Fire Elon Musk

Elon Musk is the founder of SpaceX and Tesla Motors, which consistently lose money.

PALO ALTO, CALIFORNIA (Accredited Times) – Every day the corporate media gives us a new glowing account of Elon Musk.  What new company is he founding?  What did he say about artificial intelligence?  What did he . . . blah, blah, blah.

Let me tell you the truth about Elon Musk.  Elon Musk is a con artist — a spoiled white con artist.  It’s not only time for the media to stop reporting on this fool; it’s also time for the boards of every company in which he is involved to fire him now.  That’s right.  I’m saying it:  FIRE ELON MUSK.

Let me give you some background on the subject of this inquiry, Elon Musk.  Musk was born in Praetoria, South Africa in 1971 during the climax of apartheid.  While People of Color fought an active war against the racist white colonial regime, Musk grew up in the comfortable white suburbs of Praetoria.  He never picked up a rifle or a placard to protest against the racist regime.

Musk lived in South Africa until June 1989, right around the time when apartheid ended, at which point he moved to Canada (gee, I wonder why…).  In March 1999, in the heady days of the bubble, Musk founded an unremarkable company called “”, an online financial services company that many people thought could be successful if converted into a pornographic website.  The conversion never occurred, and would have gone the way of and other busts but for the fact that had the good luck in March 2000 of merging with another company, Confinity, which happened to own a little company called PayPal.  Musk briefly served as CEO, but was quickly fired in in October 2000 because he was an incompetent moron.  Nevertheless, his prior involvement in gave him a substantial ownership stake in the company.

In October 2002, eBay acquired PayPal for $1.5 billion, netting Musk $165 million.  In effect, Musk lucked into a large nine-figure fortune.  Musk did not invent PayPal; he did not develop PayPal; and he was a crappy CEO.  In fact, Musk’s most notable action regarding PayPal was his desire to move PayPal from Unix, a functioning software infrastructure, to Microsoft, which, as anyone with Windows knows, is a complete piece of crap.

Since then, Musk has used his “success” as a “tech entrepreneur” to con greedy whites into giving him billions of dollars, which he wastes on idiotic half-baked ventures.

Musk’s two main ventures today are Telsa Motors and SpaceX, both of which are as half-baked as they come.  The former company, Tesla Motors, has never made a profit in its 14-year history and has to be the dumbest idea on the planet.  Despite Tesla losing money now 14 years in a row, analysts again do not expect Tesla Motors to turn a profit in 2017.  Musk’s crappy Tesla-mobiles essentially drive a few hundred miles and then crap out; the only way they work basically is if you plug them into an electric Tesla charging station, which takes forever to charge.  So far, Tesla has spent millions of dollars constructing Tesla stations across the country.  But the problem is, with the company consistently losing money, how long will those Tesla stations, which only work for Tesla cars, actually continue in existence?  What happens in 10 years when you’re stuck with your overpriced Tesla and no charging station, or when a monopolistic provider seeks to charge five times the rate to power up your crappy car?  It’s a total ripoff, and only an idiot would buy a car from Tesla.  The cars are also designed for white sensibilities with no hydraulics, rims, spinners, PlayStations, or big screen TVs.  In other words, the cars are both crap and racist.

Rap superstar Xzibit with a real car.
The Tesla Model S is a weak effeminate car driven by white bitches.  It dies after just 240 to 335 miles on the road, which would be a huge problem in a police chase.

SpaceX is an even bigger joke.  The first question that comes to mind about SpaceX is what the hell is with Elon Musk and the letter “X”?  His previous company was called “” and now this company is called “SpaceX”?  I’ll tell you what it is: CULTURAL APPROPRIATION.  This white pig is trying to capitalize on African-American heroes like Malcolm X.  But is Elon Musk an African-American?  No.  He’s a white from APARTHEID-ERA SOUTH AFRICA.

