Barcelona Terror Attack Boringly Unoriginal

Picture from the recent Barcelona terrorist attack. The media likes pictures of people crying and looking injured.

Barcelona, Spain (Accredited Times) – Stop me if you’ve heard this story before.  Earlier today, religious extremists attacked innocent civilians in a terror attack.  They used an automobile to plow into a crowd.  They also took some hostages.


People, listen up because I’m only going to say this once.  Terrorism is fundamentally a PR stunt.  No one is really “terrified” by “terrorism” because the odds of someone becoming a victim of terrorism are frankly lower than the odds of being struck by a bolt of lightning while reading this stupid article.

Sorry, but the recent Barcelona terror attack was just too boring and too unoriginal to be an effective PR stunt.  I’m sure there were a few “Allahu Akbars” followed by explosions, but come on — how many times has that been done before?

People helping injured person on the street in Barcelona.

Of course, the only reason terrorism exists in the first place is because of the media.  If it bleeds, it leads.  That’s why religious extremists and other assorted kooks resort to terrorism:  the media loves explosions (splosions!), death, fires, mayhem, people crying (especially women and minorities), shattered glass on roads, and so forth.

Any time a terrorist attack happens, anyone with an acquaintance within 1,000 miles of the attack suddenly becomes slightly concerned (not “terrified”) and says to himself or herself something like: “OMG, Bob might have been there.  I better read the rest of the article.”

After reading the article, typically a text message and/or email follows:

“Just wanted to make sure you were safe.”

“Bob, you’re OK, right?”

If a spouse walks into the room, the original person will then say something like, “Honey, Bob lives in Spain.”

“Who’s Bob?” the spouse replies.

“You know — Bob from accounting at my old job.  I just hope he’s safe.”

Uh, of course, he’s safe from the stupid terrorist attack.  The greater threat is that Bob’s iPhone might explode while reading your stupid text messages during his vacation in the Greek islands (away from his home in Madrid, not Barcelona).  Or that he might die of boredom from reading another article about another unoriginal terrorism attack.

Terrorism needs to excite.  It needs to thrill.  That’s the best way to win the featured coverage in the Accredited Times that terrorists desire.  Then again, blowing people up or running over them might not be the best way of persuading people that you’re the “good guys”.  In fact — and I know this may come as a shock to some extremists — it might actually make people dislike your message.  Seriously.

So here’s another thought.  Instead of running people over, maybe try being nice to people.  Maybe try a bake sale or something.

Anyway, I’m going to stop writing about this “terror attack” because frankly I’m getting too bored and can’t take this stupid crap any more.

The Accredited Times rates the Barcelona PR stunt/attack an “F”.


Don’t stop writing. I’m doing that this week as I am having emergency testosterone removal.

I can see you are at a low end with this ‘be nice to people’ and ‘try a bake sale’. The latter will have health & safety representatives to (rightly) check the wholesomeness of what you are selling. The former sounds almost Christian as in ‘pray for your enemies, forgive them’. Either way, be careful out there.


I know conservatives are desperate to “profile” Muslims in order to prevent further attacks, but it’s simply futile. This could just as well have been a catholic nun or Buddhist monk or a humanist. It’s stupid and Islamophobic to use statistics to prevent people from dying. It’s more important to make sure that Muslims can freely travel within the West, where they have an absolute RIGHT to be! Western countries belong to EVERYBODY because everybody contributed to them equally.

Make my votes count
Make my votes count

Remember these Barcelona attackers are loners and not part of a group where as the Alt Right attacker in Charlottesville was a representative of all the white groups in the world and most of those 171 groups were founded by Trump. For that we must condemn all whites and tear down any statues and destroy any trace of their history. White supremacist must be stopped as they are the greatest threat ever. That is why they deserve all the accredited news coverage.



I heard the terrorist wearing a Black Lives “Matter” t-shirt