Trump RAPES Irish Reporter During Call To Taoiseach Leo Varadkar


DUBLIN, IRELAND (Accredited Times) – Trump may have hit rock bottom months ago, but he still keeps on digging.

During a ‘congratulatory’ phone call to the new (and gay) Irish Prime Minister, Leo Varadkar, the US President violated a womyn reporter, who happened to be in the same room as Trump, in the most foul of circumstances. Trump has yet again demonstrated why so many in the accredited media consider him to be the most misogynistic president of all time.

The Washington Post described the sordid deed in detail, one of many accredited news outlets to report on this truly important world development:

We have a lot of your Irish press watching us right now,” President Trump told Varadkar, informing him that the whole conversation was taking place in a room full of journalists with cameras running.

He pointed at Irish reporter Caitríona Perry, U.S. bureau chief for RTÉ News, telling her to come over to his desk.

“We have all of this beautiful Irish press,” Trump said to the prime minister, and asked Perry, “Where are you from?”

Perry approached Trump and introduced herself.

“She has a nice smile on her face so I bet she treats you well,” Trump said.

Perry, along with other men and women in the room, casually laughed at the encounter. But later, Perry described it as a “bizarre moment.

The Accredited Times Says

Journalist Caitriona Perry may have described it as merely a “bizarre moment” and laughed “casually”, but she is still in deep shock and unable to find the right word(s). Well, let us help her.

Consider the facts: Trump sees an attractive womyn. Unable to resist his base instincts, he mentally undresses her, imagines what she would look like underneath him on his desk, and then has an interior vision of going through with the despicable deed. This was all done without Perry’s consent. There is a word for this: RAPE.  We will say it again for gratuitous added effect: RAPE.

Some might say that we are not being truly objective.  They claim that the world was not always obsessed with political correctness; that not so longer ago, it was possible for a man to compliment a woman on her smile or looks; that the accredited press is looking for any excuse it can find to discredit Trump, even if it risks making them seem hysterical and pathetic.

We are big enough to handle such criticisms. What we will not do is turn a blind-eye to what Trump just did.

Rape is Rape and there is no getting away from this.



When a man thinks of having sex with a womyn, isn’t that rape? Shouldn’t it ought to be? What matters is what womyn think or, more accurately, their unthinking emotional reactions to stimuli! So if a womyn has some kind of response to something, irrespective of this “science” (data-driven sexism) that shows her responses and preferences change due to menstruation, then god dammit, society and the universe should STOP right that second and begin orbiting her vagina! Unless that womyn actually has a penis. In which case it should orbit that…I think.

As 50 Shades of Grey proved, womyn DO NOT like to have sex with dominant powerful alpha males! They only like to have sex with black men, as judging from the plethora of imagery showing this constantly bombarding from TV and Hollywood movies. Look if it weren’t true that womyn totally desire black men, WHY would every single commercial and/or movie be featuring this imagery? What, is it some kind of ethnic conspiracy by a small group that totally owns these industries? Psshhhh…seriously, go take the tinfoil off, bigot.

Donald Trump raped that womyn. Seriously. Some may call what I’m saying hysterical hyperbole, but excuse me- MANY WOMYN had a negative emotional reaction to this event or even just to Donald Trump’s existence, therefore IT IS RAPE. Because of the War on Women.

Also look how Trump is sitting in that chair, manspreading! This is according to feminists a HORRIBLE attack on them in subways across the world! Now, some bigots might say that feminists should be thankful that men BUILT them a goddamned subway to ride around on therefore STFU, but this totally IGNORES women’s transient emotional responses, aka, feelings, which they themselves often have no clue from where said originate! Because of the Patriarchy! Men don’t have these random emotional blips therefore it is men’s fault!


Hey don’t steal my thunder Trav – I’ve got an article coming up soon about why Christian Grey is a feminist’s ideal man!

This little experiment appeared to contradict the Hollywood narrative that white women are fawning over black men, but I dismissed it as racist:

Dating Site Statistics Show That White Supremacy Is Alive And Well

Women just don’t like sex, period. At least with white men. They just put up with us because they’re being nice.


Man, if you ever talk to a chick in a divorce, no. They’re NOT doing it because of being nice.

They’re doing it because society and the patriarchy is raping them! They COULDN’T leave because of lots of things that would have made them feel more bad than leaving! And that is because of MEN.

At the feminist vanguard is the acknowledgement that ALL heterosexual sex is actually rape! Now, because only white people listen to this, one might make the case that it’s some kind of disguised genocide program, but that’s just RACIST TINFOIL. There is no connection between feminism and any small hyperethnocentric group that practices like say apartheid in a country of their own or anything. Just doesn’t exist. Despite apparent evidence.

What DOES exist, however, is “institutional racism” and “microaggressions,” some of the latter so small they cannot be seen with the naked eye. White privilege exists, which is why the Ivy League has so disproportionately many jews enrolled. Racism. Slavery. Holocaust.

Those dating site stats are because society has programmed women via racism, slavery, and the Holocaust, to prefer white men. It’s quite literally rape squared. First they select a man that disgusts them due to being raped and then go on a date with him and voluntarily sit there, then after being forced to consume drinks, they invite him back to their own place to be raped.

the women want to choose black men on those sites but they are FORCED to choose whites because of white privilege.


Maybe these women just want to marry into white male privilege, to get all the benefits that society bestows on white males. They probably fantasize about black men secretly. From the movies, we know that the average black man looks and talks like Denzel Washington and Will Smith. Why wouldn’t women be chasing after them?

When it comes to divorce – men are obligated to keep the woman in the “lifestyle she has become accustomed to!”. You can’t just marry a woman, and then not keep giving her money after the divorce! Marriage means a lifetime commitment for a man, but no commitment at all for a woman.

Bobby Chinballs
Bobby Chinballs

Only she can decide if she was raped or not. If she felt at that moment like she was being raped, then she was raped, period. It’s what a wymyn feels that is the truth. There is no objective (rape culture) “truth”.


Exactly. No evidence is required. Why do we need evidence when rape is a matter of perception? The woman’s perception. If a woman regrets having sex with a man, that is rape! If a woman gets drunk and has sex with a man – that is rape, and 100% the fault of the man! Some radical feminists say that ALL heterosexual sex is rape, but I would disagree with this because clearly black and Arab men do not rape women.


Excuse me but if muslims were really boy-raping criminal savages, wouldn’t the accredited media, as the arbiter of what is real and true, be telling us this? Are you expect me to believe that this is some kind of tacit conspiracy to conceal the truth and push a suicidal narrative onto european whites?


Excellent article Pbier! But I would also like to add that even if she had given consent, she is entitled to withdraw it at a later date whenever she chooses, at which point it will become rape.

Black Lives Matter

This is an amazing article. Only the Accredited Times has the courage to say what must be said.


I just know that the one of these days, just one more anti-Trump article will be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. The accredited media has so much credibility from attacking Trump, that I don’t see how we couldn’t be having an extraordinary effect on public opinion!


Jimmy Carter confessed to the same crime. God immediately handed down his punishment and the peanut farmer served 3 years of stupidity. None of this is relevant to Trump because he’s doing God’s work.