Chloë Grace Moretz Sexually Harassed By White Male

Actress Chloë Grace Moretz.

Hollywood, California (Accredited Times) – Sexual harassment is on the rise.  The culprits?  White males.  The victims?  Everyone else.  Even Hollywood is apparently not immune from the devastating influence of white males.

Now actress Chloë Grace Moretz, 20, has found herself on the receiving end of unwanted sexual advances, this time from Aaron Carter, 29, a former Nickelodeon star who apparently fancies himself a post-modern version of Vanilla Ice.

The incident began last week when Carter broke up with his girlfriend, Madison Parker, 28. According to reports, Parker dumped Carter when the latter came out as bisexual.  Looking for sympathy, Carter posted a note on Twitter acknowledging “an experience with a male” over a decade ago.  The “experience” was apparently a homosexual tryst with Internet personality Chris Crocker.

In the normal course of events, Carter would have reveled in his decision to come out.  Like Caitlyn Jenner, Carter undoubtedly moved up the Oppression Pyramid.  Ordinarily, Hollywood would have welcomed him with open arms, particularly if he had embraced full-blown homosexuality.

Instead, Carter decided to double-down on heterosexual misogyny in an apparent effort to “prove” his manhood.

Aaron Carter with his ex, Hungarian porn star Madison Parker.

Carter used a recent interview that Moretz had given with Variety as his hook.  In the interview, Moretz briefly joked about how she had a crush for Carter when she was four years old.  “When I was four years old, I thought Aaron Carter was so cool,” Mortez said.  “My friend, when we were both little babies back in Georgia, she liked Aaron Carter, too.  We used to fight about who would date Aaron Carter one day.  Who knows?  Maybe we’ll meet.”

In response, Carter publicly humiliated Moretz by asking her out on Twitter — not once, but twice:

“Mmmm”?  What the hell is that supposed to mean?  That is sexual harassment, plain and simple.  I dare say it even borders on rape.  This kind of conduct is unacceptable in the Current Year.

Unfortunately, this is what happens when the world gives the nuclear codes to Donald Trump, a serial abuser, instead of Hillary Clinton, the most qualified person ever to run for office.  Moretz, of course, strongly supported Hillary and even spoke at the Democrat National Convention just 45 minute before Hillary.

Moretz needs to serve as an example to all young womyn.  Chloë, call your lawyer, and sue the pants off this creep.

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the girl doesn’t exactly walk around in a jilbab (feel me?) her provocations are a sight to see, except she needs to bend over as much as possible.



I detect a yearning for a rear end photograph.

Expat Logger
Expat Logger

Is it just me, or is Chloë Grace Moretz the spitting image of Buffy The Vampire Slayer?


It would seem that this site, in order to improve viewership is taking the “eye candy” route that I recomended.


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I’m Just afraid that they will start bombing Americans


Too Late!

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