The Privilege Checker – How Privileged Are You?


Privilege is a more complicated topic than you might think. To the layman, it’s just one of those words we use to guilt white people with, but those of you who have studied CRT will know that it is a deep and far reaching concept, explaining inequality, resentment and social unrest in society. One of the first steps to understanding privilege as a concept is to get an idea of just how many varieties of privilege exist, and how many of these privileges you possess. To make this easy, I’ve created a a comprehensive list of privileges:

  • White privilege
  • Male privilege
  • Straight privilege
  • Cis privilege
  • Binary privilege
  • Old privilege
  • Thin privilege
  • Christian privilege
  • Able privilege
  • Tall privilege
  • Motivational privilege
  • Intelligence privilege
  • Work ethic privilege
  • English language privilege
  • Straight hair privilege
  • Muscular privilege
  • Blue eye privilege
  • Blonde privilege
  • Financial privilege
  • Educational privilege
  • Nice car privilege
  • Married privilege

As you can see, pretty much anything that progressives envy is a result of privilege. So if you have anything, and I mean anything, of value, it is because you’re privileged, and you sure as hell didn’t earn it. Free will is an illusion, so whatever you have, you got it because you were lucky. So CHECK YOUR PRIVILEGE and understand that whatever you have that we want is up for grabs, because privilege isn’t earned!


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Titus should be in jail for treason! Eric Holder is one of the best and brightest – how dare some freak like Titus slander his good name. It is well past time for sensible global internet regulation – before more groundless conspiracy theories are propagated.



One is left to wonder how this roulette-wheel complexity fits with Occam’s Razor. I’ll play Craps; odds are better.


Another Syrian stopped him and thereby saved her life. A Syrian Refugee saved her life!


I thank the Lord for my Privilege! Thank you Jesus!

Buffy Glandhander
Buffy Glandhander

I must thank you MDB for your scholarship in CRT. Only an accredited expert is qualified to explain to the rest of us the degrees to which we are privileged. I don’t know how many transgressions and thought crimes I might have committed if you weren’t there to help check me.