The Oppression Pyramid of White Ethnicities


As many of you may remember, almost a year ago the Accredited Times put together a set of rules for determining just how privileged or oppressed an individual really is, which CRT scholars have dubbed the oppression pyramid. Since then, there has been some breaking new CRT research into the various degrees of privilege enjoyed by different white ethnicities. As you know from the oppression pyramid, if you are white you are always privileged, no matter what other attributes you may possess. But your degree of privilege varies based on your ethnicity, as you can tell by how the various ethnicities are treated by the accredited media, people of color, Hollywood movies and university professors.

The following table shows how oppression points are deducted from white people based on their ethnicity, nationality and various other attributes (note that the scale here is different from the official oppression pyramid):

Attribute Oppression Points
Russian -2500
South African -3000
American -2000
Anglo-Saxon -3000
Spaniard -600
French -800
Celt -1000
Nordic -900
Australian -1000
Kiwi -1000
Canadian -600
South American +50
German -2000
Dutch -1500
Eastern European -1500
Italian -650
Male -2000
Female +30
From the City +10
From the Country -500

After tallying your oppression points, you can calculate your official privilege level by comparing your score to the pyramid below:


The Oppression Pyramid of White Ethnicities


Robin Hood was Irredemable. So are Bill Gates and Soros.



T Tr Tro Trol Troll
T Tr Tro Trol Troll

What if I’m white AMERICAN? I don’t see that as an option.


That is -4000. If you would find out that you are, for example, of Irish descent and would get into touch with your ancestry by, for example, performing river-dance at every possible moment, you would lose just 1000 points.


A good article and point distribution looks about right. One suggestion: what about giving a flat -2000 for just being white and then subtracting or adding points by ethnicity? E.g. Anglo-Saxon would get an additional -1000, while Spaniard would get +1400.
The case of Russians is also interesting. Their points were likely positive until the fall of Soviet Union and even for some time afterwards as they succeeded in creating of one of the most progressive states in the world, but since collusion with Trump they have lost all bonus.

Black Lives Matter

Question — what about hyphenated Americans? For example, Antonin Scalia was generally described an Italian-American male. Would we average “Italian” and “American” (-1325), add up the scores for “Italian” and “American” (-2650), take the better score of the two (-650), or take the worse score of the two (-2000)? I would prefer to use whatever figure gives the lowest possible scores when dealing with white males, but it seems to me that progressives generally ignore the “American” part and go with the more ethnic group when calculating privilege score (which probably explains why Scalia made it to the Supreme Court).

Impalement of Judges is the Answer
Impalement of Judges is the Answer


It looks like BLM believes Scalia is gender neutral

Chalk up another head first crash landing for the flying donkey brain.


I’m proud to report my score is 14,350 on the basis of being part Anglo-Saxon, Spanish, French, German, Irish, Nordic, Dutch and Italian. I eat raw meat twice a day. I take testosterone pills to enhance my libido. My 6 girlfriends seem happy with my services. I belong to the NRA and White Lives Matter. Is this enough to get me to 20k?


Impalement of Judges is the Answer
Impalement of Judges is the Answer

I regret to say that mine is under 10,000.


That is only because the incompetents libtards (but about par for Blacks with an average IQ of 85) running this site do not give points for being right wing, pro small government, pro death penalty, a Christian, a stacker, a stocker, a survivalist or a gun nut.

Dealing with incompetents such as this is mostly a trial.

Stick Your Proof In My Pudding
Stick Your Proof In My Pudding

I have a question. Why do whites from the country have more negative oppression points than those from the city?

Aren’t important amenities like parks, doctors, emergency services, and Planned Parenthood clinics underrepresented in the country communities compared to the city? Wouldn’t the proximity to these important amenities oppress the whites in the country more than those in the city?

Impalement of Judges is the Answer
Impalement of Judges is the Answer

Whites in bigger cities are more likely to be brainwashed (in school and/or by MSM) then rural whites who do home schooling and work too many hours to watch MSM.


I’m feeling better about myself; I knew I was oppressor who tried to check my privilege, but now that I’m “irredeemable” why should I even try. I might as well flaunt my whiteness and act the part since I’m getting blamed anyway. Thanks for putting everything into prospective for me… I feel free at last.


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