Join The LBGTQ+ Community On Their March Through Mecca, In Solidarity With Muslims


As the co-organizer of many LGBTQ+ protests around the word, I’m excited to announce our plans for what could be the biggest gay pride march of all time. We plan to hold this march in response to the recent horrific Islamophobic attack by a white male in London, along with a myriad of other recent crimes against Muslims such as Donald Trump’s travel ban, and to strengthen the already very strong bond between Muslims and the LGBTQ+ community. The protest will take the form of a standard gay pride rally, with scantily dressed men, lesbians with shaved heads and tattoos, loud music and fabulous costumes. The hashtag for the event is going to be #MeccaPride, so please tweet this out to everyone you know.

Your protest signs should include statements similar to the following:

  • If Muhammad was alive today, he’d be at #MeccaPride! (with a picture of Muhammad and the LBGTQ+ symbol)
  • Non-binaries stand with Muslims
  • People of the world united against white supremacy
  • We (heart) refugees

We have also designed costumes like the following, in order to build bridges with the Muslim community:

Protesters will be attending from all over the world, and will camp overnight in Hejaz, just outside the city. We plan to wake up in the early hours of the morning when the Mosque is still empty, and then surround the Kaaba and plant our signs around the monument. Locals are encouraged join us, as this march is for everyone, not just the LBGTQ+ community.

The date of the protest has not been finalized yet, as we’re still getting approval from the Saudi government, but given the great historical relationship between Muslims and the LGBTQ+ community, we don’t think this is going to be an issue.


Hate to point this out but any non-Muslim caught in Mecca automatically gets the death penalty.

Gays and Lesbians get the extra benefit of FREE flying lessons before the time of death.



This can’t be true!! If it were the case, I’m pretty sure a proud democracy like the US would have nothing to do with what we be a barbaric regime.

Fatoosh al Fangool
Fatoosh al Fangool

At present I identify as a gay male but more and more I’m starting to identify as a straight female. I’ve also considered converting to Islam. I think this march might be just what I need to successfully find the perfect Muslim husband.

Black Lives Matter

I will be marching.



Make sure to make videos of the FLYING lessons. I’m sure they will be a great hit.

Open up a YouTube video channel and you might even earn $3.71 a month.

Make my votes count
Make my votes count

What a great way to show unity. This sounds like a great time. I am already planning out my outfits for the occasion. I can’t wait.
Do you know what kind of early accommodations will be available as I would like to arrive early and check out the local scene. Nothing like hooking up with some strange when out of town. What happens in Mecca stays in Mecca.

As far as local customs, I understand the females follow a certain dress code that requires a head covering. While dressed in drag, Would my pink pussy hat serve as a proper burka or should I look at other options. Also will I be able to drive while dressed as a female or should I plan on using uber?


You should reserve a camel for the trip, give it lots to drink and collect the piss. I hear there is a thriving market in camel piss is Saudi Arabia. It will help defray the costs of the trip.

Beware of adulterating it with your own “special sauce” as the penalty for selling adulterated camel piss can be quite severe, and if caught will result in you missing quite a few LGBT++ rallies

If it was centuries ago and you had access to Aisha’s camel you could even sell the dung, as it was considered lucky.

I hear some Muslims even went so far as to rub it in their bodies to make them smell good. It worked wonders when going out to “molest” other camels, as they smeledl like part of the herd.