When Will Trump Supporters Apologize To Hillary?


Washington, D.C. (Accredited Times) – I still have nightmares from the election season.  Sweat pours off my face most mornings.  Sometimes I wake up drenched in my own urine.  I’m so afraid.  We now have a President who reports to David Duke and Vladimir Putin.  We now have a President who instigates ISIS-inspired terror attacks on peaceful Antifa protesters.  He even calls CNN “very fake news.”

I can still hear the alt-right’s violent threats against Hillary and the accredited media in my mind:

Lock her up!  Lock her up!  Lock her up!


CNN sucks!  CNN sucks!  CNN sucks!

I always knew that fascism would come to America wrapped in a flag.  I never knew that it would come in the form of an ugly white Cheeto wearing a dead rat for a toupee.

CNN told us that Hillary was a sure thing.  She couldn’t lose.  She was up twelve points in the polls — at least.  Then election day hit like a locomotive carrying “Make America Great Again” apparel.

CNN declares Florida for Trump.

CNN declares Wisconsin for Trump.

CNN declares Pennsylvania for Trump.

CNN declares Michigan for Trump.



Trump’s election was built on a series of lies designed to fool racist, sexist white males.  He told his stupid white followers that “Crooked Hillary” was guilty of supposed crimes.  “If I win, I’m going to instruct the attorney general to get a special prosecutor to look into your situation because there’s never been so many lies, so much deception,” Trump said in his October 9th debate against Hillary.  “[W]e’re going to get a special prosecutor because people have been, their lives have been destroyed for doing one fifth of what you’ve done.”

In response, Hillary noted that Trump, unlike Hillary, simply lacked the character to serve as President: “It’s just awfully good that someone with the temperament of Donald Trump is not in charge of the law of our country.

Trump then quipped: “Because you’d be in jail.”

The deplorables roared with applause.  They shouted like Nazis calling for the murder of yet another million Jews.  They even thought it was funny that the most despicable candidate ever to run for office had threatened to end liberal democracy by arresting “Crooked Hillary.”

Well, deplorables?  Where are the charges?  Where are the arrests?  Where are the indictments?  Where are the perp walks?

Here’s the real truth.  There have been no charges, no arrests, no indictments, and no perp walks because Hillary was innocent.  Sure, she may have downloaded a few thousand classified documents on an unsecured server and bleachbitted them after receiving a Congressional subpoena.  Sure, she may have taken cash in exchange for favors and set up a fraudulent “charitable foundation” as a slush fund.  Sure, the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia even said that he funded 20% of her campaign, which technically would violate laws prohibiting foreigners from funding federal political campaigns.

But James Comey — the most well-respected public servant ever — wrote a memo determining after careful fact-finding that Hillary was innocent.  Yes, he technically wrote the memo before even speaking with Hillary, but that is irrelevant.  If Hillary was guilty, then she would been charged.  She was never charged.  Ergo, she was innocent.

So here’s my question, Trump supporters:  When will you apologize to Hillary for your vicious mistreatment of her?  Moreover, when will you apologize for your vicious mistreatment of CNN and the rest of the accredited media?

Is Hillary wearing Monica’s blue dress, or is that her own blue pantsuit?

Fundamentally, Trump’s election was built on a fraud.  When a fraud occurs, courts typically have the ability to “make the parties whole” by ordering monetary compensation or injunctive relief.  Here, we need both.  First, People of Color should receive reparations as monetary compensation for the duress suffered as a result of Trump’s “election.”  Second, the Supreme Court should revoke Donald Trump’s “election” and certify Hillary Clinton as the winner.

Democrat Attorneys General have already sued to overturn Trump’s decision on DACA.  They should also sue to overturn Trump’s election fraud in its entirety.

It’s time for this nightmare to end.


I feel for you BLM. I’m also still in a state of shock. Every day I wake up and pinch myself to see if this isn’t a dream. How did this happen? How did a non-accredited candidate become president? This is the first time a candidate universally condemned by the accredited media, respected politicians on both sides of the isle, major corporations and spokespeople from every victim group, has won the presidency in at least a century.

Hillary never did anything wrong. This has been proven by the accredited media and numerous legal experts again and again. I don’t even know what the email thing is even about – it sounds stupid. For goodness” sake, like Bernie said, no-one even gives a damn about her freakin’ emails ok?? OMG! I’m sick of the alt right going on and on about it. Is this the only thing they’ve got??


Trump supporters are already paying A price. New Fox News TV on-screen logo is a total crap.


You should be ashamed of yourself Anon, for insulting Guinea’s next president! Shame on you!

Ted Cruz
Ted Cruz

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How do you mean Sir?


That doesn’t make no sense at all.