Megyn Kelly’s Salary Shows That We Still Don’t Have Equal Pay For Equal Work


New York, New York (Accredited Times) – NBC is known for its progressive politics and hard-hitting journalism.  Nonetheless, one of its biggest stars, Megyn Kelly, shockingly is still not receiving equal pay for equal work.

According to public reports, Kelly, 46, is making just US$23 million per year from NBC to host NBC’s flagship morning program, The Today Show.  In contrast, Kelly’s co-host, Matt Lauer, 59, is making an estimated US$25 million per yearover 8% more.

Lauer, of course, is a white male.

Sadly, Kelly’s career has routinely been hurt by Male Privilege.  In 1995, Kelly graduated from Albany Law School, a school ranked by U.S. News & World Report as the 109th best law school in the country (with students who score in roughly the 50th percentile on standardized tests).  Kelly undoubtedly would have gotten into a more prestigious law school had she not been hindered by Male Privilege.  Fortunately, Kelly showed off her amazing intellect and landed a much better job than her mostly male counterparts at Albany Law School.  Shortly after graduating, Kelly wowed partners at Jones Day and landed a job at the prestigious law firm, which normally only recruits young lawyers who graduate from a handful of top law schools, like Harvard, Yale, Columbia, and Georgetown (with students who typically score in the 95th percentile).

It’s unclear how much money and/or bling that Kelly made at Jones Day, but starting associates at Jones Day today typically make around US$200,000 per year.  Although male and female associates technically make the same salary at Jones Day with adjustments based on seniority, Kelly was still clearly underpaid.  Former Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, who graduated from Georgetown and Harvard Law, began his career at Jones Day; Kelly, however, obviously had (and still has) a vastly superior legal mind compared to the “originalist” Scalia (who is now deceased).

By 2003, Kelly had become bored with the legal profession, so she moved to Washington, D.C., where ABC affiliate WJLA-TV immediately hired her as an assignment reporter.  Technically, Kelly had no experience in either journalism or TV reporting, but the patriarchy clearly held her back again.  Kelly should have immediately become WJLA’s lead anchor.

In 2004, Kelly applied for a job at Fox News, which she won after working for WJLA for about a year.  The glass ceiling, however, again blocked Kelly from reaching her full potential as a womyn.  Kelly was not even given her own TV show until 2010 — roughly six years later.

At Fox News, Kelly showed off her journalistic objectivity by lecturing Donald Trump for being a sexist pig during his first Presidential debate on August 6, 2015 and by correctly calling him “Voldemort” afterward.  After the debate, despite heavy criticism from the alt-right, Kelly refused to apologize for “doing good journalism.”  Progressives applauded Kelly for her journalistic skills.  Libertarian Bill Maher complimented Kelly as being “so much better” than Trump and any of the other Republican pigs — and even wanted her to run for President on the Republican ticket.

Like many womyn, Kelly’s career has been held back because of sexual harassment.  In November 2016, Kelly released a book, Settle for More, describing how Fox News’ CEO Roger Ailes (now deceased) sexually harassed her.  Although Ailes apparently never grabbed her genitalia, the damage was already done.

It’s hard to be a smart, progressive womyn like Megyn Kelly in Trump’s America.  It is so damn hard.  It’s time for Megyn Kelly to receive equal pay for equal work.  

Pay her, NBC!!!


Megyn Kelly’s Salary Shows That We Still Don’t Have Equal Pay For Equal Work


What would the pay gap look like if non-mothers and men participated equally in jobs such as electricians, plumbers, truck drivers, etc. and men participated equally as women in jobs such as waitresses and secretaries?

The only pay gap I ever see studied are in corporate middle-manager and executive type jobs where mothers lose a ton of experience due to family absence. Taking care of kids in the evening also prohibits mothers from not being able to take part in corporate-schmoozing, such as formal events, happy hour, and client dinners – things that do a great deal in advancing a person’s perceived work ethic to senior managers / executives. What would the pay gap look like if nurturing fathers were equally distributed as nurturing mothers?

In other words, the pay gap is not a result of gender discrimination – rather it is a result of gender roles that have developed in the American culture. This is the key reason why gender needs to be eliminated from America.

“America’s gender role culture is, at the very least, partially to blame.”
“America’s gun culture is, at the very least, partially to blame.”


This is such a great comment it is certainly worth posting again, word for word, on an entirely different article

Stick Your Proof In My Pudding
Stick Your Proof In My Pudding

To answer your first question. Working class blue collar pay would go down due to an increase in the pool of labor supply for those jobs. Same goes for waitress and Secretary pay. This would create MASSIVE DEFLATION and would neccistate more quantitative easing and more unions to solve the problem.

I am all for the abolition of gender and QE and unions and a huge pay raise for the lovely Megyn Kelly.


Ted Cruz
Ted Cruz

They must raise her pay to $1 billion per annum. And if that doesn’t bankrupt NBS, then keep doubling her pay until it does.