Muhammad Was Black

Muhammad Ali watching the Honorable Elijah Muhammad speaking about Muhammad's blackness during a Nation of Islam meeting on February 28, 1966.

MECCA (Accredited Times) – As-salāmu ʿalaykum, my brothers in Islam.  Since Ramadan ended several weeks ago, many have understandably asked about the life and times of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).  Who was he?  What did he believe?  And, perhaps most importantly, was he black?

Muhammad was the greatest person — man, womyn, or non-binary — who ever lived.  Born in Mecca in 570, Muhammad received his first revelation 40 years later from the angel Gabriel.  These revelations gave rise to the peaceful teachings of the Holy Qur’an, which instructs that there is no God but Allah and that Muhammad is his prophet.  Islam also instructs us that whites are devils created around 6,600 years ago by a corrupt black scientist, Yakub, who was a member of the Meccan branch of the Tribe of Shabazz.  Yakub acquired the nickname “Big Head” because of his arrogance and unusually large head size.

Ancient artifact discovered in America showing that blacks are indigenous to America.  Indigenous blacks are said to be descendants of “big-headed” Yakub.

Like all of Allah’s prophets, Muhammad was black.  In his groundbreaking work, Islam’s Black Legacy: Some Leading Figures (1993), Mohammed Abu-Bakr notes:  “According to Muslim tradition, Prophet Muhammad descended in a straight line from Ishmael’s second son Kedar (Arabic: Qaidar), whose name in Hebrew signifies ‘black’…  From the sons of Kedar inhabiting the northern Arabian desert, sprang the noblest tribe in Arabia, the Koreish (Quraish), the tribe from which Prophet Muhammad descended.”  In other words, since Muhammad’s family name was “black”, Muhammad was clearly black himself.

Al-Jahiz, an important Afro-Iraqi scholar, similarly explained Muhammad’s blackness in his work, “The Boast of the Blacks Over the Whites”:

The ten lordly sons of Abd al-Mutalib were deep black (dalham) in colour and big/tall (dukhm).

When Amir b. al-Tufayl saw them circumambulating (the Kaaba) like dark camels, he said, “With such men as these is the custody of the Kaaba preserved.”

Abd Allah ibn Abbas was very black and tall. Those of Abu Talibs’s family, who are the most noble of men, are dark skinned, black and tall (sud).

This passage is highly important in establishing Muhammad’s blackness because (1) Abd Al-Mutalib and his ten black sons were pure Arabs, AND (2) they were also Muhammad’s immediate family members, with Abd Al-Mutalib being Muhammad’s paternal grandfather.

A depiction of the angel Gabriel, who was also black.

Other close family members of the Prophet Muhammad have also been identified as black.  For example, the Syrian historian al-Dhahabī reported that Abd Allah ibn Abbas, the Prophet Muhammad’s first cousin, and his son, Muhammad ibn Alī ibn Abdallah, were both “very dark-skinned”.  The Egyptian scholar Al-Suyuti similarly reported that Alī ibn Abu Talib, Muhammad’s first cousin and future fourth caliph (and the key founder of Shia Islam), was “husky, bald . . . pot-bellied, large-bearded . . . and jet-black (shadīd al-udma)”.  According to Arabian scholar Ibn Sa’d, Ali’s son Abu Jaffa was likewise “a black-skinned man with big, heavy eyes, pot-bellied, bald, and kind of short”.  Muhammad’s first cousin, Fadl ibn Abbas, who was described as a very handsome man, even said: “I am the black skinned one (al-Akhdar).  I am well-known.  My complexion is black.  I am from the noble house of the Arabs.”  And what was that black “noble house”?  Muhammad’s own Quraish tribe, which was black.

Actress Gabourey Sidibe is said to bear a remarkable similarity to the Prophet Muhammad’s beautiful wife Aisha.

Muhammad’s blackness is one of the reasons why we know Islam is Allah’s true religion.  Don’t get sucked into a white religion worshiping a blue-eyed, blonde-haired devil.  Muhammad was black.

Black Flies Matter
Black Flies Matter

It’s about time someone pointed this out, not only was Muhammad black, he was accredited before accredited was cool.

Mo of the Mountain
Mo of the Mountain

Thanks BLM for laying this all to rest. Now maybe Anon will finally be satisfied with just playing with his “My Little Pony” toys and stop being so racist and homophobic and misogynistic and spieciesist and etc, etc….but I’m not holding my breath.


Unfortunately Anon has nothing better to do than spread right wing propaganda. He has long past the days of finding a wife and settling down. This is his life now.


Wow good work BLM! This is a very detailed proof of what black advocates always knew. Muhammed was black, Jesus was black and the original Jews were black. Even Shakespeare was black, as these wise Afrocentric scholars demonstrate incontrovertibly in this video:

Muhammad Ali was a wonderful upstanding African American, as he is constantly portrayed in the accredited media. I’m white, but I love Muhammad Ali anyway, despite his repeated statements about the evils of whites. I am evil – I deserve to die. I’m a progressive.

It is now proven by numerous Afrocentric scholars that Yakub did indeed exist, and that the white devils are his creation. It’s documented over and over again in the holy texts of Elijah Muhammad.