Louise Linton Must Go To Prison NOW

Louise Linton (above) is the wife of Donald Trump's Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin.

I am so tired of WHITE TRUMP-LOVING BITCHES I can barely even write.

Louise Linton is a BITCH who needs to go to prison NOW.

If you haven’t heard of this White Privilege-loving crackerette, let me give you the background.  Linton, 36, is a money-grubbing whore who married former investment banker, Steve Mnuchin, 54.  Mnuchin is currently Donald Trump’s Treasury Secretary and is said to be worth $300 million.

Another picture of Linton.

As Treasury Secretary, Mnuchin is supposed to be watching after OUR MONEY.  Is he?  NO.  Earlier today, Mnuchin took that BITCH on U.S. government property — and off she walks toting luxury brands from places like Hermes and Roland Mouret.  Luxury brands!!!  On U.S. government property!!!

Then, if that weren’t enough, that BITCH wrote a snarky reply to progressives who criticized her, saying, in part: “Go chill out and watch the new game of thrones. It’s fab!”


Ted Cruz
Ted Cruz

Beats the heck out of that water buffalo, moo-chelle.




Make my votes count
Make my votes count

Last person with her attitude was Marie Antoinette who met with the guillotine. I would say the behaviors are the same so the fates should be as well.
Wealth redistribution must begin ASAP.

Missy Bo Pepys
Missy Bo Pepys

She’s not even in the same league. Marie Antoinette was a decent womyn who said “let them eat cake”.


Pretty women are the arch enemies of feminists. Especially conservative ones. It’s time for this racist bitch to check her privilege and acknowledge that she is a horrible person! If she doesn’t feel bad then we progressives can’t feel good! Our egos depend on other people feeling bad!


I felt SO MUCH BETTER when it was Michelle Obama stepping off an even larger government plane with tons of luxury merchandise.


Hmmmm. What were you looking for when you found that?