It’s Time for Janet Yellen to Collapse the Trump Economy


NEW YORK (Accredited Times) – Since Donald Trump’s “election,” the rich have gotten richer while stocks, bonds, and other asset prices have climbed higher. Meanwhile, the poor, middle, and working classes have become destitute as propagandists pump mindless capitalist entertainment, like anime, into their Cheetos-addled consciousnesses.

It’s time for Janet Yellen to put a stop to it all.

Professors Richard Cloward and Frances Fox Piven of Columbia University provided the blueprint:

  • Collapse the economy.
  • Precipitate a crisis.
  • Institute a democratic socialist utopia a la North Korea.

Only you can do it, Janet.  Only you can stop Trump. Please raise interest rates as high as possible, and collapse the economy. Then we can guarantee our next President will be a good one and will lead this country back to the left:

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Civil rights activist, constitutional scholar and chief legal editor at the Accredited Times.
Bernie Madoff
Bernie Madoff

BLM, thank you for being so prolific at present. Your insights are quite appreciated. You are so correct in pointing out the fact that Janet Yellen has the power to set the world right. We can only hope that xe follows your advise.


Speaking of prolific, some people are much too prolific with their comments on impalement/ camel urine etc. The pharma Giants need to invent a drug to stop keyboard diarrhea.


I agree – I allow non-accredited commenters like Anon to post because it gives us an opportunity to discredit their flawed arguments. But some of these alt right freaks seem to do nothing but post hate speech on here.

Bernie Madoff
Bernie Madoff

I think Anon is really a progressive, like everyone, and he’s just trolling because he thinks it’s funny. Deep down inside, hidden somewhere in his being, he’s probably a very smart and likeable person.


The economy is making Trump look good – so we need to destroy it at all costs. When the economy was doing well under Obama, it was because Obama was great, but now that it’s doing well, it’s a bad thing.