Outward Focus vs Inward Focus 


Progressives are notorious for their envy and focus on others, and for their avoidance of personal responsibility. We know the deal – businessmen didn’t earn what they have, they stole it from us – and personal responsibility is a mantra used to control us and make us work hard for capitalists, so they can relax and play golf all day. Hence, we adopt an “outward focus”, focusing on what other people are doing and what other people have, and blaming others for how we feel. The opposite would be inward focus, which is how conservatives want us to behave. Inward focus would be working to understand and manage our feelings, rather than blaming other people for them and treating them as gospel. It involves taking as much personal responsibility as we can for our circumstances, and focusing on our sphere of influence, instead of what we cannot control. Conservatives believe that this will be harder in the short run, but will make us happier in the long run, as we master ourselves and become more powerful as individuals, less stressed out about other people and less concerned with things we cannot control. They argue that inward focus is a measure of maturity – that it defines what it means to be a responsible adult, and is associated with basic courtesy and civilization. All of these justifications however are lies and deceptions designed to con us into believing that we somehow have power as individuals, and that we should let capitalists get away with having too much wealth. 

Luckily for us, outward focus is favored by the majority of people, who are more concerned with other people than themselves. Take a walk down the streets with a smile on your face, looking confident and content, and you will inevitably draw glances and stares from curious people who immediately notice anybody acting out of the ordinary. Unconcerned with their own sphere of influence and so devoid of anything important to do, average bystanders are capable of dedicating their entire attention to other people’s business. “Why is this person so confident?”, they think to themselves – “why is he so full of himself?”. They also have infinite attention and time to dedicate to TV Shows, movies and gossip about others. People are usually stunned to learn that I rarely watch any fictional media, because I’m too busy running the Accredited Times. I know this makes me a bit weird, but I make up for it by telling other people to adopt an outward focus in articles like this.

So the lesson is, don’t focus on yourself or things you can control – focus on others and what they’re doing. What’s xe doing? Why does xe have that expression on their face? How much money does xe have? Why do they have MORE than me? These questions should be running through your head from day to day, as you passively let circumstance drive your thoughts and actions, rather than your own goals and personal ambitions. Do you ever see Occupy Wall Street protesters working hard to improve themselves and their circumstances? They sure spend a lot of time at those protests, sitting around, smoking pot, making signs and expressing their feelings. What if they spent all that time learning a new skill or working, many conservatives might wonder. Well the truth is, the game is totally rigged so it doesn’t matter how hard you work, you will never be successful, and you might as well spend your time complaining about how others have more than you.

Society works better when people feel powerless and envious, because they inevitably become progressives and Bernie Sanders supporters. Seeing the world as full of greed and injustice, rather than appreciating the joy and opportunity it offers, will make you a bitter, unhappy and very effective social justice warrior. Seeing the world this way may be stressful, and you may notice that Antifa protesters always look very unhappy and frustrated, but this is because they see the reality of how the world is. So get off your high horse, stop thinking you’ve earned or worked for anything, white male, because you didn’t build that. You didn’t earn anything, and you only have wealth because WE don’t. So start giving something back to society, and give us some of what you have. We deserve it, and we ain’t focused on getting it ourselves – we’re focused on YOU. 


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External focus is even better when you can control people. Yes, looking at someone and wondering why they seem ‘confident’ or ‘happy’ is entirely reasonable but how much better would it be to know exactly why because you have all their personal data? Without the data, you are only left with a nagging ‘why’.


Another hard-hitting, fact-based story.