The Bitter Sweet Thrill of Cuckoldry


Formerly relegated to the dark world of pornography, the word “cuck” has recently made its way into the limelight, most commonly as an insult against progressives for supporting the interests of other races at the expense of their own. But despite its use as an insult, forms of cuckoldry such BDSM, have become ever more popular in the western world. Nothing excites modern western men more than to be dominated by their wives and by people of color – the thrill is simply exhilarating! And there’s nothing wrong with it either. As white feminists demand more Muslim, African and Hispanic immigration, even as the populations of these people explode at unprecedented levels, white progressive men are delighted to welcome their new overloads, who will outvote them, create “no-go zones” for whites, and introduce sharia law, more welfare, policing expenses and government jobs for minorities, for which white males will pay the brunt.

So why do progressive white males love taking care of people of colors’ children so much? Well the secret is, that as a low testosterone male, there’s an unexplainable thrill in submitting to women and other men. Progressive men who cannot meet the unrealistic standards of masculinity demanded by the patriarchy and the alt right, find solace in rejecting masculinity. If they can’t be masculine, then instead of feeling bad about it, going to the gym and changing their diet, many discover that getting in touch with their submissive, feminine side is more comforting, and takes the weight of masculine responsibility off their shoulders. In a patriarchy, men are expected to “protect womyn” and “defend their culture and country”, but this is hard work! And in the modern era, feminist womyn are taking custodianship of western civilization, and have determined that men are useless. Women don’t have the overprotective, risk-aware instinct of men – they want to take care of everybody! And the want to mother refugees, especially if they are lonely cubicle workers with no children of their own. Many of them choose to conceive or adopt brown babies, to fight racism and the patriarchy, and white progressive men just aren’t really needed anymore.

The fact is, western civilization is a creation of white males, and since womyn got the vote and voted away men’s role as the leaders of this antiquated civilization, it is naturally disintegrating. But there’s nothing wrong with this, and progressive white men are happy to submit to people of color and bitter white feminists, as they forego their oppressive role as the guardians of civilization.

BDSM, asking your wife to use a strap on, adopting children of color, becoming gay and changing your gender are all increasingly popular options for white males who are checking out of a dying western civilization. The pleasure of cuckoldry is hard to explain, but it is an amazing feeling. So if you’re also a tired, emasculated beta male with low testosterone and low sperm count, and being a man is too much work, know that there is another option. You can reject your masculine responsibilities and dedicate your life to helping others, rather than protecting a system that is unjust and unfit for the 21st century and beyond. What a beautiful world awaits us!


The Bitter Sweet Thrill of Cuckoldry


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Aishas panties - source of revelation
Aishas panties - source of revelation

Muslims as a rule don’t cuckold

Their preference is to first kill off the husband and then do the deed.

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