Why Australia And New Zealand Need Open Borders

Anti-immigrant poster produced by Australia's right-wing government.

Sydney, Australia (Accredited Times) – To understand politics today, all you need to know are two simple truths:  Open Borders = Love.  Closed Borders = Hate.

Last May, a young Indian woman named Gagan killed herself in New Zealand because of right-wing xenophobia.  She was just 23 years old.  Her death arose from an election on December 12, 2016, which made Bill English, a right-wing zealot, the Prime Minister of New Zealand.

Upon taking office, English immediately clamped down on immigration, requiring so-called “lower-skilled” workers to leave the country after three years.  Under English’s xenophobic rules, any immigrant earning under NZ$41,538 per year was deemed a “lower-skilled” worker subject to deportation.  In response, Gagan attempted to “buy” an expensive job in New Zealand just to avoid being deported.  But the pressure was too much to bear — so she took her life.

“Gagan was getting exploited, so not getting paid,” her friend Loveleen Singh told Radio New Zealand.  “She had to pay her own wages, her own taxes every week.  It was just unbearable. It was too much to take on and she committed suicide.”  Technically, Singh’s account may have contained some inaccuracies.  For example, Gagan’s name is not actually Gagan.  But the point of story is undeniably true:  hate kills.

Australia has also implemented an evil, closed immigration system.  During the 1970s and 1980s, Australia embraced multiculturalism and accepted refugees from all of the world.  The quality of restaurants increased markedly.  Then, in March 1996, right-wing bigot John Howard took office and closed Australia’s borders in accordance with his party’s racist “One Australia policy“.  Howard reduced the annual immigration target to just 68,000.  Although immigration has increased slightly since then, Australia remains woefully non-diverse.

Today, Australia is 82% white.  New Zealand is 74% white.  Cultural appropriation is also a major problem.  For example, New Zealand’s popular “All Blacks” rugby union team routinely engages in a dance, called the “Haka“, before rugby matches.  The Haka was stolen from the Maori tribe.  Moreover, players perform the dance despite the fact that the vast majority of players on the so-called “All Blacks” are white.

Because of closed borders, under-population also remains a major problem in Australia and New Zealand.  Although Australia is the sixth largest country in the world by area, the country has just just 24 million residents; in contrast, India, which is only half the size of Australia geographically, has over 1.324 billion residents.  Similarly, New Zealand has just 4.8 million residents; in contrast, Bangladesh, which again is only half the size of New Zealand, has over 163 million residents.  Australia and New Zealand would be greatly culturally enriched if hundreds of millions of poor and oppressed Indians and Bangladeshis were to move to Australia and New Zealand, not to mention billions more from the Islamic world and the rest of Asia.

Open borders stimulate economies.  They also eventually help ensure that no right-wing government ever wins an election again (see, e.g., California).  That would greatly facilitate progressive goals and help allow socialist governments to implement policies already championed by successful economic powerhouses like Bangladesh and Venezuela.

Australia and New Zealand need open borders.  It’s time to end racism and xenophobia NOW.


They need NGOs with boats to start shipping them over


I hope you’re not suggesting that refugees are being purposefully “shipped” to Europe are you, Trav? Clearly refugees just spontaneously started making the long and treacherous journey to Europe across vast oceans and across many countries’ borders on their own in huge numbers with no assistance, even though half of them are illiterate and can’t read a map! It’s called the REFUGEE CRISIS!

Vladmir Putin
Vladmir Putin

Spontaneous migration after the democracy Gods, from the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave, rained bombs on their countries.

Trump’s “fiery” speech is very peculiar, in spite of all the bluster, I doubt he is going to do any further damage to Iran, Venezuela, N. Korea, Afghanistan or Syria. He has suggested, somewhat indirectly (contradicting his bluster), that people of those countries know better what is good for them, and America or UN has no business interfering in their decisions. He knows the military, intelligence and political setups are corrupted to the core and cannot handle a strong, morally upright enemy. Time has come for America to understand itself, instead of “fixing” other’s problems.


Onan, you seen to be going through an identity crisis at the moment. Go and read my article about personality enhanced individuals, which is an often overlooked victim group. Hopefully, there is an intelligent personality somewhere in that mix.

Vladmir Putin
Vladmir Putin

Onan spent half his life creating an identity here at AT, and poof, it is gone.
People should create and delete IDs in Facebook every few days, so Zuckerberg goes mad, and withdraws into his safe space, never to show up again.


Australia is still 82% white? What?? That is WAY too high! Australia was STOLEN by whites from highly industrious Aborigines! Aborigines and Polynesians deserve large shares in all the mines in Australia just like select, accredited blacks are getting in South Africa! It’s THEIR LAND! And white people stole the technology used to extract and utilize these resources from Africans, according to Afrocentrism! Anyway, LAND is the important thing, not the innovation and hard work that goes into producing things on it. Inventing things is only important if people of color invent something!

How is a white country still allowed to exist in the 21st Century? Helloooo? We live in a POST-WHITE world, and white countries belong to EVERYBODY! That Indian woman KILLED herself, because she couldn’t live in a white country! She KILLED herself!! For goodness’ sake you sick right wing bigots – open your frickin’ borders before more people DIE!!

Ted Cruz
Ted Cruz

Nobody gets to deport anybody to NZ or AU until after we Texans deport our 700,000 illegal aliens there. Oooops, no welfare for you. Eat kangaroo.