How To Be Truly Successful In Life


In the bad old unenlightened days, people used only subjective ways of measuring success in life. Not that subjectivity or emotions don’t count – quite the opposite in fact – only that people didn’t used to think right ‘n all, yeah?

Until fairly recently, it was generally thought that raising a well-adjusted family in a monogamous (and heterosexual) marriage and loving, un-mortgaged home was the very definition of success.  Hopefully, your privately-educated children would follow you into well-paid professional careers (perhaps as accredited journalists if you were really blessed) with generous pensions and all the myriad benefits life can throw at you.

In the VERY distant past, delusional (yet oh so privileged) Christians believed that true success meant being able to sleep ‘with a clear conscience’ and dying in a ‘state of grace’ so as to enter into Heaven. After all, they thought, quoting, Jesus, ‘For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?‘.

Er, excuse me, what about womyn?

Fortunately, we are now beyond useless traditions and have no use for them. In our 2017 progressive world we measure success in more accredited ways, often using far more objective measures.  Here then is our guide to assess whether you are truly successful in today’s world.

  • By far the greatest measure of success is the number of friends or ‘followers’ you have on social media. A large number (say in the tens of thousands) means that you have truly inspired others around you.   Give yourself a pat on the back and know you have what it takes.  It matters not that these friends would struggle to recall your name when asked, the important point is that they took a nanosecond to click on ‘follow’ and this means you’ve got what it takes.
  • When you post a new photo on Instagram or Facebook, you have hundreds of ‘likes’ in the first few minutes.  If you hiked out to Machu Picchu, took a photo in suitably ethnic clothing, and received 15000 up-ticks, this demonstrates you are someone well worth following.
  • You are a ‘first adopter’ when new technology comes along.  Waiting for the price of the new iPhone2312 to come down is not for you; rather you prefer to pitch a tent outside the Apple Store to be one of the first ten customers to wrap your hands around the exciting new device.  You are a WINNER and you HATE Android devices, which makes you doubly cool.
  • You voted for Hillary. This means you care about people less fortunate than yourselves, you hate the big corporations and banks who suck the soul out of society (except of course the likes of Goldman Sachs and Monsanto, who are fully accredited).  Ok, so voting for Hillary didn’t work out this time but Chelsea should be along fairly soon.

Do you have what it takes to be a winner? Seize the day!

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Black Lives Matter

I gave it five stars. I always do whatever the accredited media tells me to do.

Sheep in Wolf\'s Clothing
Sheep in Wolf\'s Clothing

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Great article! I think when you boil it down, the key to success is winning the approval of others. And by far the BEST way to get approval is to become a progressive and follow the lead of the accredited media!


Hear, hear, Pbier! I chose my avatar precisely to win the approval of people. My whole life is about those likes!!!!!11

Real relationships and actual human interaction is so overrrated, social media is where it is AT. This is why happiness metrics just keep going up up up!! It’s been so good for women too to get onto social media and get those upvotes.

Oh, by the way, one correction for your article- it is not 2017. It is Current Year.

Make my votes count
Make my votes count

I have started a go fund me page so that I can buy more likes. I ask that all of you consider giving me a large some of money so that I can buy as many as possible.
My plan is to become popular and then run for congress in some district where I can get a lot of donations. I will run on an anti trump campaign. This assures me a lot of money from some Hollywood celebrities.
Once I begin my campaign It is my hope that I can get Accredited Times to endorse me along with many other MSM outlets.
I need to get this going before the 2018 elections as we need to take the majority from the GOP before they kill everyone.
Once I am a congressman than I will be successful.


We’d be happy to endorse you MMVC, just like we endorsed Abu Berete!