Stop The Genocide in Myanmar!


One who reads about international issues in the accredited media cannot stay indifferent to the plague of the Rohingyas, a peaceful muslim minority living mostly in the Rakhine province, not far from Bangladesh.

The Muslims (Rohingyas) and Buddhists (Rakhines) had been peacefully coexisting over the centuries. Some revisionists (likely Russian agents) have tried to claim that the Rohingyas had to suffer from the hostility of the Buddhists who had, for some mysterious reasons, an issue with the Islamic ritual slaughter, but this version doesn’t stand for anyone familiar with the critical race theory and science.

The reality is that the relation between those two sister communities began to grow bitter at instigation of the third parties, namely the white British, during a long colonial rule of more than two centuries. The violence reached its peak in early 1942, when the British retreated to check their privilege, thus allowing the Japanese to liberate the province. But before to retreat they armed Rohingya locals, hoping they would form a buffer zone against Japan. It seems that Russian agents were already at work to peddle fake news, even back those days (an uncle of Putin was spot in the vicinity, probably traveling on his own since the Soviet Union was not at war with Japan). In all the cases they succeeded to convince many Rohingyas to use their weapons against the Rakhine civilians more often than the Japanese, which led to the first massive persecution of Muslims from the other side.

After WWII and the end of the British rule, there were still some incidents, but violence decreased substantially. One regrettable decision of the government was to deprive several Rohingyas from the Burma full citizenship over some irrational fear concerning illegal immigration from Bangladesh. When many Rohingya refugees returned to the country in 1978, many xenophobic requirements were set. Can you imagine a more ridiculous and humiliating requirement than proving that one of your grand parent was born in Burma to get the “associate” (not full) citizenship?

After the massive Rakhine energy reserves were discovered in 2004 they attracted China’s attention. By 2013 China completed oil and natural gas pipelines, which connect Myanmar’s port of Kyaukphyu with the Chinese city of Kunming in Yunnan province. Since other routes were more risky for China, one can say that Myanmar and the stability of the Rakhine province was a key element to insure a dominant role for China in the 21st century.

Alas, for some mysterious reasons, violence and instability started to rock Myanmar at the same exact moment. Nobel prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi, the darling of the Western accredited media, came to power in 2015 but she disappointed and took her distances from Mr. Soros by refusing to recognize the legitimate grievances of the Muslim population. Soon many peaceful Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia and Qatar got on the bandwagon and decided to fund young idealists from other countries who wished to fraternize with the Rohingyas and teach them some skills. On August 25, 2017, dozens of attacks on police, border posts killed 71 officers. As expected, Muslims were chosen as the ideal scapegoat and a violent repression is threatening their existence. The world can no longer stay idle. As the accredited media remind us, a tragedy is underway, perhaps even greater than the genocide in Bosnia and Kosovo. NATO must intervene, regardless of the Chinese objections.

Black Lives Matter

This is Trump’s fault. Islamophobia makes me sick.


Islamophobia is definitely to blame here. Buddhist monks are well known for their terrorism and hate crimes against Muslims. We need to tackle Buddhist extremism NOW, before more innocent Muslims are hurt!


And if intervening starts a conflict with China, who cares! World War III will boost the economy!


We should START a war!



Look what Buddhism did to that “pretty woman” guy! can’t even recall his name

Black Lives Matter

Richard Gere. I believe his conversion had something to do with a gerbil.

Vladmir Putin
Vladmir Putin

Many westerners fall for the allure of Buddhism. What Buddha might have taught, and what gets practised in Buddhist countries are two different things. The violence in Myanmar, or Sri Lanka, where Buddhists are in majority, shows that Buddha’s teachings are never followed.

A poor, overpopulated country like Bangladesh is taking in the Muslim Rohingyas, while others are pushing them back to Myanmar where they face an uncertain future.