Why All White Males Should Be Chemically Castrated


What has been will be again,
what has been done will be done again;
there is nothing new under the sun.

Ecclesiastes 1:9

It’s hard to believe that it’s been over 2000 years since Joshua ben Sira wrote the above lines.  Complaining as he was about the oppression of the White Man, he was at a loss to know how to stop it.  His poetry was an early form of rap if you will.  A call to the brothers that ‘we ain’t gonna take sheeeet no more’.  Even in 175BC, it seems the Rape Culture cast its ugly shadow over the world.  It really did seem that ‘what has been will be again‘, such was the power and privilege of white males everywhere.

Fast-forward to Current Year and precisely nothing has changed.  If anything, the election of Trump and the entrenchment of White Males in power means things are worse than ever.

Radical action is needed if we are to end for ever the injustices caused by White Males everywhere. Reparations would be nice – though I won’t hold my breath for that to happen soon – but, guess what? Even after the last dime has been paid to people of color, the White Male Oppressor will simply start all over again.  It is in his nature.  Just as a snake bites, a horse neighs, a dog barks, a cart meows, so it is that a white man rapes.  He cannot help it.   Before you know it, he’ll have cooked up some scheme to rape all women on earth, bring back racial segregation etc.

We put down rat poison to eradicate the problem of rodents in our homes.  We are not afraid of spraying toxic chemicals at flies to stop them might flight.  In short, we use all means necessary to rid our homes and neighborhoods of unwanted parasites.

Why then are we so reluctant to take action again the biggest and most powerful parasite of all, the White Male?  This is after all, the parasite that steals all the knowledge, inventions and developments of people of color, Muslims and Jews the world over.

Think of it this way.  A certain R.C. Christian paid a lot of money to have built a set of ‘guidestones’.  These pillars of stone, colloquially referred to as the Georgia Guide stones, made a number of wise suggestions as to how to govern our planet.  One of the key recommendations was that we have a population of no more than 500 million.

Common sense. Eradicate white males and we are well on the way to complying with the Georgia Guidestones’ recommendations

Tin-foil endowed conservatives worry that R.C. Christian’s vision can only be accomplished by mass-murder of 6.5 billion people.  This is a bizarre conspiracy theory with zero substance.  In fact, the solution is far simpler: chemical castration of ALL white males.  By a simple injection, the world can be set free at long last.  Were this to happen, the stock of white males would plummet to near zero within 70-80 years.  There would therefore be a permanent eradication of the planet’s greatest enemy within just two generations!

White men might at first be reluctant to go through with the procedure. For sure, some coercion may be needed along the line, but we will actually be freeing them.  You see, the way Heterosexual White Men are wired, they cannot help but think of sex up to 70-80% of the day.  They are literal prisoners of the loins, unable to put in a decent shift at work.  By being chemically castrated, they will be emancipated from all their unnatural urges, and ready to take a valuable role in society.

Some white males might protest but we will be acting in their best interests.


I like totally agree with this, Pbier. White males are like literally the oppressors of everyone and create all the world’s problems. If we just like kill all white males, then all of the world’s problems would disappear. OMG white males are LITERALLY the WORST people EVER!


Wow great article Pbier – although I must admit that the religious mumbo-jumbo quote has left me feeling slightly uncomfortable. If it’s alright with you – can we stick to the commonsense words of Mohammad if a religious quote is needed.

Black Lives Matter

I think a lot of white males would be happy to go through with this procedure. Many progressive white males know what they did. They know they’re guilty. It’s time for them to accept the consequences of their misconduct.


White taxpayers need to fully fund hormone blockers for white boy babies from birth and as soon as that peckerwood is big enough for a sex change the taxpayer must fully fund government hospitals to rectify these mistakes of nature.


Yes, white males are an anomaly – a terrible accident by the black scientist Yakub.

Black Lives Matter

We should just abort them. We have to control CO2, and there are just too many of them.


Yes, whites output more CO2 per capita than any other race. It’s time for them to go.


A sterile argument for eugenics.

Vladmir Putin
Vladmir Putin

That pincer looks dangerous, can BLM demo how to use it?

You guys wanted mechanical castration and not chemical – the photo seems to indicate that.

Castrated eunuchs are the pinnacle of democratic governance, why do you guys not like it?
Trump doesn’t believe in global warming, excessive vaccination, and too much bureaucratic controls. The rest of the world is thankfully governed by eunuchs who believe in the opposite.

Cis white
Cis white

Why don’t you start a program to start castrating white males who volunteer. You can get a pair of those pliers shown in the article for fairly cheap. You would probably get good at it after a while. After a couple of years just think of the positive change you can affect. I’m sure plenty of cis white progressive males would line up.