The Allure and Charm of the White Knight


From the dawn of time, man’s role in society has been to protect women. Fairy tales abound in which handsome and brave knights in shining armor save beautiful damsels in distress from hideous alpha male beasts. But with the rise of the MGTOW movement and other misogynist off-shoots of the alt right, white knighting has gained a bad name. White knighting is often associated with beta males who cannot attract women on their own merit and therefore choose to offer their protective services in the desperate hopes that they might receive sexual attention in return. But the truth is, women are inherently attracted to kind and considerate men who rush to their defense in challenging social situations, defer to them to make decisions, and live to purely serve them rather than balancing their desire to please women with ambitions of their own.

Just like our political scene, the modern dating scene is more polarized than ever. On the one hand we have alpha male sexist brutes who aggressively pursue women with offensive pick up lines and ostentatious displays of wealth, power and physical prowess. Then, on the other hand we have a growing number of resentful beta males who lack the confidence and the mental, physical and monetary resources to engage in these antics. Instead of attracting women with displays of dominance and masculinity, these males have empathy for women and rush to their defense in situations that they imagine women find distressful. For example, if a rude alpha male contradicts a woman in public, white knights will quickly condemn the insensitive male for making her feel uncomfortable. In doing so, the white Knight is putting himself in physical danger, thereby demonstrating bravery and kindness, which he hopes will win over the woman he is defending.

Chivalry is the oldest form of seduction and not one to be looked down upon. We’ll have to ask Missy Bo Pepys for her opinion on this, but beta male white knights imagine that nothing melts a woman’s heart more than a male feminist with the guts to back her up and tell her she is always right. Women don’t like rude men who have the nerve to contradict them and can hold their own in an argument. Women want men who are caregivers, not leaders. Men who will write them poems and love songs, and put any drive or ambition they may have aside in order to give them their undivided attention.

Some cynical men claim that women sometimes argue with, criticize or treat men badly as a “shit test”, to see if the man reacts assertively and is willing to reject them. They claim that women view this ability to reject them as a sign of a valuable alpha male who won’t take disrespect and isn’t desperate. But white knights know better. They know that women need and value their support, and will one day return the favor in the form of a romantic relationship. One day.

So it’s time for the alt right to stop talking smack about white knights, because after many, many years, when the dust settles and the party is over, it is they who will be married to a hot single mother and looking after another man’s kids. And then we’ll see who has the last laugh.


Thanks, MDB. This gives me hope that one day a womyn will recognize in me the very qualities you describe which, until now, have met only with painful rejection.

A couple of years ago, I thought I had found the One, a womyn from Russia whose mother badly needed $10,000 for cataract surgery. I paid this money without question, hoping it would finally seal the strong bonds we had formed over internet discussions. I never did hear from her again and wonder if I should have been even more generous.

Vladmir Putin
Vladmir Putin

$10k for cataract surgery in Russia? It seems like, you are the one in need of cataract surgery. Unless you are lying, and that 10K was really for various plastic surgery fixes to your girlfriend.


$10k was…not enough? I knew it. How much more would have won her heart?


There’s a quote from PJ O’Rourke that still bothers the hell out of me:

“I have often been called a Nazi, and, although it is unfair, I don’t let it bother me. I don’t let it bother me for one simple reason. No one has ever had a fantasy about being tied to a bed and sexually ravished by someone dressed as a liberal.”

I’d like to think that some womyn somewhere has had this fantasy, if only to prove that Nazi wrong. If any feminist womyn are reading, please could you correct O’Rourke.


What a misogynist!!!

Womyn TELL US all the time that they do not like these things and womyn NEVER lie. Womyn prefer deferential men who simply pay their bills and raise their offspring from other men.

Womyn are just like men, exactly alike, whatever that Google employee wrote, whatever…he was wrong. Womyn in “data-driven racist” studies show different mate preferences throughout the month, and express higher attraction to people not their partner during ovulation but not higher attraction to their partner. Clearly if it’s something about womyn and how they behave it is the truth and it is the right way to be because womyn have a vagina around which the universe orbits.

Black Lives Matter

I AM A FEMINIST BECAUSE . . . womyn deserve equal pay for equal work.

Womyn secretaries should be paid the same as male CEOs and should get the same offices or offices based on seniority. In federal government buildings, that’s what happens; secretaries even get large corner offices if they are the most senior employees. That needs to happen EVERYWHERE.