A Map Of Rape Culture


With rape rates exploding in white countries such as the USA, Sweden, France and Germany, it is more important than ever to educate white males that rape is immoral and unacceptable in the Current Year. Despite numerous feminist protests aimed at sexist white males, the epidemic of rape culture continues to spread, and women no longer feel safe in formerly peaceful Western countries. In order to give some context to the problem, the Accredited Times’ CRT analysts have compiled a proprietary measure of rape culture, taking into account violations like manspreading, mansplaining, misrepresenting how rich you are to women, and sexual interactions that are later regretted by women. We applied this measure to every country, and the compiled the results into the following map:

As you can see, white countries are the main culprits, indicating that feminists have correctly targeted their protests at white males, and not at oppressed people of color. We need to do something about rape culture now, before it’s too late. Rape is rape! No means no! And rape is NOT OK in the 21st Century, white males!

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Vlad the Pale
Vlad the Pale

MDB, I knew it was bad but I had no idea how bad until your very poignant illustration. If only this map was posted in every school room in every pre-kindergarden in every country in all the red sections, we could effectively end this pernicious white-male rape culture forever and wimyn would finally walk around white neighborhoods and feel safe.

Black Lives Matter

White males make me sick. I knew it was bad, but . . . wow. The Accredited Times’ CRT analysts have really done the world a favor here.