Duterte’s Islamophobic Death Squads Reign Hell On Innocent Muslims


It seems that progressives face an ever growing number of global threats, prime among them being Donald Trump, but another being President Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines. As the Accredited Times previously reported, Duterte has fired numerous shots at the progressive establishment, laying insults at no less than President Obama, John Kerry, Chelsea Clinton and the Rothschilds. Shortly after his disparaging remarks towards these high profile progressives, as if by some spiritual Fatwa, ISIS reared its head in the Philippines, most likely in retaliation to the historical persecution of Muslims by Christian Filipinos.

As usual, right wing reactionaries quickly exploited this story and used it to target peaceful every day Muslims, who simply believe in the teachings of the Koran, which doesn’t inspire hatred or immorality in any way. Unfortunately, the alt right have had much success, and the war on Muslims has now spread to the Philippines.

Duterte, of course, has done more than simply resist their advance, which by many accounts is justified. He has summoned an army of ruthless, sadistic thugs to indiscriminately kill, torture and even rape Muslims suspected of being Islamic militants. Duterte tried to convince the outraged Chelsea Clinton that his rape comments were a “joke”, but if they were, then they were wholly inappropriate and not funny, given that Duterte is not a progressive. Duterte’s thugs are reported to have intimidated thousands of Muslims so far, and peaceful Koran worshipers are living in fear every day.

Duterte has issued psychopathic threats towards ISIS, such as “I’ll eat your livers” and other chilling statements. It’s scary that in this day and age, a country is allowed to have a masculine president who says things that might offend people, especially women and progressive men. As I’ve said before, Duterte needs to be removed promptly, and replaced with a soft president who follows orders from the UN, IMF and other progressive international organizations. We need a world run by international special interests with a global perspective, not bigoted nationalists who only care about their own people. It’s time for a new world order, and non-progressive presidents need to go, starting with Duterte, Trump, Putin and Assad!


Dream on. There will be no regime change to install the UN’s most-favored kleptocrat. Perhaps you think we need another Imelda Marcos Shoe Museum (for those with feet) built with LaGarde’s money?

Black Lives Matter

Trump is America’s Duterte. I’m just wondering when Trump will start forming alt-right death squads to kill innocent protesters. Oh, wait, it already started happening last weekend.