Anyway, back to SpaceX.  SpaceX essentially represents the white dream of colonizing space — because, you know, colonizing Africa was so successful for them.  This goofy white founded SpaceX 15 years ago, and like Tesla, it appears to be a consistent money loser based on internal documents obtained by the financial press.  So why do people keep shoveling money into this piece of crap?  I’ll tell you why:  it’s because this white pig appeals to the white man’s internal colonizing instinct, telling them that SpaceX will colonize Mars and next the universe, just like the Star Trek nerd dream of whites colonizing the universe so they can rape beautiful sisters like Lieutenant Uhura.  In the end, that’s what it’s always about:  raping beautiful black sisters.

So, after 15 years, have Musk’s colonization dreams happened?  No.  Will SpaceX ever manage to succeed in its neo-colonialist ambitions?  No.  But Musk sure has conned a lot of whites out of a lot money in the process.  So far, here is what SpaceX has actually accomplished under Musk’s “leadership”:

The money shoveled at Musk is a textbook example of White Privilege.  A spoiled white brat who grew up oppressing People of Color in South Africa continues to live the high life despite showing nothing but utter incompetence in everything he does.  Yet he continues raise money from other even stupider whites by selling them daydreams of whites colonizing the world and screwing over customers via Tesla charging stations.  Now this white fool is worth over $17 billion having never apparently succeeded in anything he did — and the white media hangs on his every white word.  Obama’s phrase, “You didn’t build that”, has never applied more appropriately to anyone.  In fairness, Musk did pay other people to build exploding spaceships and money-losing cars for white people.  But he certainly never built anything worthwhile.

Here’s my question for all you whites out there.  Would a Person of Color ever receive 1/1,000,000th of what Musk has received in funding?  No.  People of Color can’t even receive microfinancing to pay for a cooking pan to open a street restaurant in South Africa.  Anyone who thinks institutional racism is no longer a “thing” needs to read up on Elon Musk.

Elon Musk is incompetent.  He’s also ugly.  It’s time to fire him and bring in someone more diverse with a record of accomplishment.  It’s time to make Barack Hussein Obama the new CEO of Tesla Motors and SpaceX.


Musk conned the US gov and taxpayers got bent over. Deport Musk and his benefactor Obama back to Africa!!


A couple of points: SpaceX spaceships CAN land if you play the launch footage of them backwards. So there’s that.

Secondly, we HAVE to colonize space to find other planets to make room for infinity africans. This is the calling and obligation of white people. Africa’s population is exploding due to the ongoing “colonialist genocide” by white people (the explanation for continuing low IQ scores, violence, rapes, homicides, and societal dysfunction which ITSELF represents a white values system), and so white people HAVE to work to find a solution.

Fortunately, as shown by Hollywood blockbusters, there are plenty of ultragenius black scientists out there for whites to steal ideas from and deprive the originator’s brain of his idea completely. But either way, white people need to get to work stealing inventions from blacks so that we can go to space to make room for infinity blacks whose behaviors in Africa are the result of white stealing.

I’m a progressive.

Mandela My Dreams
Mandela My Dreams

Elon Musk gained everything he has from white male privilege, rape culture, and black suffering under apartheid. He needs to pay reparations to blacks and womyn and then get fired.



Of course he stole his companies! How is it possible that white people consistently do such unimaginable things, while other races struggle to make end’s meat? It’s the same white privilege that allowed them to survive the Ice Age. White privilege isn’t earned – it’s built on the backs of people of color!


It’s disgusting that a white South African male is even allowed to run a company in the US, let alone make millions of dollars. We need a new set of Nuremberg Trials for people like Musk, who committed atrocities against blacks in South Africa simply by existing. The black population in South Africa has ballooned by 800% due to oppression, and continues to grow because of further oppression.

Having said that, Musk does share with us a hatred of Mark Dice, so I guess we can agree on at least something.


We’re so sorry BLM – we’d always assumed that Elon was Jewish so had got behind him fully. Now that you’ve drawn it to our attention that he’s actually a white male neo-colonialist – we’re going to have to reassess our position.

Pudding Seeking The Truth
Pudding Seeking The Truth

Im almost starting to think you actually are black. How you can come up with something along the lines of feeding into the white desire of colonization… that is deep