Al Gore’s New Documentary Highlights The Need For Chemtrails

As shown in the picture above, chemtrails are critical in helping to block off harmful solar radiation.

MAUNA LOA OBSERVATORY, HAWAII (Accredited Times) – Al Gore has done it again.  The Nobel Prize-winning progressive has just released an action-packed, jaw-dropping sequel to his Oscar-winning hit, An Inconvenient Truth.  The sequel, appropriately entitled An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power, is set to hit theaters in select locations starting tomorrow.

As usual, Al Gore has hit another grand slam clear out of the park.  The documentary shows that, yes, climate change is real and, more importantly, that we need aggressive global governance led by progressives like Al Gore and Barack Hussein Obama to solve the problem.

It’s time for a reality checkWorld population now exceeds 7.5 billion, up from roughly 2.5 billion in 1950 and 6.1 billion in 2000.  Carbon dioxide (CO2) levels have risen precipitously.  In the 1950s, atmospheric CO2 levels averaged under 320 ppm at the Mauna Loa Observatory, where the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has kept CO2 data for decades.  Today, those levels now exceed 400 ppm.

CO2 not only affects our air, but also our water.  Seawater absorbs a significant amount of CO2, a strong acidification agent.  As a result, CO2 has caused dangerous changes to oceanic pH levels.  If left unabated, these changes will eventually wipe out all coral, plankton, shellfish, and other important sea life, thereby destroying oceanic ecosystems in a massive die-off of epic proportions.  How epic?  Have you seen a dinosaur recently? — yeah, that bad.

Global temperature changes are equally frightening.  In 1998, accredited scientists Michael Mann, Raymond Bradley, and Malcolm Hugues published the accredited “hockey stick graph” showing massive increases in the Earth’s average surface temperature.  Temperatures have only risen since then.  So far, 2017 is the second-hottest year on record, just behind the hottest year of all-time, 2015.

We have to face reality and support progressive initiatives to resolve the CO2 disaster.  That includes supporting one of the more controversial initiatives launched in recent years:  chemtrails.

So what exactly are chemtrails?

The idea for chemtrails began in August 1996 when the U.S. government published a paper entitled, Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025.  Since then, numerous accredited reports have promoted the idea of weather modification.  The idea behind weather modification is simple:  use modern chemicals to alter the weather in a manner conducive to global needs, including reducing global temperatures and decreasing the surplus population, especially of privileged white males who emit the highest levels of CO2 per person.

Al Gore’s recent documentary, An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power, highlights the need for chemtrails.

Since then, governments around the world have started spraying the atmosphere with various healthy chemicals, similar to spraying crops with pesticides.  Chemtrail emissions include barium, strontium, aluminum-coated fiberglass, fluoride, thorium, cadmium, chromium, nickel, ethylene dibromide, and various other chemicals.  These healthy chemicals are instrumental in helping to reflect solar rays and to avoid the greenhouse effect caused by fossil fuels.  They also prevent cavities.  Although chemtrails will not solve the problems of ocean acidification, they are undoubtedly critical in fighting global temperature increases and helping to lower global population levels.

Of course, it’s important for us to recognize that chemtrails are only part of the solution.  Other important initiatives for combating climate change include:

But chemtrails are a key part of a comprehensive solution to climate change.

It’s time for us to listen to Al Gore.  We need action on climate change.  We need chemtrails.


Wow fantastic article BLM! I was planning to write a very similar one actually. Chemtrails are a human right! It’s so cool that our government runs so many secret programs without asking for the ‘consent’ of the idiots who elected them. This will all be declassified at a later date, and then we progressives will ignore the declassified documents or tell the conspiracy theorists who circulate them that it’s a good thing!

Time Traveler from 2092
Time Traveler from 2092

Florida, Detroit, Hawaii over 3 consecutive days?


wtf…nobody is spraying the atmosphere with anything. Chemtrails are a libertardian right wingnut thing

Expat Logger
Expat Logger

When I need a break from felling trees, I caretake a decommissioned lighthouse on the coast right under the transatlantic flight path. It’s all dark at night except for the stars, but during daylight hours the view from the lantern house looks exactly like the chemtrail picture in BLM’s article. You can’t argue with that, Trav!


I’m glad you included the prevention of cavities. It is an oft overlooked aspect of Global Warming that needs to be addressed. As temperatures rise so does the global ice cream intake in persons not suffering from lactose intolerance. They are on the front line of suffering. I’m glad someone will think of the children.


My ’66 SS 396 will lay a 200-yard patch. The Chemtrails are magnificent!