 19 Yazidi girls to death in iron cages after the girls had the temerity to resist having sex with their captors. This atrocity was said by local activists to have taken place recently in the Iraqi city of Mosul, which has currently become a battlefield between ISIS fighters and anti-ISIS coalition forces. An eyewitness reported that the burnings took place in front of hundreds of people.

Vladmir Putin
Vladmir Putin

Genuine, straight talking leaders like Duterte are being taught a lesson. See the quick invasion of Philippines by ISIS. Any democratic country, please get electronic voting (Diebold machines) in place, so some eunuch can get elected, and hyped up as an emperor making bold decisions. You don’t want an ISIS invasion, do you?

Let me celebrate this comment with Accredited Times Pick, the rainbow strip of the faggots, and the communist sickle. Can’t we add the sharia symbol in there somewhere?

Accredited Times Pickcomment image

Black Lives Matter

I agree. This flag needs updating on the stripes as well:

Gay Pride Flag Updated to Reflect Diversity


In still other news

In a plus for multiculturalism Muslim marriage practices make their way to Australia as Muslim men kidnap girls, rape them and then forcefully marry them

because its their religion

Can’t you just FEEL the LOVE of the religion of PEACE?

The petrified 18-year-old, who cannot be named, claimed Chafic Charyala, 31, showed up at her bedroom window in Bankstown at 2am on Sunday and threatened to kill her unless she went with him.

he climbed out of the window and Charyala allegedly drove her to the Novotel hotel in Brighton-Le-Sands.

It is there that police allege the girl was sexually assaulted before being taken to a private home in Lakemba in Sydney’s west where a sheik is then claimed to have married the couple under sharia law.