Why Taxes Can Never Be High Enough


As progressives, we understand that no matter how high taxes are, they are never high enough. Conservatives often ask us whether the combined tax rate in many states is sufficient when you factor in property taxes etc., and the answer is always the same: NO! Taxes will never be sufficient, because no matter how high they are, there is always inequality. Some people always have more than others, and things are never equal. And because things will never be equal, and because over time luxuries become necessities and human rights, we will always complain that we need more wealth redistribution.

Taxes serve a very important purpose. They pay interest on the national debt, which goes into the coffers of banks and central banks. This is the reward bankers get for creating money and investing it in our economy, using it to acquire industries and lobby for profitable government programs such as wars for the military industrial complex, and green energy projects for companies like Solyndra, all of which bankers have shares in. We pay taxes to bankers, and in return they create money for us, which fuels our economy.

Without taxes, our government wouldn’t be able to borrow so much, and our consumer economy would collapse. Buy paying taxes, we are allowing our government to finance the national debt, which funds the paychecks of not only government workers, but millions of people in the retail and entertainment industries. America has a consumer economy, and consumer economies need credit to survive, so those who oppose taxes and by extension the national debt, are literally advocating for the firing of millions of hard working Americans.

It’s sad that in this day and age, we still have right wing organizations who favor reductions in tax rates, even though taxes are the very bedrock of our economy, and the only antidote to inequality. One might argue that as tax rates have increased, so has inequality, but the truth is taxes haven’t risen enough, and there are many tax havens out there in the Caribbean, where greedy businessmen are hiding their wealth from governments and bankers. It’s time for us to openly admit as progressives, that there is no magic number at which tax rates will be high enough – they will never be high enough. Things will never be fair enough, equal enough or diverse enough, until there is nothing left to redistribute, and no more white people to blame things on. The ultimate goal of progressivism is true equality, which means that there is nothing left to consume. So let’s stop bickering about tax rates, and continue to protest in the streets for equality and fairness, because as progressives it is out job to consume, not to plan ahead. And consume we shall, until there is nothing left.

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Tax cuts are racist.


is 120% of income too high?

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We can do better than that. Argentina has a total tax rate of 137.3%. Argentina is the most progressive country in the world — and just look at the amazing results progressivism has achieved for its economy despite the low diversity numbers and high population of whites.


1. Argentina: 137.3%. Astonishingly, Argentina’s total tax rate is judged to be over 100% of corporate profits. The country’s turnover tax alone eats up nearly 90%, before taxes on salaries and financial transactions are taken into account.


86.4% of Argentina’s population self-identify as European descent. An estimated 8% of the population is mestizo, and a further 4% of Argentines were of Arab or East Asian heritage.

Vladmir Putin
Vladmir Putin

People are born to be taxed. Companies, especially small and medium ones are there to be regulated, and fully taxed out of existence.
Taxes are so good, that some country recently had midnight celebration after rolling out a centralized tax scheme. It was claimed that the tax scheme will strengthen federalism. Amazing that the whole country not only wanted the leaders to centralize taxes, so that the states will have to beg the center for their share (which they called cooperative federalism), they also had a midnight celebration.

Big accredited companies like Google, Microsoft, Apple, etc provide a service to humanity and should be able to find and use tax loopholes, through the big tax and audit powerhouses like Accenture, Deloitte, and EY.


It’s unreal that conservatives even still exist.

I mean look at Venezuela, where the richest person is…Hugo Chavez’s daughter. Now, CLEARLY there’s no nepotism in play here; she’s REALLY that good. I’m not clear how in a communist utopia she came up on 4.2 BILLION dollars worth of personal wealth, but whatever, SHE deserves it as her last name is Chavez!

We all, especially whites, need to pay more taxes in order to remove Confederate monuments all over the nation. These cause an ongoing racist psychic injury to black people, most of whom could not even tell you what Robert E. Lee’s middle initial was, but racism is holding them down. Because of statues in parks.

Taxes will solve this problem and make Illinois solvent again!

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“Infected”? You make it sound like Jewish Hugo Chavez and Jewish Nicolas Maduro are the bad guys.

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So what? Communism is good.

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America is communist. Obama implemented almost all of the Communist Party’s planks. Do you hate America?

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No, Africans believe in conservation. Whites believe in capitalistic exploitation. They have simply converted the estate into a nature preserve.

You are a disgrace. You refuse to give us the 40 acres and a mule we were promised in America, and you even think that land in Africa should belong to you? Sorry, but whites did not invent land. People of Color did.