Where Are The Jobs, Alpha Conde?

Guinean President Alpha Conde.

Conakry, Guinea (Accredited Times) – Guineans are friendly, smart, trendy, and progressive.  They love their Qurans, and they love their country.  They’re everything that a diverse West African nation should be.

Unfortunately, they’re also jobless — no thanks to Guinean President Alpha Conde.

Under Conde, Guineans have seen their economic fortunes plummet.  Guinean unemployment has risen to a shocking 6.85%, according to data from the World Bank. Youth employment is even worse, checking in at 11.42%.  By way of contrast, neighboring Sierra Leone’s unemployment rates are just 2.99% and 4.46%, respectively, despite the brutal civil war that gripped Sierra Leone from 1991 to 2002.

Meanwhile, the average Guinean now makes just US$1,281 per year in income.  In contrast, the average Equatorial Guinean makes an average of US$38,699 per year in income — a rate that is over thirty times higher.  Is the average Guinean worth only 1/30th of the average Equatorial Guinean?  No?  Then why are Guineans not receiving equal pay for equal work?  The answer is clear:  Alpha Conde — the most corrupt leader in Africa today.

It’s time to kick crooked Conde, the corrupt kleptocrat in Conakry, out of office NOW.

Guinean President Alpha Conde looking as clueless as ever.

Just Say “No” To a Third Term

Although Conde is legally barred from seeking a third term, Conde and his cronies have made clear that they plan on trying to change the Guinean Constitution to allow the kleptocrat to seek a third term in the 2020 Guinean Presidential election.

“So long as Alpha Conde is alive, he will be President of the Republic!” said Bangaly Kourouma, a close Conde confidant, in December 2016.

International observers have heavily criticized Conde for seeking a third term.  “[I]n Senegal, we do not like presidential third terms,” Senegalese Foreign Minister Mankeur Ndiaye noted, referring to Conde.  After hearing the comment, Conde viciously attacked Ndiaye at the 29th African Union Summit on June 27-28, 2017.  Notably, Senegal, unlike Guinea, has an excellent reputation for political integrity, ranking 64th in the world for political transparency. Under Conde, Guinea ranks 142nd — one of the worst rankings in the world.

International observers have also heavily criticized Conde for committing fraud at the ballot box.  As reported by the BBC, fraud allegations have included claims that Conde illegally “stuffed” ballot boxes and closed “some 400 polling stations” in the October 2015 election.  Perhaps not coincidentally, these tactics just happen to mirror those used by Vladimir Putin and his allies in Russian elections.

Is Conde Colluding With Russia?

Experts strongly suspect that Russian influence in the 2020 election may be on the horizon.  Shockingly, Conde met with Putin in St. Petersburg, Russia on June 16, 2016.  During the meeting, Putin brazenly bragged about his close kinship with Conde:  “Let me note that relations between our countries are developing very positively and the contacts between our foreign ministries show that we have very similar views.”

Putin continued:  “As for our economic ties, . . . the trend is a good one and our trade increased 2.2-fold over the last year.  Russian companies are already working on the market in Guinea and we know that other Russian companies are also showing an interest in entering your market . . . .  We will give them all the support they need and assist them in carrying out these plans.”

Guinean President Alpha Conde meeting with known election colluder, Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Surprisingly, rather than rejecting Putin’s corrupt overtures, Conde embraced the Russian tyrant.  Conde even described his plans for a greater “strategic partnership” with Putin and an “economic partnership” with Rusal, a Russian company with a long history of corruption:   “When I was getting ready to come here, I said to the presidents of the neighboring countries . . . that we trust your leadership and we have faith in you.  It is an exceptional honor for us to take our relations with Russia to the strategic partnership level.  We are sure that this relationship should be a long-term economic partnership that will let us make a bigger impact on the economic side of our bilateral ties.  Rusal will serve as the driving force for this development.  The company already has a presence in our country, and I hope that it will be the locomotive that will pull along with it other carriages with other Russian companies.”

Like Trump, the wildly unpopular Conde has reacted to Russian collusion allegations by viciously attacking political opponents.  On June 17, 2017, Guinean police arrested popular Guinean reggae artist Elie Kamano for exercising his constitutional right to freedom of speech at a protest against a third term for Conde.  Days later, Guinean police arrested yet another popular Guinean reggae artist, Takana Zion, for protesting against Conde as well.

Reggae artist/political prisoner Takana Zion.

Meanwhile, middle class Guineans continue to suffer.  “Guinean teachers are the worst paid in the region,” said Kamano.  “There are fathers whose salaries aren’t enough to cover the needs of their household.”

Reggae artist/political prisoner Elie Kamano.

Fortunately, there is hope.  His name is Abu Berete.  Abu believes in hope and change.  When elected, Abu will:

  • Bring back jobs;
  • Increase wages;
  • End corruption;
  • Solve Guinea’s electricity and clean water problems;
  • Establish a real public transportation system, including free transportation to school;
  • Bring Spanish, French, English, and Arabic courses to schools;
  • Bring after-school sports programs to schools; and
  • Bring ObamaCare to Guinea so that every Guinean can have affordable healthcare in Guinea.
Presidential contender Abu Berete.

Guinea needs jobs.  It’s time to make Alpha Conde jobless.  Vote Abu.


Does Guinea have a CBO to fraudulently score Obamacare for Guineans? Over there where they speak French, just match up 1,000 years of revenue against 11 years of expense, and write the scoring in Swahili. Johnathan Gruber can consult; he’s been cleared of fraudulently billing CT taxpayers. Instead of a Cadillac tax, how about a tax on government-built cars? Aren’t they all government built?


I’m bringing health care to cover everybody and the government must pay for it in Guinea Conakry. With all the natural resources we have. Only 14 millions in that kind of rich in all those Gold, silver diamond, oil, gas, fish, water, trees, we deserve better.

Alpha Condé
Alpha Condé

Mais, qui est ce mec ‘Abu Berete’? Si j’ai bien compris il habite les États Unis en Texas! Un vrai citoyen ferait de son meilleur pour améliorer son pays depuis son propre pays! Nous n’avons aucun besoin d’Americains comme ce ‘Abu’!!



Excellent article BLM! It’s time for Conde to go! The Guinean people have spoken, and they want Abu for president. Abu meditates for hours every day and has the vision and strength of character to lift Guinea out of poverty and challenge Conde’s ruthless military dictatorship. Our thoughts and prayers are with you Abu. It’s time to take Guinea back. Te Veux, Abu!


Thank you MDB. That is the only way to slow down the head when it is running faster than you.


Great article, BLM. It’s great that the Accredited Times is so far ahead of the rest of the media in terms of coverage of the 2020 Guinea election. We cover this key battle from every angle, from the employment situation, to the Hope represented by Abu, to the rights of LGBT+ miners. We are literally making history!


BLM have done it again. I must confess thank you. Please I want you people to write everyday about my campaign and about the corruption in Guinea Conakry because those peoples don’t have Internet, computer, can you believe that they have to put credit in their phones before making a calls and Facebook and the network is so bad that you can not even talk for one minute with them everybody complain and not even a light or you can call it electricity which is the power house of creating jobs, infrastructure, peace, and property, security, science, and all the good things we deserve. When I become a president, 24 hours electricity every where in Guinea Conakry. I will put so much pressure on the banks even security camera and transactions must remain saved and be monitored. No more corruption, no more fight because if you try it you will be jailed and be charged with bill getting out. Police, military, and all the law enforcement agencies will be jailed if find taking advantage of anybody. Everybody must respect one another.