Kim Jong-un To Win Nobel Peace Prize?


Washington, D.C. (Accredited Times) – As darkness falls upon the West, a shining beacon on a hill lights the world with a ray of hope from the East.

The beacon carries with it a message — a message of hope and change.  Instead of capitalism, we could have communism.  Instead of privilege, we could have equality.  Instead of freedom of choice, we could have freedom from choice.

As Donald Trump beats the drums of war, the most unlikeliest of heroes has emerged:  North Korea’s Dear Leader Kim Jong-un.   No progressive has voiced such heroic opposition to the Cheeto-in-Chief since Barack Hussein Obama left the White House.  It’s time for the Nobel Committee to recognize Kim Jong-un’s heroism with the most accredited award in the world:  the Nobel Peace Prize.  If Obama deserved a Nobel Peace Prize, then Kim Jong-un deserves one just as well — maybe two.

Let me be clear.  One person alone is responsible for chaos in the world:  Donald J. Trump.  It was Donald J. Trump who recently started a war in Charlottesville.  It was also Donald J. Trump who started a war of words against two peaceful communist countries, the People’s Republic of China and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (a.k.a., North Korea).

Kim Jong-un, however, has diffused Trump’s time bombs like a skilled chess grandmaster.  While Trump has threatened nuclear annihilation, Kim Jong-un has said that he refuses to play the game of Mutual Assured Destruction (MAD) and will not strike Guam even if the United States were to attack the peace-loving communist state.

Further details have also emerged as to Kim Jong-un’s compassion in connection with the death of University of Virginia student Otto Warmbier.  Although the alt-right has waged a brutal propaganda war against Kim Jong-un, the truth has emerged that, yes, Warmbier likely did in fact die of botulism triggered by his spoiled frat boy attitude.

Botulism commonly arises in prisons from prison-made alcohol, as a recent article from the Journal of Correctional Healthcare has noted.  In fact, botulism outbreaks are common in prisons around the world and have even occurred in U.S. prisons.  In that regard, Warmbier was no different than the 1,800 other estimated U.S. college students who die every year from alcohol-related causes.  Warmbier’s death just occurred from conduct arising while serving a prison sentence for other frat boy-related conduct in North Korea.  Although Warmbier had served just fifteen months of his fifteen-year sentence, Kim Jong-un mercifully let the spoiled frat boy return to his family in Cincinnati.  Would Donald Trump have done the same for a North Korean prisoner?  No.

Kim Jong-un is a modern-day Mikhail Gorbachev — maybe even a modern-day Mohandas Gandhi.  If the Nobel Committee wants to maintain any shred of credibility, it needs to award the Nobel Peace Prize to the progressive hero from the East, Dear Leader Kim Jong-un.


if dear leader would only demonstrate more compassion by offering the condemned a menu of ways to exit this world: AA gun, . 50 cal, wood chipper, or sex with fellow Commies Maxine Waters and/or Nancy Pelosi



Kim Jon Un is developing quite a the progressive cult following, just like Charles Manson, who agrees with us that white males need to die in order to save the environment. Conservatives make out that he’s some kind of terrible dictator, but judging by the accredited media’s overwhelming negative coverage of conservatives, and their comparatively non-existent criticism of North Korea and communism, can this really be true?


Inspiring article, BLM. The Nobel Peace Prize Committee could do a lot worse than select Kim Jong Un. When did North Korea last invade or bomb another country back to the stone age?