What We Can Learn From Islam


Hater-of-Islam-in-chief, Ayaan Hersi Ali, believes Islam needs ‘reforming’. As an apostate from the religion she knew as a child, Ali has said many hateful and simply untruthful things about this peaceful creed. Of course, being so quick to attack the religion, she overlooks an important irony: were Islam not inherently peaceful and loving but rather ‘evil’ as she claims, Ali would surely have been rendered lifeforce-challenged some time ago.

Here are just two of the ignorant quotes attributed to Ali:

“Infuriatingly stupid analysts – especially people who called themselves Arabists, yet who seemed to know next to nothing about the reality of the Islamic world – wrote reams of commentary [after 9/11]. Their articles were all about Islam saving Aristotle and the zero, which medieval Muslim scholars had done more than eight hundred years ago; about Islam being a religion of peace and tolerance, not the slightest bit violent. These were fairy tales, nothing to do with the real world I knew.”

…Bin Laden’s quotes from the Quaran resonated in my brain: “When you meet the unbelievers, strike them in the neck.” “If you do not go out and fight, God will punish you severely and put others in your place.” “Wherever you find the polytheists, kill them, seize them, besiege them, ambush them.” “You who believe, do not take the Jews and Christians as friends; they are allies only to each other. Anyone who takes them as an ally becomes one of them.”

Where do we begin when the Koran is quoted out of context in this way? OK, forget the sacred scriptures for a minute. After all, only a truly sick, twisted and wicked person could interpret them in a way that suggests violence is condoned.

Instead, I challenge Ayaan Hersi Ali to look at the happy smiling Muslim children in the featured image. These playful kids look more likely to strike a football with their feet than strike an infidel in the neck. Do these little children need ‘reforming’? Of course, not!

The reality is that our secular society has so much to learn from the ancient wisdom that is Islam. Did you know, for example, that Muslims are some of the most charitable people on earth? They give willingly (as they are commanded to by Allah) to the poorest in society, regardless of creed, colour, gender and sexual identity. Here are a few other things we in the West can learn from Islam:

  • The word ‘Islam’ actually Means ‘Peace’! – An alternative interpretation is ‘submission’ (of the world to Islam), which then brings peace. So basically the same thing.
  • Islam respects Women as Equals – Allah judges both men and women, therefore they are equal. Capisce?
  • Jihad Means ‘Inner Struggle’ – when he refers to ‘Jihad’, a Muslim is more likely to be struggling with fasting from dawn to dusk in Ramadan than wanted to drive trucks over people!
  • Islam is a Religion of Peace – see 1 above
  • Muslims “Believe in Jesus” – Just not the same Jesus with the divine status that privileged Christians say He has. Or the Jesus Who died on the cross. Or Who was the Son of God. Or Who warned against false prophets coming after Him. But in many other respects, identical!
  • Islam is Tolerant of Other Religions – goes without saying really
  • Islam Facilitated a ‘Golden Age’ of Scientific Discovery – from algebra, learning how to cook meat on sticks and many other things to numerous too list here, Muslims were there well ahead of the West
  • Islam is Opposed to Slavery
  • Islam is Incompatible with Terrorism – the overwhelming majority of Muslims today are not terrorists. Given the way they have been treated (see the Crusades), this is restraint in the extreme
  • Islam is a Democracy – sort of

In short, rather than Islam being reformed, it is rather the West that needs reforming by Islam. Fortunately, Muslims plan to do exactly that.

Black Lives Matter

This is such an important article. Another notable concept is “Dal al-Harb,” meaning “House of War.” Since Islam means “peace,” anyone who is not part of the Islamic world is naturally forever embroiled in war — which we know to be the case. Infidels are VIOLENT and EVIL, just like Onan.


Dar al-Harb

Jurists trace the concept to Muhammad, whose messages to the Persian, Abyssinian, and Byzantine emperors demanded that they choose between conversion and war. When the leaders of dar al-harb accept Islam, the territory becomes part of dar al-Islam, where Islamic law prevails; conversely, according to the majority of jurists an Islamic territory taken by non-Muslims becomes dar al-harb when Islamic law is replaced. Like other classical legal concepts, dar al-harb has been affected by historical changes, and with the fragmentation of the Muslim world into numerous states, the concept has little significance today.


Black Lives Do Matter!



Exactly – the ultimate goal of Jihad is peace. When the enemies of Islam are defeated, there will be peace. Hence, Islam is a religion of peace.


Coincidentally, communism has similar ideology of World Revolution, where the oppressed masses of the world would rise up, overthrow their oppressors, and join Soviet Union to create one country covering the whole world and united in peace, prosperity, and equality. It would have worked right before/after WW2 when workers of Tannu Tuva, Latvia, Estonia, etc rebelled and joined the USSR. Unfortunately, with the help of evil white males of US and UK, workers in Finland, Greece, etc were killed in trillions and their revolutions were drowned in blood.


Exactly, just because an ideology seeks world domination and kills anyone who opposes it, doesn’t mean it can’t be peaceful! Communism did these things, but millions of people still love communism and promote it as a way to achieve world peace!

Vladmir Putin
Vladmir Putin

So true. There have been phases in history where Muslims have saved and promoted scientific literature, specially Mathematics (those that originated in India). Timbuktu, mostly muslim today, also has a culture of preserving ancient documents. There have been instances where Christians have razed down ancient libraries.


Think about how many feminists will no longer be subjected to being leered at and bodyshamed when they are under the full burka


When Islam spreads,
women will be put back into their place, and queers will reenter their closets!


You obviously don’t know anything about Islam, lol!


Excuse me they do not put queers in closets, they help them out of the closet and off the roof!


The burka ROCKS! 🙂 Womyn are embracing Islam with both hands, and welcoming millions of Arabs who will free them from white male rape culture!


The specter of white supremacy shows its ugly face again, “besieging” the blacks with The Violence. Probably the Klan and rich whites in Lexuses did all this.


Great article! The main cause of ‘Islamic terrorism’ is whites being mean to Muslims, and provoking them. It’s not really the fault of the Muslims who actually carry out the act. Just like whites are also responsible for Congolese people chopping each others’ limbs off, because we use the resources they are fighting over in our cell phones. We use cell phones, therefore it’s our fault!

In any case, most of the terrorism in the UK at least, is committed by “Asians” (most likely Chinese, Japanese and Korean). If the UK wants to stop terrorism, they should start vetting people from these problem countries.


Blood diamonds were ABSOLUTELY the fault of whites. Obviously there are no places elsewhere on the planet that produce diamonds that we might get a counterpoint of evidence from. Therefore, white people are to blame.

In ALL cases of diamonds, the whites who wanted them (the only people anywhere ever who buy diamonds are white) CAUSED the places they were mined from to become violent (only black places are where diamonds come from).