Why Diamond And Silk Are Racist

YouTube stars Diamond and Silk.

Mountain View, California (Accredited Times) – Well, Mr. Trump.  If it’s a war you want, it’s a war you’ll damn well get.

Trump fired the opening shots in Charlottesville.

Now Google has hit back and hit back hard against Trump and his alt-right goons.  In the wake of the Charlottesville terror attack, Google has redoubled its efforts to shut down the alt-right, especially on Google’s popular video-sharing site, YouTube.

Members of the alt-right have now found 95% or more of their YouTube videos demonetized or even outright censored.  Although YouTube technically began censoring Trump supporters before Charlottesville, the company obviously just used its patented data analytics programs to determine what Trump had planned in Charlottesville in advance.

Simply put, without YouTube, Trump is nothing.  Without YouTube, Trump is a B-list celebrity with a fake orange tan and a perpetual smirk on his obnoxious face.  While the accredited media has published important studies carefully cataloging Trump’s collusion with Russia and his disgraceful white nationalism, a band of hate-speech-spewing trolls on YouTube has viciously attacked the accredited media with lies, bile, and fake news.

Most of these alt-right trolls are unknown to the general public.  But to the alt-right, they’re superstars.  Some of the more prominent alt-right trolls include Mark Dice, Paul Joseph Watson, and Lynnette Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson — also known as “Diamond and Silk.”  Since YouTube launched its “heroes” campaign, Dice and Watson (both white males) have seen almost all of their videos demonetized or banned.  Watson has even called it quits on YouTube despite having over a million subscribers.

Diamond and Silk, though, are perhaps the worst of the alt-right offenders — and the most deserving of censorship.  Although nominally African-American, Diamond and Silk are about as African-American as the fat Oreo-loving Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.  The duo even appeared on a white nationalist’s radio program.  Thankfully, YouTube has now demonetized over 95% of Diamond and Silk’s videos.

Diamond and Silk are the definition of RACIST SELLOUTS.  In 2016, the two accepted $1,275 from Trump’s campaign in 2016 for supposed “field consulting” work.  What the hell is that supposed to mean?  Trump is trying to reach out to all of us “fieldhands” with a couple of “house” conservatives?

On August 7, 2017, Trump even misappropriated federal tax dollars by having Commerce Department officials meet with Diamond and Silk — a clear violation of the federal conflict of interest rules and campaign finance laws.  Despite the legal violations, the Commerce Department brazenly used Twitter (where else?) to tweet that Diamond and Silk had met with officials to “discuss how to grow their business and build their brand.”  The Commerce Department quickly deleted the racist tweet when the misappropriation of federal resources became apparent.

Fundamentally, anyone who supports Donald Trump is a RACIST.  That includes Diamond and Silk.  Thankfully, Google has finally taken action against the alt-right.  It’s time for the rest of Corporate America to follow suit.


I’m not sure you’re allowed to call black people racist…CRT says black people cannot be racist. By definition.

This article is confusing.


There are no rules in progressivism except doing whatever hurts white males the most Trav. Diamond and Silk contradict progressive narratives and must therefore be stopped, and anything is justified in doing so, including calling them racist. It doesn’t have to be true – it just has to hurt white males.


But racism is very clearly defined by CRT as only white people. Therefore, no matter how much you dislike Diamond and Silk, and how much of Uncle toms sellouts they are, you cannot call them racist.

And if you’re white, you cannot call them ANYTHING or else YOU are a racist as you are NOT allowed to criticize, EVER, any black person!

It’s not any white person’s place to criticize Diamond and Silk; that is only acceptable for black people to do or perhaps jews.


Hmmm maybe you’re right Trav but I’ve seen white Antifa protesters act very aggressive towards black Trump supporters. But it is undeniable that only white people can be racist. The accredited media never calls anyone else racist.


well they can be the targets of violence…they just can’t be racist. By definition from CRT.


It’s time to shut the alt right down once and for all. There should be only ONE voice in media – the collective voice of PROGRESSIVES! Anyone who disagrees with us is a Nazi. Who ever thought that rebutting the right would be this easy!


Oh no he di’int! It’s on! Donald Trump seriously just criticized progressives when we were salivating over the prospect of demonizing our opposition into submission following the car attack! You CAN’T just take away our moral high ground, Trump! Only the LEFT can talk about ethics!


Why do you think I ginned up that article?!?! I couldn’t believe he had the temerity and audacity to actually blame someone OTHER than white people for anything!!!

Ted Cruz
Ted Cruz

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