The Importance of White Guilt Training


As many of you know, one of the central pillars of progressivism is hatred of white people and particularly white males. And one of the key methods of undermining the power and influence of white males is to instill within them a crushing guilt that gnaws away at them, hindering them in everything they do and condemning them to lives of self-sacrifice, apologizing to people of color and downplaying the achievements of their ancestors, while righteous, entitled people of color gloat about their superiority and victimhood as they continue to greedily use so-called white inventions every second of the day and swarm to white countries like a magnet.

But white guilt doesn’t come naturally to many whites. It needs to be grilled into them from a young age with constant stories of how their ancestors wronged people and caused all of the world’s problems. White children are instilled with guilt about the Holocaust, slavery, Apartheid, colonialism, racism, the crusades, Islamophobia, antisemitism, the conquistadors, the genocide against native Americans, police racism, climate change, rape culture, white privilege, male privilege, Christian privilege and a variety of other phobias, isms and evils committed by whites and only whites. Frequent trips to Holocaust museums help educate white children about the horrors of white nationalism, and the evils committed by white racists who dare to have a white identity. They are taught that Nazism and Apartheid were grounded in nothing but malice towards people of color, and blind hatred with no origin whatsoever. They are taught that whites have an innate desire to oppress others and to be racist, and that they must work hard to not be racist, while others races work hard to help themselves and to guilt white people. They are taught about the wonders of diversity and the equal contributions of every race and religion to countries that were formerly considered white. Statues of old white men are torn down, while statues of far more deserving people of color who fought against racism or were the “first Latino” or “first black” to achieve something in a white discipline, are erected in their place.

The following map shows how Holocaust museums have been erected in every corner of the white world, and only in the white world, in order to constantly remind white people of how evil they are:

We must continue teaching white people to hate themselves, and teach people of color to have even bigger egos than they already have, in order to create a truly equal world without whites. Whites should be allowed to exist, for now, but they shouldn’t be able to talk back to people of color or Jews because this is racism. And white males shouldn’t be allowed to talk back to or criticize women because this is sexism. It’s time for whites to finally check their privilege and hand over their stolen countries to people of color, who will continue to rapidly out-breed them. Once whites have been dealt with, the next target will be Asians, who will have to accept millions of Muslims and Africans or be guilted to death with Holocaust museums. Soon, the world will finally be free of the evils of whites, allowing people of color to create a truly egalitarian paradise on earth.

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Where were you during the Obama administration??? He preached white guilt with the best of ’em (Jeremiah Wright, etc.) for 8 years, only to be laughed out of office along with Hillary. Dream on MBD.

Black Lives Matter

Obama was “laughed out of office”? Are you serious??? The only clown in the White House in recent years is DONALD TRUMP.


Reconciliation between whites and people of color is an unrealistic fantasy. Even though white people born today had technically nothing to do with the evils you describe, they share the original sin of our toxically white forebears. Their hideously white genes are racist and their DNA intrinsically oppressive. We need a final solution.


DNA only exists when it gives whites inherited sin. Otherwise it is racist because we are all the same.


Does this include the moors and africans that were the original slavers before america?

If there is to be a final solution for races that committed slavery, there would be no humans on earth.

I love how people are so up in arms about slavery that ended 150 years ago. But no one seems to care about the millions in slavery today through out asia.

Black Lives Matter

Whites were slave-owners. People of Color are victims.

Black Lives Matter

There can never be enough Holocaust museums. Never again.


Statues of old white men are torn down, while statues of far more deserving people of color who fought against racism or were the “first Latino” or “first black” to achieve something in a white discipline, are erected in their place.

May I humbly put forward the black tobacco farmer Anthony Johnson, the first legal slave owner in American history as thoroughly deserving of this honour?


Black Lives Matter

I don’t know where you’re getting your “facts,” but it sounds like propaganda from the alt-right. We only cite accredited historians, like Eric Foner of Columbia University and Doris Kearns Goodwin of NBC News.

Test Driving Aishas panties
Test Driving Aishas panties

Is this the guy who bribed a Jewish judge to turn a 10 year contract for indentured servitude into a “indentured for life” contract?

or are we talking about another Black ahead of his time.