Five Ways To Honor Your Fallen Homies This Fourth Of July

Police officers threatening to kill innocent African-Americans.

The Fourth of July raises many troubling questions for those of us in the African-American community.  In particular, how can we celebrate a “patriotic” holiday when the police have killed so many of us?  How can we celebrate when the War on African-Americans continues unabated on a daily basis?  How can we celebrate when the police continue to threaten each and every one of us every day, and few survive even a single day without having to ward off gunfire from the police?

I can’t answer all of these questions, and, frankly, I’m not even going to try.  But I do know this:  one way to celebrate is to honor your fallen homies this Fourth of July—to honor your friends, family, and loved ones killed by the police.  So, without further ado, here are our top five ways of honoring your fallen homies this Fourth of July:

1. Pour Some Liquor Into the Ground (a.k.a., “Pour One Out For Your Homies”)

Popularized by gangsta rappers and other leaders in our community, pouring liquor into the ground is a timeless tradition that helps us remember our fallen homies.  Before pouring one out, you should remember a couple of key tips:

  • Avoid the cheap stuff.  Always use a high quality brand like Colt 45 or Bud Light.
  • Pour your liquor into dirt or grass.  Pouring on a non-solvent surface, like concrete, could cause a big mess and also may inhibit your homies from having the liquor that they desperately need.
  • Try not to pour anything on your shoes.  Remember that many of your homies probably died in shoe-related incidents. Don’t compound the problem by ruining your Air Jordans.
  • When pouring, be sure to toast your homies by saying something like, “For My Homies”. That way, all of your friends nearby will know to keep a moment of silence and remember the good times we all shared in the past before the police killed our homies.
African-American pouring liquor into the ground to honor his fallen homies.
Colt 45 is a popular malt liquor brand commonly used in remembering fallen homies.

2. Light Up a Fat One

Whites love lighting up fireworks on the Fourth of July.  We, of course, prefer lighting up something else.  This Fourth of July go ahead and light up a fat one not only for you, but for each of your fallen homies.

Pikachu is an “Electric-type” Pokemon.  Lighting up the fatter 1998 version of Pikachu is one of the ways to remember the good old days when your homies had not yet been shot by the police.

3. Tell a White Person How You Feel

One of the reasons racism continues in AmeriKKKa is the lack of awareness by the white majority.  Unfortunately, the corporate media just doesn’t want to discuss racial issues or talk about the problems facing our community.

It’s time for that to change.  This Fourth of July find the nearest white person in your vicinity and tell them how you feel.  Start the conversation by pulling them aside and saying something like:  “Excuse me, sir.  We need to have a talk about White Privilege”.  When the white responds (most likely with a slight degree of annoyance and befuddlement), proceed to discuss your complaints about modern America, such as why whites oppress our freedom of speech in movie theaters or why police search us without probable cause.

For example, when visiting your local bank, proceed to confront the petite white girl working as a bank teller: “Excuse me, ma’am.  We need to have a talk about White Privilege”. When she responds, confront her on the injustice of why you only have $13.26 in your bank account despite the acquittal of Officer Jeronimo Yanez in the Philando Castile incident. Remember not to confront a bank teller while in the process of robbing the bank, as this may reduce your odds of successfully avoiding arrest.

Excuse me, sir.  We need to have a talk about White Privilege.

4. Hug a Police Officer

It’s generally a good idea to avoid the police.  Moreover, when confronting the police, we normally advocate peacefully engaging in hostile behavior to show them how we feel, such as yelling at them, charging them, or trying to take their firearms.  This Fourth of July try something different.  Find your nearest police officer, give him a hug, and tell him: “I forgive you for what you did to Philando”.  The police officer will almost certainly respond with unconstrained joy as he will finally have Philando’s death off of his conscience.

Sometimes we forget how guilty a police officer must feel for his crimes against African-Americans.  Of course, police officers feel guilty because they are guilty.  But, as the Honorable Elijah Muhammad has taught us, forgiveness has the power to change relationships for the better.  And what I mean by changing relationships is that it will keep that filthy pig off guard for when you finally take your vengeance on him.

When you hug your police officer, try to have a smile on your face so the pig thinks it’s genuine.

5. Don’t Show Up To Work

Many African-Americans with fallen homies have important jobs like working as a community organizer, community activist, or polling worker.  One of the best ways to protest the War on African-Americans is to go on strike by simply not showing up to work. This will devastate the economy, particularly if you don’t show up on the Fourth of July.

Gazing out at the ocean is one way to think about your fallen homies killed by the police.

Happy Independence Day!


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Not to mention Pink Floyd. At least Cat Stevens had the decency to convert to Islam and call himself Yusuf – we’ll be seeing him shortly as he’s raising money for a charity or some other important thing.


Yeah, and Led Zeppelin and the Beatles – the list of lame artists just goes on and on! And don’t even get me started on country music!


A large percentage of the blame for the Trump abomination can be placed squarely on the shoulders of racist redneck country music fans. It’s well past time to ban hate-music!


Yes, country music sets such a bad example for young people. We need to turn people away from rock and country, and towards wholesome rap music instead, which promotes peace, love and family.


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John Sakars
John Sakars

I very much enjoyed the Toronto Pride Parade last Sunday. Everyone got to be themselves and everyone respected each other. Why can’t the whole world be like that every day?


And everyone agreed with each other and was a progressive too. Why can’t everyone be a progressive and not challenge our narratives in any way? Is that too much to ask?


Nice one BLM. African Americans have such a rich tradition of honoring the dead. But why on earth is BLM not on TV anymore?? Look, I know Russia is a major threat to world peace, but African Americans are DYING EVERY DAY IN THE STREETS! And the accredited media chooses to ignore them and focus only on Russia! Only the AT hasn’t forgotten that black lives matter! CNN, MSNBC, Washington Post – you can do better than this!

John Sakars
John Sakars

My fellow guests on Turtle Island (the name of North America, according to some Indigenous groups), please do not celebrate Canada Day or July 4th. Please don’t celebrate the genocide of the Indigenous Peoples. That’s extremely disrespectful. We are guests here. Without the Indigenous Peoples, we’d be homeless. Remember that. And remember to respect the animals and the planet, too. Say no to fireworks. They scare animals and pollute the environment. And if you’re having a barbecue, make sure all the food is vegan.


Thanks for being considerate John. Fireworks are not natural, and cause a lot of trauma and distress in the animal kingdom. We have no right to scare animals!


Without indigenous peoples and by that I mean the asiatics and not Salutrians, we would not have Manhattan, with its subways and skyscrapers, that we swindled them out of for $5


I just watched your interview on the Gavin Mcinnes show, BLM. Good job!