Best Gender-Swapping Movies Of All Time

Actress Samaire Armstrong (above) played Nell/Woody in It's a Boy Girl Thing

Hollywood, California (Accredited Times) – The movie industry continues to lead the way in fundamentally transforming gender roles in society.  Thanks to Hollywood, America had its first trans-woman, Michelle Obama, as First Lady, and would have elected its first trans-man, Tim Kaine, as Vice President were it not for Russia hacking the election.

The movie industry has made so many gender-bending films that it’s hard to give credit to all of them.  However, after carefully studying the genre, here are our top gender-swapping movies of all time:

  1.  Your Name (2016)

Your Name is a cinematic gender-swapping masterpiece.  The movie tells the story of a teenage girl, Mitsuha, and a teenage boy, Taki, who keep switching bodies.  Neither really understands why.  They just keep waking up as each other, flip-flopping back and forth in a confused haze, unsure of what is going on, and not remembering much about what even happened.

When Mitsuha becomes Taki, she learns what great fun it is to live in the city, dining in fancy cafes, eating delicious food, and even using her girlish sewing skills to impress a female coworker.  When she becomes Mitsuha again, she realizes how boring it is to live as an oppressed woman in rural Japan.  When Taki wakes up as Mitsuha, he/she acts completely crazed — does he really have breasts?  When he becomes Taki again, he realizes that Mitsuha spent all his money at fancy Tokyo restaurants — and is even working on scoring a date for him as well!

The movie really becomes exciting when Taki starts trying to meet Mitsuha.  But can he find her?  And what was her name again?  Can he remember?

Your Name is rated as one of IMDB’s Top 100 movies of all time.  The movie would have only been better had it added more People of Color — a common problem in anime.  Notably, however, in an amazing turn of events, top Hollywood director J.J. Abrams just announced that he is making a live action version of the film with Paramount Pictures and Toho Company.  Hopefully, Abrams addresses the lack of diversity in Your Name, just as he addressed the diversity issue in Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens, a movie starring Afro-Brit John Boyega.  Boyega would be an excellent fit to play Taki in the live action version of Your Name.

John Boyega (above) in Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens.

2. It’s a Boy Girl Thing (2006)

It’s a Boy Girl Thing isn’t as well known as Your Name, but it’s a damn good movie — and incredibly funny!  The movie stars the stunning Samaire Armstrong as Yale hopeful Nell Bedworth and Kevin Zegers as her annoying jock neighbor Woody Deane.  Nell loves Shakespeare.  Woody loves football.  The two do not mix!

Then suddenly, after arguing in front of an ancient Aztec statue, the two switch bodies.  Hilarity, of course, ensues when Nell, as Woody, dumps his cheerleader girlfriend and Woody, as Nell, decides to lose Nell’s virginity to a Latino guy on a motorcycle!  But as the movie moves along, they start to realize that maybe they really have feelings for each other!

This movie is seriously underrated and is all around terrific fun — with strong role models for the LGBTQ+ community.  It would have only been better if Woody had been played by an African-American and if Nell had been played by another minority, perhaps a sassy Latina.

3. The Swap (2016)

It’s no secret that Disney is one of the best companies for the LGBTQ+ community.  Former Disney CEO Michael Eisner once revealed that roughly 40% of Disney’s employees were of the homosexual persuasion — and that was even before the Supreme Court recognized that love is love, let alone same-sex marriage!

Not surprisingly, Disney has released some terrific movies with great gay and trans role models.  The Swap is definitely one of them.

Made for a preteen audience, The Swap tells the story of rhythmic gymnast Ellie O’Brien (played by Peyton List) and hockey jock Jack Malloy (played by Jacob Bertrand).  When their cell phones become “totems,” they inadvertently switch bodies.  So now Ellie has to make the varsity hockey team for Jack, and Jack has to save the rhythmic gymnastics program for Elie! Meanwhile, Jack starts to learn first-hand the privilege that he had as a white male and how hard it is to be a female in a sexist patriarchal society.

This movie isn’t quite on the same level as Your Name or It’s a Boy Girl Thing, but it’s definitely watchable, particularly given the strong LGBTQ+ role models for the preteen audience.

The Accredited Times encourages everyone in all 57 states to watch these inspiring movies.  Gender is a social construct!


Best Gender-Swapping Movies Of All Time

Stick Your Proof In My Pudding
Stick Your Proof In My Pudding

The transgender community deserves a better leader to support their fight for equal rights!

The transgender community overwhelmingly rejects Trump! New polling data indicates that 99.5% of the transgender community voted against Trump. Meaning only 0.5% of transgenders voted for Trump, and her name was Caitlyn Jenner.

Test Driving Aishas panties
Test Driving Aishas panties

Trans have a lower life expectancy then even Blacks.

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The New Civil Rights Era
The New Civil Rights Era

I have a dream where little boys, girls, and non-binary children can live in a world where they are not judged by their gender, but rather by their character.

A country where partners are not chosen by their gender or sexual orientation. A nation where gender roles do not exist.

I insist that all Americans reject gender! I insist that all Americans join me in demanding a genderless society.

I have a dream where all persons born as men see all other men as potential partners as equally as they see all other women and non-binaries as potential partners. A world where all little boys will enjoy watching male-on-male and transgender porn as equally as female porn.

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This is such a timely article. My cocker spaniel and I were arguing (it was fairly hostile actually, since you ask) about what film to watch, when your suggestions popped up like perfectly cooked slices of toast. He identifies as a Dalmatian whereas this evening I identify as a sadistic coat designer in need of about 101 raw materials. You can imagine how things might have turned out badly for Trotsky, but fortunately for him we will watch ‘it’s a boy girl thing’. Great article!


Test Driving Aishas panties
Test Driving Aishas panties

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The Governor
The Governor

What a refreshing article after having been exposed to a bullshit article on ZH about a 2nd shooter. That place is such a joke. Reading the comments of the Vegas shooter stories is hilarious though. I have been cracking up for 2 straight days.



Have you xuys flipped through the selection currently on Netflix? In a moment of strength last weekend, while browsing the romance category I was pleasantly surprised to see that the majority of the “flicks” offered were about the inspiring love stories of aging feminists and homosexuals! I couldn’t choose!


Sorry for my absence fellows – I’ve been very busy with my LGBTQ+ activism again. I’m going to be on the road until next week, so I may not be able to write articles, but will try to pop in now and then if I can. I’m sad to see so many new bigots on the site that gave BLM’s stunning article such bad ratings. What is wrong with teaching children about the gender continuum? Your gender isn’t determined by the genitals you just HAPPENED to be born with, OK?? Some progressive schools are even having inspiring transgender role models come in to teach their children how to be gender queer!


Rue Paul
Rue Paul

I prefer the classics like “The Crying Game” and “Brokeback Mountain”. They make my little heart swell and stuff.


You forgot the great sci-fi movie Predestination! Ultimate expression by the movie creators to explain how one is a woman, a man, a husband, wife, mother, child, father…all at different times, but using a time machine, they all get together!!! Mind bogglingly thrilling I tell you!