Timeless Tribal Wisdom Forces Scientists to Check Their Privilege


Progress is a funny thing. It seems that the more we advance as a society, the more we discover that native tribes had the answers to our scientific dilemmas all along. As white people, in their arrogance, build cities to shield themselves from destructive forces of nature, hurricanes currently wreck havoc on their protected existence, rendering their hard work and industrialism worthless. As westerners continue to slowly apply the scientific method to questions of physics, biology and human behavior, they continue to uncover knowledge already known by wise tribesmen for millennia. The central nervous system in the human body was already described by the ancient Chinese and others as “Chi” and spiritual energy. The seemingly complex weather patterns we observe from day to day were already understood by rain dancers in Africa who could even control the lightning. And stressed-out white peoples’ work-life balance dilemma has already been solved by natives who live off the land and enjoy lives of abundant leisure.

People of color often roll their eyes at white people who frantically search for the “cause” of disease, and how to achieve pointless modern tasks more efficiently with “technology”. In their ancient wisdom, they know that white people are only deluding themselves into thinking that they have control over their environment and are escaping their fate of suffering from natural phenomena. The truth is, the more white people invent technology to make their lives better, the more they realize that the simple pleasures in life are the most valuable, and that nature provides solutions to all problems when one is willing to learn from tribesmen and women with a deep, spiritual connection to the earth.

Science, in its arrogance, spent centuries searching for the answers to perplexing questions about the universe that wise people of color knew all along. Through word of mouth, meditation and a connection to the fourth dimension, people of color have known for millennia that all disease can be cured with natural remedies, such as ground up albino bones in Africa, tiger penises in China and tropical herbs in South America. Arrogant whites assumed that nature did not already provide the answers to everything for those open enough to listen, believing that the answers could somehow be found through the application of the scientific method. But this dry methodology simply cannot detect the spiritual dimension, with which people of color have a special connection. And ironically, as science progresses, it is discovering more and more that herbs, meditation and Ayurvedic remedies are indeed clinically effective afterall.

Critics of naturalism argue that any aspect of ancient medicine that does work will be found to work by the scientific method and will make its way into modern society. But why do all the work of “testing” these remedies when people of color already know they work, and have been lecturing ignorant white people for decades about their knowledge? If we were less racist, and simply open to listening to tribal leaders and shamans, we could have skipped centuries of hard work applying reason and evidence to determine the truth. The truth is something you can just know, through sheer confidence and self-belief. But the sixth sense for these profound truths seems to be lacking in white people, explaining their obsession with “reason”, “evidence” and the “scientific method”. It’s time for us to stop our modern habits of applying laborious methodologies to discover the truth, and start listening to the supremely confident and wise people of color, who have known it all along.


I totally agree.

Rhino horns are another thing that cures almost anything, as are shark fins, and concoctions made of humans as well as exotic animals.

The africans have such a deep spiritual connection to the earth that they are always in harmony with it. You don’t see large open garbage dumps in Africa or anything like that.

They are in tune with a life riddled with parasites and infectious diseases simply because they can cure all of them with some magic spells.

If you need more evidence of blacks’ implicit dominance over the supposed “technology” of the white man, look at just how quickly Rwandans were able to master hacking.



OMG, the scientific racists are STILL AT IT!


Non-processed food is carcinogenic and vitamin pills can elevate blood pressure. You need statins for the latter and avoid sunlight

Vladmir Putin
Vladmir Putin

Let us take the modern food that comes from scientifically bred cultivars, grown with best scientific practises, processed by technology, approved and regulated by USDA/FDA and further regulated by another global set of eunuchs in UN/WHO and their SDGs and Codex Alimentarius. What has man got to show for many layers of eunuchs working toward a common purpose of good food? Obese, unhealthy people who can’t even see their toes, forget about touching them.

Did something like Yoga come up with people who stretched their arms toward the toes, with scientists measuring the strain on the muscles? Did they make some people stretch too fast and too hard, so that they tore their ligaments, and then scientists came up with optimal/safe amount of stretching? They went and tested on millions of people for thousands of yoga postures in practise?

I’ve seen cancer “research” from up close. You can be sure, when the scientists have tested all combinations of drugs, radiation, and surgery, for each of the left toe cancer, backside of neck cancer, throat cancer, etc, and collected the data, did big data transformations, ran their analytics, created Kaplan-Meier charts, they’ll end with something similar to what happened with scientific food and modern man.

It is like the electric car, you end up creating bigger and more extensive pollution everywhere, while claiming to reduce pollution in cities.
Flush toilets have brought pharmaceuticals into drinking water. Did we not flush the shit with half digested drugs, away for good, how did it end up in drinking water?
Codex Alimentarius and regulators will say you have to use preservatives in cooking oil, even if you plan to use the oil in a couple of weeks before it goes rancid. Lowest common denominator living, even if you have found a better way.

There are things outside of scientific, analytical reasoning, which society broken into smaller and smaller pieces, and isolated can never understand.

Black Lives Matter

I trust the FDA. They are the experts.

Vladmir Putin
Vladmir Putin

Watch this eunuch – https://uk.news.yahoo.com/san-diego-power-washed-bleach-210601597.html, “power washing” the streets with bleach. I don’t see the guy in any sort of protective gear, although the article mentions protective gear. Wouldn’t that fellow (and others nearby) breathe in the mist with bleach, along with fecal matter, and dust?

You can see the same power washing technology in railway stations in India. Shit on the tracks, are coated with bleach, and power washed away. A few feet from the power washers will be a guy selling food, kept uncovered, so that mist settles on it. Not to mention the thousands of people around who breathe the bleach/shit enriched mist. Better living through technology!

What about the miracle of modern cleanliness, the vacuum cleaner and HEPA filters? They stir up the dust, make it more fine, and scientists don’t want to see the finer and more harmful dust that comes out through the HEPA filter, which gets breathed in. Now even tropical countries that don’t have carpeted floors are enamored of vacuum cleaners.

Gasoline, diesel engines and natural gas, the more fuel-efficient, the higher the temperature, the more nano-carbon, which gets lodged deep inside the lungs, causing inflammation, or even breaching the blood-brain barrier.

Black Lives Matter

If it’s expert-approved, then I approve it. I trust my government. The government belongs to us.