Trump, You Are Wrong! White People Are ALWAYS to Blame


Donald Trump has done it again – he has tried to use “logic” and “facts” to somehow violate the narrative that has been honed over decades by the progressive left. Trump went out and repeatedly said that “both sides” in the Charlottesville MASSACRE deserved blame as it appeared to an objective 3rd party viewer that both sides were engaged in violence.

Theresa May gets it as she has just rebuked Literal Hitler: “I see no equivalence between those who espouse fascist views and those who oppose them”. Fascism is defined by progressives as viewpoints contrary to progressivism. Anyone who objects to baking cakes for gay weddings is a fascist. You’re not allowed to believe, think, or act that way. However, if you do not like a Confederate monument, you are allowed to use violence. You are ENTITLED to your cake but if you oppose your corporation’s diversity policies … simply, you’re not allowed to think that way and should be fired. You can be forced to accept something you dislike unless what you dislike can be called “hate” or “fascism”. Shutting down speech and censoring people is GOOD when those people are BAD. War is Peace and ignorance is strength, got it? Freedom is slavery.

Back to the point – whites are ALWAYS to blame. If we look at “dysfunction” in black communities in the USA, whites are clearly to blame because of “slavery”. If we look at communities where there are no whites and see the same dysfunctions, it is again the fault of whites. Colonialism or something. There is no malady affecting anyone that is not directly traceable to whites.

Dylann Roof may have at a cursory glance merely applied “tribal guilt” to a correct understanding of the massive disproportion of interracial rape and crime, but that is FASCISM and RACISM at work. If a black person kills a white or multiple whites, police, anyone, that is because of slavery and historical injustice and Obama himself may show up to make a few more excuses, all of which are valid because white people are always to blame! NO excuse can ever be made for the Dylann Roofs of the world or the “alt right” because they are haters and fascists!

Even blacks who were not slaves or who have no slavery in their history are entitled to blame slavery for any act of crime or violence they commit. Failing this, they can choose “racism” or “white supremacy”, and failing the evidence of any of that, “microaggressions”, which are aggressions too small to be seen with the naked eye but trust us, they’re still there and in abundance and causing psychic wounds to communities of color that will last 1000’s of years and be the cause of riots and looting many times over.

Also, whites, you need to get serious. You cannot atone for this guilt. You cannot atone for the crimes of slavery and The Holocaust. Voting democrat won’t do it. Paying reparations won’t do it. Encouraging your daughter to have a half-black baby with a disadvantaged youth from a marginalized community won’t do it. You can only die. Dying and ceasing to exist is the only way to absolve you of guilt.

As we see in Charlottesville, there is NO legitimate purpose for whites to ever group together, no legitimate white interests, no legitimate white ANYTHING. Blacks may rally around Freddie Gray; blacks can have a black segregationist and black nationalist have a “million man march” on the national mall and this is FINE. However, if whites as a group do anything, it is racist and illegitimate. If whites EXIST it is a microagression to blacks, reminding them of the millions of years of slavery that each and every one of them is still having to endure every single day.

Imagine you’re a black in the West – you have to commute to a job where you are paid higher than your skills warrant because of race-based hiring preferences, in an air-conditioned car, and every single minute of this horrible existence filled with modern technology, comfort, and indoor plumbing, you are suffering from horrible aggression by whites in terms of the legacy of slavery! It’s enough to make ANYONE kill people and rob and commit rapes at 20x the rate of East Asians! Dealing with whites explains West Africa just as well as it explains Haiti and even Baltimore, because white people ARE to blame!

Blacks would rather live HERE ^^^ … just look at the smiles and the happiness; freed from the NONSTOP micro- pico- macro-aggressions and racism from white people! A true utopia on earth.

Racists are no doubt foaming at the mouth at this TRUTH of an article, but you fascists take heart – the Chinese are presently ignoring the Jewish objection to genetically engineered babies. Due to white supremacy and the desire of Asians to look like Europeans, your DNA will live on in engineered super babies coming out of the East in the next 10-15 years. However, the Chinese will have to be forced to accept Jewish input into their national decisions and build some Holocaust museums as they are probably guilty of it too, having not suffered from the legacy of colonialism and slavery. We may need nuclear war to force these people to accept tolerance and diversity. If we don’t have a nuclear war, killing hundreds of millions or even billions of people, then we might have another Holocaust!

Ponder this.

Black Lives Matter

This article is so accurate. I have been crying all morning. Trump’s statement about “both sides” is a textbook microaggression. What he really meant subconsciously is that he supports the KKK and hates African-Americans.


How can he criticize progressives as well as conservatives?? We NEVER get criticized in the accredited media! NEVER! And now we’re getting criticized by the president of the United States?? This is NOT HAPPENING!


Having said that, when we do reluctantly blame progressives for something on occasion, conservatives must also take equal blame.

Black Lives Matter

Trump is blaming progressives because he is the one who is guilty.


hate speech is constitutional.


Black Lives Matter

How can you say that when Trump is flashing a Neo-Nazi symbol with his hand???

Black Lives Matter

Right, and Pepe the Frog is just some kind of inoffensive Internet joke? You make me sick.

Black Lives Matter

Shut the hell up, cracker.


Nice one Trav! White people are AWFUL! They invented racism, slavery, xenophobia, sexism, rape culture, the patriarchy, homophobia, Islamophobia and Antisemitism! These are conditions in which white males just HATE people for no reason! These people didn’t do anything to whites – but whites just HATE them anyway! WHY? Why are whites so HATEFUL and MEAN??


Why don’t you start your own website and see how long you can keep it up. No one would bat an eyelid. I haven’t focused on promotion lately – I could get a thousand views in one day easy if I went back to ZH like I used to. What is your purpose here exactly?