Racist Dog Triggers African-American Woman

The dog (left), the restaurant (center), and the victim, Ciara Miller (right).

Delaware City, Delaware (Accredited Times) – A racist dog has struck yet again.  This time the incident occurred at Kathy’s Crab House in Delaware City after a war veteran brought a service dog into the family seafood restaurant.

The veteran, Master Sergeant Bill Austin, had taken the dog into the restaurant without seeking a permit from the government.  Sergeant Austin claimed that he needed the dog to help combat Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) acquired from service in one of America’s recent wars of liberation.  The dog, a Great Dane, had a vest stating: “PTSD service dog.”

The racist dog deeply triggered a young African-American woman named Ciara Miller.  Miller responded like all good social justice warriors.  After the dog suddenly appeared and triggered her, she began screaming and calling the dog “nasty” — repeatedly.

A gaggle of racist whites then attempted to silence the oppressed Miller.   “I’m NOT going to keep my opinions to myself!” Miller yelled in response.  “I’m going to voice it just like I did!  There’s nothing you can do about it!  NOTHING!”

“He fought for our country,” a white woman replied.

“Congratulations!” Miller yelled sarcastically, referring to the “f*cking country.”  “It’s nasty to me!” she continued.

Shockingly, rather than agreeing with Miller, the white woman continued to challenge Miller in a grotesque display of white privilege.  Fortunately, the young African-American refused to back down: “I don’t care!  It should be a separate section for a f*cking animal!”

In yet another display of racism, however, the white woman attempted to silence Miller, telling her to “shut up.”  Miller, however, again refused to back down.  Showing courage unseen by an African-American woman since Rosa Parks, Miller heroically told the white to “shut the hell up,” asking of the white’s own request to “shut up”: “Who’s gonna make me?  Are you gonna make me?  Are you gonna make me?  I didn’t think so.  I didn’t think so.”  Yelling her position twice undoubtedly helped strengthen her argument, just like the chants at an anti-Trump protest.

“What are you gonna do?” Milller continued.  “Nothing.  So shut the hell up.”

Next a white male tried to “diffuse” the situation, just as whites have often tried to diffuse other righteous causes, such as reparations for slavery.  “Hey, why don’t you just calm down for thirty seconds?” the unidentified white male stated.

Miller would have none of it.  “Well, don’t get into my g*dd*mn face when my daughter is standing there.  I don’t give a f*ck!  That’s rude!”

The rest of Miller’s heroic protest can be seen here:

After the incident, the restaurant, Kathy’s Crab House, surprisingly claimed that so-called disability rights regulations  “permit service animals [in] restaurants.”  Shockingly, the restaurant even offered to sponsor a “fundraising effort for veterans and service animals [through] the Montana Wounded Warriors.”

After learning about the regulations, Miller nonetheless stood her ground.  “I can’t eat looking at a dog’s butt,” she told the Wilmington News Journal via email.

Trump supporters have viciously attacked Miller for her protest.  Miller noted that a major problem has been fake news — and the lack of appropriate censorship.

“I am frightened to send my daughter to school with the level of verbal content [that] is being said to me and about me, my family and I based on these fake articles,” she wrote.  “There’s now over 1M [million] views on [Facebook][.] [T]his is ridiculous[;] this content needs to be removed.  I have contacted these websites and asked them to remove inaccurate content and slander about me[,] and I have not heard from anyone.”

The Accredited Times has repeatedly noted problems that the African-American community has had with racist dogs (see, for example, herehere, and here).  It’s time to euthanize all dogs NOW.


I loved the article and I’m very proud of Miller for standing her ground. I also want to state that I find the use of the word “triggered” objectionable. We all know that a trigger is symbolic of white racism when they use guns to kill thousands if not millions of innocent POCs every years. I ask the progressive nation to no longer use the “T” word any longer.


Vladmir Putin
Vladmir Putin

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) acquired from service in one of America’s recent wars of liberation?
How can participating in a war of liberation give someone PTSD? This is fake news, send in PETA to take care of the Great Dane!


Vladmir Putin
Vladmir Putin

Some people don’t like dogs. Some like them, but not in a restaurant.
Most dogs today lack character – fed synthetic food, they are just marketing tools for the pet industry.


Wow this racist white veteran should be put in jail! How DARE he talk back to this courageous woman of color who is voicing the pain of her ancestors who suffered under centuries of white slavery! This disgusting white man needs to SHUT HIS MOUTH and check his privilege! It’s NEVER ok for a white male to talk back to a woman of color! NEVER! South Africa is already introducing hate speech laws and locking whites in jail for contradicting blacks – it’s time for America to do the same!

Ted Cruz
Ted Cruz

The racist dog was minding his own business. The racist African water buffalo has a butt twice the size of the dog. The dog surely doesn’t like to look at the big racist buffalo butt. It’s a good thing they were separated. The dog might have done a number on her.


Just look at Ciara Miller. She’s rabid. KKKeep her away from other dogs. (Sorry, I need a new KKKeyboard.)

Jennifer Gomez
Jennifer Gomez

Good news to all… Don`t fail to see the light..

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