“Morning Joe” Releases Hit Anti-Trump Anthem

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough rocking it out on the electric guitar.

NEW YORK, N.Y. (Accredited Times) – Who says progressives can’t rock ‘n roll?  In the wake of the recent Donald Trump-“Morning Joe” rape scandal, MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” has hit back and hit back hard with a rollicking rock anthem by progressive superstar Joe Scarborough.  And, yes, Scarborough, 54, and his co-host Mika Brzezinski, 50, even have a music video, with the progressive Scarborough sporting cool hipster glasses while rocking out on his electric guitar.

Here is the amazingly cool video of Scarborough’s hit song “Mystified”:

The smash hit has progressives nodding affirmatively while tapping their feet to its awesome 80s-ish beats.  “The video shows how Scarborough and Brzezinski, like all progressives, are completely ‘mystified’ over Donald Trump, monster trucks, Russian collusion, hillbillies with American flags, bikini-clad white girls shooting assault weapons, and other white trash-related phenomena”, one anonymous fan noted.  Fans are now wondering how much play the video would have received on MTV, if only MTV played any music videos any more.

Critics have loved it too.  The Washington Post raved about the song, noting that it surprisingly “isn’t awful“.  Variety’s Chris Willman has likewise praised Scarborough’s rock ‘n roll gifts, saying that “Scarborough’s somewhat hipper take on things sounds like the Beatles, Kinks, Springsteen, and Sonic Youth combined”.

Better than the Beatles?  Goodbye, Kanye West — hello, Joe Scarborough!



Failed congressman morphed to pathetic cuck. What next?


That tune is just rockin’! Just look at all the wars and chaos caused by Trump in that music video! And the degenerate behavior! It’s all Trump’s fault! If only Hillary was in power, none of these bad things would be happening!


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Trump is not only bullying wymen like Mika Brzezinski, it didn’t take 6 months for him to bankrupt the state of Illinois.