The Despicable Games Of The Alt-Right


The progressive dream is under attack from the alt-right. We thought – naively perhaps – that by dominating mainstream media, comedy, big business, politics, entertainment/ Hollywood, sports etc. we would finally wipe out the alt-right for ever. If we conquered these hotspots of society, we assumed, the conservatives would have nowhere to go but the graveyard.  It seems we have underestimated their wickedness and ability to use guerilla warfare against us.

The featured image shows a typical feminist who, on social media, goes by the name ‘Rainbow Snatch’. According to xer tag line, xe is an ‘Omni sexual trans binary feminist’. Look closely: xe is ugly, has a progressive name and hairy armpits, and seems perfectly capable of cutting off your testicles with blunt garden shears if you misjudge xer pronoun. In short, xe seems like the real deal.

Xer Twitter account shows her brave exchanges with the hateful bigots on the right:

Alas, this is all a ruse. Rainbow Snatch is in fact a fake creation of the alt-right, a character whose real name is Millie Weaver. Weaver is a pretty 20 something presenter on the hateful website, Info Wars, run by arch conspiracy theorist, Alex Jones. She is Satan incarnate!

Millie Weaver – the hateful conservative behind the Rainbow Snatch character

Yes, it is that serious.  The progressive death star has been invaded. We need to terminate Weaver with extreme prejudice.

It appears that the purpose of the Rainbow Snatch character is to send-up/use satire to denigrate the progressive movement. By employing ‘humor’ and assuming ‘extreme progressive positions’, the likes of Rainbow Snatch aim to ridicule the left and basically show that we are ‘totally out of our minds’ and ‘a danger to wider society’. This then is a new tactic of the hard right – to use ‘humor’, which they know perfectly well we do not understand (snark excepted) against us. This cannot be allowed to succeed!

Fortunately, Rainbow Snatch is but one character who can be safely ignored. It could have been much worse. Imagine, for example, that your favorite progressive website (which you think of as the ultimate ‘safe space’) was in fact an invention of the Alt-right to mock progressives by using satire and humor. That would be like a declaration of war.


The Despicable Games Of The Alt-Right


Frankly you go so far in the last paragraph, I dont know if you were on drug or if you have become a conspiracy theorist, but I had some difficulties to recognize the serious Pbier that I know


Only progressive humor is genuinely funny, that why it’s the only type shown on the MSM.

Right wing ‘humor’ is as sick as it is criminal, the white male who trained his pug to obey Hitler has now released a video in which he threatens to murder a feminist contributor the the Independent newspaper.

This is just as frightening as his Nazi pug, he obviously has a helicopter and leads a right wing death squad too!:

Why isn’t the ADL on to this too?.

Black Lives Matter

Agreed — the reason all the comedians on Late Night TV are progressive is because only progressives are funny.


THIS is what I call funny!

(Ignore the hateful title)


Wow stunning article Pbier. It’s inconceivable that the alt right would try to imitate us and make us look stupid! We are progressive intellectuals! We understand things like the gender continuum that these cavemen can’t even begin to understand! Are they implying that my MASTERS degree in critical race theory is worthless?? It makes me an intellectual! I even wear glasses and a denim shirt and let my hair grow a little bit!

Oprah Glasses
Oprah Glasses

The use of satire to denigrate progressives should be made illegal and punished by forced re-education camping trips with OJ Simpson, Miley Cyrus, Rachel Maddow, and Angela Merkel.