Restoring The Muslim Homelands – Because It’s Never Too Late To Say Sorry


The recent spate of ‘terror’ incidents involving lone wolves has generated the usual bile and hateful articles we have come to expect from the Alt-Right and Conservative media.  The commentators who write such malicious drivel are, however, both shamelessly cynical and utterly disingenuous in exploiting the tragedies in entirely unconnected events.

By definition, a lone wolf has no connection with any particular group, ideology or organization.  Given that the accredited media routinely describes all individuals behind the events in Barcelona, Nice, London, Manchester, Berlin and elsewhere as ‘lone wolves’, it follows that it is impossible to understand their motivations. Perhaps one of them (in Catalonia) was an FC Barcelona supporter upset at the sale of the star Brazilian soccer player Neymar to Paris Saint Germain.  Maybe the attack in Berlin was orchestrated by someone who quite liked the old wall as it used to be, separating East and West, and its non-existence suddenly upset him.  Who can tell? We speculate because we haven’t a clue why certain people would appear to drive their vehicles in a manner that is non-optimal for nearby pedestrians.  Like the Asian guy in Marseille today who had the misfortune to crash into two different bus stops and accidentally kill someone on the second. As the BBC reports, the police are not treating this as a terrorist incident because people crash into two (or more) bus stops located far apart from each other on a frequent basis.

And it is precisely for these reasons that our accredited media and police always respond to such events by saying ‘we will never understand what their motivations are’.

Alas, this does not stop wicked conservatives from pointing their fingers at the Muslim community. On what basis is Islam to blame? Well, usually because these racist commentators suggest that there is an apparent  ‘commonality’ between the names of the drivers, with names like ‘Abdul’, ‘Mohammed’ and ‘Ahmed’ appearing more frequently than Serge, Jean-Pascal and Stephen.

We fail to see the correlation, and we reject the argument.  Each of the names is different. In an identity parade of two, we could not be certain of identifying the bearded person called Mohammed and the clean-shaven Jean-Pascal.

In contrast, the hateful conservatives’ articles have many things in common with each other.  They are full of ignorance, ad hominem attacks on progressives, distortion of historical facts, use propaganda, and engage in hypocritical twisting of the narrative in order to advance spurious arguments.  Worse still, they even use non-politically correct language to discredit their critics.

We regret the disservice these dysfunctional cretins do to the journalistic profession.  These spastics have always been the same, unfortunately.

Imagining entirely hypothetically, however, that there was a link in Islam between the incidents, how would we respond?

Well, speaking strictly hypothetically, we would want to know what grievances the Muslims would have?  What would their motivation be to life-force-extinguish apparently non-guilty persons – apart from being promised 72 virgins and martyrdom of course?

Miranda Kerr – not unattractive but unlikely to be a virgin

72 virgins could admittedly be an attraction, but when you consider the blood involved and the lack of experience (‘Am I doing it right, Mohammed? Do you like it like this? Oww, that hurts!’) we have to open our mind to other possible motivations.

Many commentators have suggested that the ‘oppression by the West of Muslim nations’ in the form of ‘wars’ and ‘invasions’ might be behind the Muslim world’s dissatisfaction.  However, we are not aware of any such ‘wars’ or ‘invasions’ in recent years.  The Accredited Media speaks only of liberation of countries from ‘very bad dictators’ so we must keep looking for other motivations.

The answer is almost certainly the fact that, in the very distant past, Muslims were cruelly forced to abandon their ancient homelands by blood-thirsty Christians.

If we look closely at the map in the featured image above, we see the Islamic Caliphate as it existed peacefully for many centuries.  Thanks to bloodthirsty Christian crusaders, many part of the Islamic world are no more.  Take Al-Andalus, for example, now known as ‘Spain’ and notionally a Christian nation. Now occupied mostly by retired British and Scandinavians, Al-Andalus has a proud history which speaks of better times.  As Wikipaedia writes:

“Under the Caliphate of Córdoba, al-Andalus was a beacon of learning, and the city of Córdoba, the largest in Europe, became one of the leading cultural and economic centres throughout the Mediterranean Basin and the Islamic world. A number of achievements that advanced Islamic and Western science came from al-Andalus, including major advances in trigonometry (Geber), astronomy (Arzachel), surgery (Abulcasis), pharmacology (Avenzoar), and other fields. Al-Andalus became a major educational center for Europe and the lands around the Mediterranean Sea as well as a conduit for culture and science between the Islamic and Christian worlds.”

All this progress was ended, however, when ignorant Christians used brute force and bigotry to overpower the peaceful Muslim rulers of Al-Andalus.  Over again to Wikipaedia:

“Ultimately, the Christian kingdoms in the north of the Iberian Peninsula overpowered the Muslim states to the south. In 1085, Alfonso VI captured Toledo, starting a gradual decline of Muslim power. With the fall of Córdoba in 1236, most of the south quickly fell under Christian rule and the Emirate of Granada became a tributary state of the Kingdom of Castile two years later. In 1249, the Portuguese Reconquista culminated with the conquest of the Algarve by Afonso III, leaving Granada as the last Muslim state on the Iberian Peninsula. Finally, on January 2, 1492,[6] Emir Muhammad XII surrendered the Emirate of Granada to Queen Isabella I of Castile, completing the Christian Reconquista of the peninsula. Although al-Andalus ended as a political entity, the nearly eight centuries of Islamic rule which preceded and accompanied the early formation of the Spanish nation-state and identity has left a profound effect on the country’s culture and language, particularly in Andalusia

These days, Al-Andalus is mostly filled with drunken Brits and their drunken progeny.  Muslims dream of the day when then can return to reclaim the land that is rightfully theirs. They dream also of liberating uncivilized ‘France’, which they tried to do once before being repelled by a certain Charles Martel.

Really, all that followers of Islam seek is to bring peace to the world and end war forever.  For this to happen, nonbelievers simply have to submit to the Religion of Peace. Is this too much to ask?

As a start, let us give back the ancient Muslim lands which the Christians stole.  This would be a welcome first step towards world peace.  Isn’t this what we all want?

Black Lives Matter

Yes. Islam is peace.

I’d say the United Kingdom and its former colonies at a minimum should also be turned over to Islam. Many reports indicate that King John would have converted to Islam but for evil Christians. I think we have to assume that he was really Muslim, which makes the U.K. Muslim as well since it had a Muslim ruler. America is clearly Muslim also given that we had Obama.

Vladmir Putin
Vladmir Putin

Wow such a wise and pertinent article Pbier! Muslims and Arabs did indeed invent algebra, and a variety of other things that underpin the modern world. Whites may have survived the ice age for 60 thousand years, but Arabs living in hot climates apparently evolved to be equally hardy, innovative and disciplined. We need Bill Nye, The Science Guy’s take on this, but it makes sense to me that this would be the case. Some racists have implied that algebra was in fact a Greek invention, and that ancient Arab mathematics was nothing compared to the works of Euler and Newton, but by the laws of identity politics they must be wrong.

Muslims are indeed civilizing Europe and imposing morality in the form of Sharia Law. Muslims are the paragons of morality and decency, as they routinely demonstrate in public pools in Germany and outside primary schools in the UK and Sweden. Muslims are also progressive, as we can tell by their overwhelming support for left wing political parties.