Why You Should Argue About Politics


NEW YORK, N.Y. (Accredited Times) – Conventional wisdom says that you should never argue politics or religion with someone. As is often the case, the conventional wisdom is wrong.

First, arguing politics is an extremely productive use of one’s time. Arguing with someone is always a great way of persuading them of something. Progressives have found great success in winning arguments, mainly because of the excellent strategies we have used, including:

  • Shouting;
  • Repeating slogans over and over again;
  • Wearing costumes, like black Antifa masks, pussyhats, and full-body costumes of the female anatomy;
  • Using ad hominem attacks, such as calling anyone we dislike racist, sexist, fascist, or Islamophobic;
  • Setting up “straw man” arguments that mischaracterize our our opponent’s argument so we can then topple them easier;
  • Relabeling our positions in an effort to confuse the listener as to our actual positions; and
  • Asking unanswerable rhetorical questions, like, “What about human dignity?” or “What about the children?

These tactics are highly effective at persuading people and are a great use of time.

We’re changing the world!

Second, it’s extremely important to argue politics because of the monumental difference between the Republican and Democratic Parties (or the comparable parties in your country, such as the Conservative and Labour Parties in the United Kingdom). If Republicans ever were to gain both the Presidency and a majority of Congress, the country would completely collapse. Worse, African-Americans would be forced back into slavery; grandma would be thrown from her wheelchair off of a cliff; segregation would be reinstituted; important entitlements, like Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid, would be eliminated; income taxes on the rich would be slashed to perhaps 35% instead of the 39.6% rate implemented by Presidents Barack Hussein Obama and Bill Clinton; government spending would be slashed by reducing annual spending increases to 7% instead of 9%; undocumented workers would be allowed to stay in the country, but they might have to deal with the indignity of being called an “illegal alien”; ObamaCare would be devastated by, for example, implementing the “Cadillac tax” in 2025 instead of 2020; and the weather would be really bad because symbolic actions on climate change might be eliminated. In contrast, if Democrats ever were to gain a majority of Congress and the Presidency, progressive activists, like Hillary Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama, would take on Wall Street and the rich by vigorously supporting the Federal Reserve and opposing any audits of that important institution.

The difference between the Conservative Party and Labour Party in the United Kingdom is even more pronounced. Last year’s “Brexit” vote has resulted in a shocking situation where white supremacist Nigel Farage has taken over the reigns of government, although technically his party, the UK Independence Party, has no seats in the House of Commons. Millions of Muslims now face deportation because of the lack of European Union protections, and the Conservative Party government will undoubtedly eliminate all of the legal protections that the European Union previously implemented, such as antitrust laws and healthcare.

The Brexit vote has allowed white supremacists to take over the United Kingdom. You know Nigel Farage is evil because he smokes.

Third, arguing politics is a great idea because your vote matters, particularly in national elections. The odds of your single vote changing the result of the election have to be at least 50% by my estimation, roughly the same chance as being killed by a terrorist or by a police officer on any given day, which, as the media has demonstrated, is an extremely significant risk. In that regard, it’s often a great idea to write letters to your Congressmen and Senators (or Member of Parliament) because they will definitely read your letters and analyze them very carefully, particularly if you take a view that raises new ideas and is out of the mainstream. It’s also similarly effective to (1) send emails or other correspondence to your local newspaper or to important television programs, like the Rachel Maddow Show; (2) post comments on accredited news sites, like the Accredited Times; (3) call into talk radio programs like those on National Public Radio; and (4) post messages on important activist websites, like the Daily Kos, where you are sure to reach the other side and persuade them by the sheer force of your arguments and the number of exclamation points used. Your communications are highly likely to cause people like Rachel Maddow or her viewers to change their minds.

Vote or die!

Fourth, arguing politics is vastly superior to using any kind of humor or cracking jokes about anything. Humor should never ever be used when discussing politics because there is nothing funny about Republicans wanting to throw grandma off of a cliff.

Fifth, arguing politics is a sure way to bring people together and make people like you. Nothing makes cool, friendly people flock to you more than yelling, “F*ck Trump! F*ck Trump! F*ck Trump!” After all, look at all the fun and happy people who attended the protest at Trump’s inauguration and the Womyn’s March. People really responded to Ashley Judd’s “Nasty Woman” speech at the Womyn’s March, and it undoubtedly did wonders for her career.

So be sure to keep arguing politics. Don’t forget to argue religion too.

Missy Bo Pepys
Missy Bo Pepys

Wow BLM, you certainly pulled out all the stops with this article!

Don’t you just love the picture of Nigel Farage. He has to be the epiphany of evil. He doesn’t smoke any old rope. He smokes CIGARS!


This is so true BLM! I’ve spent years arguing with ZHers, and look at how many of them have now become progressives and joined us here at the AT! Guilting people, calling them names, misrepresenting them, trivializing their concerns and ignoring their arguments wins you so much good will, and that good will just comes back to you in the form of success and good fortune, over and over again.

If you’re on the right however, arguing with progressives won’t change a thing, because we just ignore your arguments and try to manipulate and make you look bad while giving the appearance of objectivity. What might be more effective and a lot more fun, is mocking and imitating us, but luckily they haven’t figured this out yet. Let’s keep it that way.


It is a well known fact that black womyn are the greatest debaters in all topics, including politics, that is why they are not afraid to get into an argument even when it seems one is unnecessary.


I so agree with this. They’re so sassy and courageous!