Is It Safe To Eat Non-GMO Food?


Many millions of Americans labor under the misapprehension that ‘organic’ foods are somehow the healthiest choice there is. It’s easy to see how they fall into this trap; every day they are bombarded with slick advertising campaigns from the organic lobby. Typically, these adverts will show rustic scenery, evocative of ‘simpler’ bygone times, when a small farmer and his photogenic family from 1800s Kansas would humbly ‘work the land’ from dusk to dawn to produce ‘good, honest fare’. The advert would usually end with the Arian blond-haired children biting into crisp apples, showing off their impeccably white teeth.

The subliminal messages imparted through these sophisticated advertising campaigns are then reinforced by the weekend ‘farmers’ markets’, which encourage consumers to pay a large premium to buy ‘local fresh organic produce’. This powerful lobby puts out scare stories about the ‘dangers’ of pesticides, how we are creating so-called ‘Frankenfoods’ which have little taste, have a half-life of 5000 years, and are dubious from a health perspective.

With all this negative publicity, it’s easy to gain the impression that accredited food companies like Monsanto are intrinsically evil and a danger to society. However, accredited experts are saying precisely the opposite: GMO is perfectly safe. It has been tested so many times, and the FDA and its accredited laboratories have always declared GMO safe. We should, however, be far more worried about food that is NOT GMO.

To understand this apparent paradox, it is necessary to go back a hundred years when the wonders of GMO food had yet to arrive on the scene. In 1920, the average life expectancy for a white male was 54. Bear in mind that, in 1920, all food consume was organic. By the year 2000, the average life expectancy had increased to 74. What accounts for the improvement? It’s fairly obvious: we must thank GMO foods, which arrived at some point between these two dates.

If we are prepared to open our minds and close our ears to the lies of the organic movement, a few things become clear. Firstly, foods which are not treated with pesticides…attract pests. This should be obvious, but such is the irrational hysteria towards Monsanto’s amazing ‘Roundup’ product, that people will simply refuse to listen to cold hard facts.

Nothing turns my stomach more than biting into a juicy looking apple, only to find maggots wriggling inside it. In a Monstanto produced apple, pests and maggots refuse to go anywhere near the fruit. Why they refuse to eat the GMO apple is a mystery, but we should be glad they do.

Monsanto’s products are as healthy as they are because they invest huge amounts of money in understanding the genetic make-up of apples. When they then redesign the unreconstructed apple to become the accredited apple that meets our hearts desire, this takes time and money.

How much time and money? Well, according to Monsanto:

“on average, it takes 13 years and costs $130 million to bring a GMO to market.”

Which brings us back to the privileged white farming family of 1800s Kansas. Did they test their seeds in a laboratory? No! Did they spend $130 million to ensure the safety of their produce? No! How did they ensure that the tomatoes, corn, potatoes, carrots, beans etc. that they grew would remain fresh for 50 years ? They did not!

Despite Drumpf’s effort, ours remains a free country. As such, we should feel free to reject overpriced and unhealthy organic food.  Let’s stick to what we know from the adverts is safe for our families. As we say in the Pbier family: If it’s not Monsanto,  it’s no go.


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Wow — great article! I love Monsanto. They have done more to end child hunger than anyone.


We know Monsanto must be good because Putin doesn’t want their seeds in Russia.


Is organic food really healthier than non-organic food? My guess is it’s a scam to charge us more money. Why would eating less glyphosate be healthier? Glyphosate is science. People who are against glyphosate are against science!

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It’s a scam. I once went into a Chipotle in a trendy urban area. A thin, gangly looking minority of some kind, who looked like he had AIDS, started trash-talking the Chipotle workers about their non-GMO policy. He was like, “You know the experts in the Washington Post have told us that GMO is perfectly healthy. . . . You know GMO is good for you. . . . But you know that, right?” The Chipotle workers didn’t know what hit them, but I’m pretty sure they immediately took it up to corporate. I’m guessing Chipotle will sign up with Monsanto very shortly.

Incidentally, the minority gentleman was right:

The Post’s View
Genetically modified crops could help improve the lives of millions

By Editorial Board June 1, 2014
GENETICALLY MODIFIED crops have increased the productivity and improved the lives of farmers — and the people who depend on them — all over the world. . . .


Wow that tall fellow sure showed them! I bet those Chipotle workers felt real bad about themselves later that day. It’s so great that everyone has access to the accredited media, so we can all be smart and lecture people about what we learned in accredited documentaries.


GMOs are very important because they will greatly increase African population growth rates, leading to more enriching diversity


The other great thing about GMO’s is that they can be patented. So companies like Monsanto get to own things like tomatoes that used to belong to everybody.


(((They))) want you to eat GMOs. Have at it, boys.


Vladmir Putin
Vladmir Putin

GMO crops, hybrid crops, crops bred through irradiation induced mutation, or chemical mutation – all these are weakened crops, that require glyphosate, chemical fertilizers, chemical pesticides, drip irrigation, and a whole lot of techno-fixes. Plus regulatory support and enforcement, by preventing farmers from being cheated by “low-yield” non-hybrid, drought resistant, better tasting and nutritious crops.

Forget genetic contamination from GMOs. Without the big superstructure, all the crops that have been carefully bred in windowless labs by mindless drones with scientific training will vanish without a trace. It is this fact of nature, that keeps up the scientists of Monsanto, the regulatory mongrels, and their media shills awake all night. What Happened? – to their patented crops ?