Meet The Alt Right Hackers Behind Fake News


Libertarians and the alt right have long warned about the dangers of the NSA and their supposedly overreaching power to blackmail high profile politicians, business people and celebrities into compliance with their hidden agendas. But so far, little evidence of wrongdoing has been put forth, except for fake leaks by unaccredited organizations like Wikileaks, who are now proven to be Russian agents. A real cyber threat however, as the accredited media and accredited movies and TV series are increasingly indicating, is the growing number of basement dungeons filled with alt right hackers, plotting to take down the progressive world order with Kremlin-backed hacking, fake news, memes and a variety of other devious tactics. 

As we saw during the recent presidential election, fake news is becoming an increasingly pernicious problem for the accredited media, who desperately tried to educate the masses about the qualifications of Hillary Clinton, and the numerous character flaws, bigoted beliefs and incompetence of Donald Trump, but to no avail. Experts are still trying to figure out exactly how fake news was able to overwhelm the highly credible and highly articulate accredited media, and underground reports are indicating that much of it originates from highly organised underground lairs filled with alt right hackers, dedicated to taking down what they see as “the establishment”. These devious hackers are almost exclusively socially outcast white males who feel angry at society and left behind in this new, inclusive, progressive, multicultural, diverse society. Many of them feel that posting fake stories on the internet, and creating racist memes is the only way that they can get the attention they so lack in real life, and the only outlet for their deep-seated rage and resentment at society. Many of the fake stories directed towards Hillary, such as the ones about her health, were totally fabricated, but alt right hackers were still able to make them go viral by taking videos of her stumbling and behaving strangely out of context and posting them on YouTube. The rest of the fake news network then picks up these stories and repeats them, and the Neo Nazis start turning them into viral memes that cloud their twisted agenda in comedy and make it palatable to reasonable people. 

Many of these lonely computer warriors have little life outside of their world of internet activism. Their levels of anger, testosterone and disillusionment with modern progressive society make it quite difficult for them to gel with ordinary people. If you support Trump, or believe that white people deserve to exist, live in peaceful neighborhoods and keep their property, then you’re going to have a tough time engaging with normal people who understand that these beliefs are abhorrent and morally reprehensible. So civilized society normally drives these people underground where they wreck havoc on the internet.

We need to understand as a society that civil discourse on the internet is just as important as it is in real life. For many, the internet is their primary means of communicating with others, and is the place where they spend the majority of their time. In day to day interactions, our speech is regulated by a ruthless code of political correctness, which censors right wing bigots everywhere from the workplace to the dinner table. If we want to maintain this civilized society, we need to do the same on the internet. We need to ruthlessly censor beliefs that simply do not belong in a progressive society, such as belief in non-governmental gun ownership, white identity, conspiracy theories and alternative health quackery. Only that which is normal should be acceptable. Anything that isn’t already known should be censored, and conversations should be limited to events, other people and scorning those who disbelieve conventional wisdom. We need internet regulations, and we need them soon, or these sinister alt right hacker may eventually succeed in creating the fascist dictatorship that they aspire to impose on us. The future of progressivism depends on censoring these bigots, and we must have the courage to act boldly and swiftly to silence our opposition.


Wow great article MDB. We need global governance on the alt-right hate speech issue ASAP.

These pathetic basement dwelling losers are inciting violence and need to be stopped. The completely spontaneous events in Charlottsville last week has made the need to shut these right-wing freaks up urgent!

#BashTheFash #ResistFreeSpeech

Koba the Dread
Koba the Dread

Ideas are more powerful than guns. We would not let our enemies have guns, why should we let them have ideas.

Make my votes count
Make my votes count

You need a license to drive. Why not make people be licensed to have to use the internet. Seems pretty simple. Those who violate the rules lose their privilege.

Black Lives Matter

Permits should also be required before being able to post anything.


Alt Right Hackers will soon be a thing of the past. In the future, everyone will be required to be a progressive (although they will have total liberty to express their personal opinions from a list of pre-approved positions). As the BBC reports today (, online Hate Crime is just as devastating as public hate crime and therefore needs to be prosecuted vigorously. Hatred will cease to exist soon.