Why Are People So Quick To Blame Islam?


It turns out that I am an anomaly. Whenever I hear news of a suicide attack, a ‘crazed knife killer’ or ‘mass shooting’, I literally have no idea who the perpetrator(s) might be. A radical Buddhist monk perhaps? If not, a fundamentalist Quaker or Methodist? A Taoist with grievances? Who can tell? I give up, finish my tofu burger and wait for the MSM press to give me the information and expert opinions I need when it is ready to do so.

Sadly, it seems that far too many bigots and hateful people rush to judgements and assume that (a) Muslim male(s) are/were behind the incidents. This is despite the fact that Islam is a religion of peace, just as Hillary and countless other leading politicians explain, drawing on their profound knowledge of sacred Islamic scriptures. We know from the Quran, for example, that Islam totally respects the sanctity of life:

“Because of that We ordained for the Children of Israel that if anyone killed a person not in retaliation of murder, or (and) to spread mischief in the land – it would be as if he killed all mankind, and if anyone saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of all mankind.” – Quran 5:32

Those people who automatically assume Muslims committed the latest atrocity are not only Islamophobic but also plain wrong. In fact, the latest* terrorist incident in London came at the hands of a ‘large white male’, who deliberately steered his white van (the color is not co-incidence) into a crowd of Muslims who had just left the moderate Finsbury Mosque in London after Ramadan prayers. This is but one example of a non-Muslim terrorist attack, which will be cited repeatedly in months to come as evidence that white people are just as much the terrorists as followers of Mohammed.

* In fact, in a barely reported incident in Paris today, a Muslim driver lost control of his car and accidentally crashed into a police van. Some right-wing publications like the UK Daily Telegraph insinuate that this incident was not in fact accidental and point to the presence in the driver’s car of an AK-47, gas canister, explosives, handgun, numerous gun cartridges as proof that he meant to kill many people. However, we note that the police have a long record of ‘planting’ evidence to incriminate innocent people. Also, the fact that this incident barely appears anywhere in the MSM whereas the Finsbury Mosque incident attracts several miles of columns tells us everything we need to know about what to think. What we need to think is that alt-right bigots are the real enemy, that multiculturalism is a tremendous success and that the future is bright with a Muslim majority population in the west in the coming years.

Black Lives Matter

That picture makes me so sad. If only the election hadn’t been stolen by Trump and the Russians . . .

Martha C.
Martha C.

THIS is why I subscribe to the Accredited Times! Great job ‘Pbier’!

Keep up your much appreciated hard work Accredited Times staff!

Oh, and this is the first I’ve heard of above cited Paris ‘accident’. Typical of MSM…


Exacly – I’m SO SICK of people blaming Muslims for everything under the sun! It could just as well be a catholic nun planting a bomb or planning to shoot up a crowded area! It happens all the time!

I have a question for all of the Islamophobic bigots: have you ever actually MET a Muslim? If you haven’t met and associated with a friendly Muslim before, then your opinion about Islam is null and void!


The REAL victims are always the muslims, because they might hear some mean words. They brought us MEAT ON A FUCKING STICK, just stfu and thank them for their presence and the salvation of our economies by going on infinite welfare forever. White people are the ones who are to blame.