Saudi Arabia: A Model Example Of A Modern Nation


For many years, the alt-right has criticised one of America’s greatest allies, Saudi Arabia, for supposed human rights “failings”. A central allegation, repeated ad nauseum, was that Saudi womyn were not permitted to drive cars. It is barbaric, the alt-right would bleat, that womyn enjoyed so few rights and were deemed “lesser” than men. How could we even think of doing business with such a despotic regime?

Although the actual ‘evidence’ about Saudi womyns’ rights (or lack thereof) technically supported the alt-right’s point of view, we progressives nonetheless defended the Saudi regime. Our central means of doing so was to employ the sophistry of cultural relativity. Privileged white Islamaphobes in the West had no business, we argued, in criticising another culture; it is essential to view the values, customs and beliefs of a foreign culture through the lense of the culture itself, which we are utterly incapable of doing. Just because it would be incredibly sexist and demeaning to ban womyn from driving in the USA, does not necessarily mean it is wrong in a different country.

To be honest, this always felt like a pretty weak argument, which led to all sorts of contradictions and mental gymnastics. This why we preferred instead to shout obscenities, rant a little more, and generally refuse to listen to our opponent. Besides, using the word ‘Islamophobe’ (just like homophobe, racist, sexist or bigot) effectively ended the debate there and then.

What great news it was this morning, then, when we read the accredited press to find that every publication was reporting the same story: Saudi womyn are now allowed to drive! The Guardian reports:

Less than a day after the royal decree was issued, Saudi women said the shock was still being absorbed across the kingdom, where societal rules are often governed by an inflexible reading of Islamic teachings.

Senior Saudi clerics appeared to be onside, responding with an apparently coordinated series of public statements, aimed at shifting a widely expected conservative pushback.

The commission of top Islamic clerics tweeted:

“May God bless the king who looks out for the interest of his people and his country in accordance with sharia law.”

Dr Abdel-Latif al Sheikh, the former head of the religious police, tweeted: “Women driving is not against sharia and women will choose what best suits them.”

Typical of the alt-right, a number of conservative commentators have employed poor attempts at ‘humor’ in order to mock the Saudi regime, suggesting that Saudi Womyn will be forced to drive in cars equipped with special burkas:

How the alt-right ‘amusingly’ imagine a Saudi womyn’s car will look like. They are wrong, of course. The burka will be black as usual not blue. Nice try, Adolf!

It is not only in the area of driving where Saudi Arabia has excelled recently. The Kingdom is also firmly committed to cutting ties with any state or entity sponsoring ‘terrorism’. Whilst ‘terrorism’ is essentially caused by disaffected lone wolves, Saudi Arabia takes the issue sufficiently seriously to have imposed a series of economic sanctions and other measures against neighboring Qatar. We applaud the Kingdom’s efforts in refusing to deal with countries who are perceived to sponsor terrorism in the West and welcome its initiative. In showing such leadership, Saudi Arabia mirror’s the United States’ own resolve to eschew dealings with countries who abet terrorism.

There are many other efforts – too many to list here – in which Saudi Arabia is presently engaged in order to drag the world into the twenty first century. We are proud to work alongside the Saudi Royal family and to count ourselves as their greatest allies.


I couldn’t get past “…sophistry of cultural relativity.” At that point I figured my BS monitor said to cut my losses. Pbier and Occam’s Razor = Oil and Water.

Black Lives Matter

Great song — Twilight Sparkle is my fav.

Black Lives Matter

OMG, so you’re officially out of the closet as a clopper.

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Those lyrics might match with M$D’s latest “work.” The absence of any edge could itself be an edge in neo-avant-garde. If so, M$D is onto something besides his own horse.


I’m so proud of you Anon! You’re not hiding it anymore! Congratulations!

Black Lives Matter

Saudi Arabia was trying to PROTECT womyn with the driving ban. I know many male chauvinists in the West who actually MAKE their wives drive because they’re too lazy. One male I knew would even sit in the back of the car while his wife chauffeured him around as if he were in a limousine!

Womyn can do anything men can do, but the important point is that Islam has the right values. We just have to trust our close allies in Saudi Arabia to make the right call.


They were also waiting for self-driving cars too, in order to prevent womyn from getting into car accidents! But the alt right couldn’t stand the fact that womyn in Saudi Arabia weren’t DYING by the millions in brutal car accidents, so they just had to put an end to this safety-ban! Typical alt right sexist PIGS!


The alt right are so humorless! If they had any sense of humor they’d create a fake progressive site mocking progressives and imitating them for fun. But none of them have even thought of this idea.

Black Lives Matter

Moses, you should add some glitter to your hair. Maybe a braid with rainbow stripes as well.

Black Lives Matter

Your allegation is FALSE as usual — he was talking about one Ethiopian (not all blacks) and using the term to go AGAINST racism and discrimination:

Refuting lies about Islam

Allegation that Muhammad was racist

This post is regarding the allegation concerning ‘Raisin heads’ which is often made by people against Islam and used as evidence of racism. . . .

Black Lives Matter

Damn, you are dumb. Let’s say the comment were phrased this way: “Listen and obey your government even if a white whose head is like a stale Cheeto were made your President.”

Or: “Listen and obey your President even if he is a white with a head like a stale Cheeto.”

Or: “You should listen to and obey your President even if he was a white capitalist whose head looks like a stale Cheeto.”

Would that mean that Muhammad was talking about all whites or just Donald Trump? Obviously the latter.

Also, your stupid comment ignores the fact that the quotes are only referring to “an Ethiopian” — not all blacks generally. The quotes are also positive. Even if any bias were intended by the term — of which there is no evidence — Muhammad would have obviously been pushing back against that bias. In any event, it’s impossible to tell given the context and given that this was spoken 1,400 years ago in a language you don’t speak.

Black Lives Matter

This stupid nonsense has already been debunked by About Islam:

It is also settled that Muhammad was BLACK, so your comments are even stupider:

Muhammad Was Black

Focus on the article, not your stupid racial theories.


Suspiciously timed with the opening of Star Trek: Discovery. Will there be a Muslim Woman driving the latest star ship in the franchise? The Saudi King is clearly a Treky.