White People Shit


Shit white people do:

  1. Jogging
  2. Drive gas guzzling 4×4’s
  3. Go on lame fishing trips
  4. Attend Trump rallies
  5. Use crystal meth
  6. Feel guilt and “personal responsibility” (suckers)
  7. Give money to charity (lol)
  8. Create lame classical music and renaissance architecture
  9. Get up early (what for?)
  10. Watch NASCAR and read “popular mechanics”
  11. Go camping and hiking and build national parks to “enjoy nature” (wtf?)
  12. Choose to go for a walk when they could go to the mall
  13. Read books
  14. Get married
  15. Go on weird “skiing trips”
  16. Do suicidal extreme sports like skydiving
  17. Have “pets”
  18. Try to make having a family and kids “cool”
  19. Farm stolen land
  20. Ride horses that were meant to live in nature
  21. Think people who hate them like them
  22. Are overly polite
  23. Say “good morning” and “how do you do” to strangers
  24. Get “depressed”
  25. Worry about social justice issues and morality
  26. Enjoy “swimming” in dangerous oceans and lakes
  27. Get paranoid about concentrations of power
  28. “Prep” for shit like economic collapse that ain’t never gonna happen
  29. Pay people “tips” (huh?)
  30. Listen to racist country music

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Ted Cruz
Ted Cruz

31. We vote for the best candidates.



32. Save money ‘for a rainy day’ WTF?


Get learned and then jobs….

Black Lives Matter

comment image


Go to farmer’s markets


Use the stairs instead of the elevator

Have their payment ready at checkout

Talk and laugh quietly


Go outside when it’s cold, hot, or rainy

Flying donkey brains
Flying donkey brains

The superior sun (and heat) handling abilities of the White man is exemplified by the Brown Indian quote

“Only dogs and Englishmen go out in the noonday sun”

The other races are so weak and wimpy that they pass out (they actually call it taking a nap to hide their deficiency)


In a drive thru, ordering exactly what is on the menu instead of customizing their burger, no onions, extra ketchup, etc. Etc. and then changing their mind about it ten times and asking how much everything costs and asking a shitload of questions through the speaker

Flying donkey brains
Flying donkey brains

A short list of Black shit

4)Drug dealing
5)Having kids out of wedlock due to “ants in the pants”
6)Failing to civilize their kids because of too much time spent treating “ants in the pants”
7)Sucking up to people who make them slaves
8)Sucking up to people who sold then when they were slaves
9)Sucking up to people who promise them anything (especially money)
10)Turning over logs for worms and other crawlies
11)Eating people for Mojo
12)Shooting shit (this is a reference to drugs and has nothing to do with #3
13)Dying young (see 1,2,3, 11 and 12)
14)Complaining a lot
15)Turning cities into garbage dumps
16)Getting out of high school with a 3rd grade education
17)Getting out of college with a 5th grade education
18)Rioting over a robber getting killed
19)Rioting over a drug dealer getting killed
20)Rioting over a rapist getting killed
21)Rioting over a murderer getting killed
22)Killing Blacks and Hispanics to get back at the White man.
23)Swearing at fellow Blacks who actually work hard to get an education and getting the ability to get good high paying jobs, by telling them “You sold out to Whitey”, as if working hard to improve yourself is a sin.


Black Lives Matter

A short list of Anon stuff:

1. Bronies
2. Impalement
3. Racism
4. Sexism
5. Xenophobia
6. Homophobia
7. Transphobia
8. Islamophobia
9. Anti-Semitism
10. Cannibalism
11. Trolling
12. Stupidity

Flying donkey brains
Flying donkey brains

Working hard to get away from #1 but they keep hounding my heels

Stick Your Proof In My Pudding
Stick Your Proof In My Pudding

This is what you white people always do. We are trying to have a conversation about white people and you just turn it around into comments about black people.

These conversations matter. You can’t just ignore them. See BLM’s TheRoot article above.

Black Lives Matter

Exactly right. We say “Black Lives Matter.” They come back with “White Lives Matter Too” or other bull crap like that. Well, guess what? NO, THEY DON’T, AND IT’S RACIST.

Flying donkey brains
Flying donkey brains

Talking only about Whitey ignores the greatness of Blacks.

Stick Your Proof In My Pudding
Stick Your Proof In My Pudding

White people are cutting the cord in droves too.

If the owners of BET and TV1 are smart they will jack up their carriage rate to astronomical levels for one of the major national providers – DISH or DIRECTV – during their next contract renewal.

When the inevitable public dispute happens BET and TV1 can just call racism, trying to silence blacks, etc. and will win the public battle easily.

Black Lives Matter

Seriously, BET and TV One should earn the most from cable/satellite companies — more even than ESPN and Logo. The FCC can force telecom companies to carry TV networks and can even force them to accept high carriage rates after an arbitration process. BET and TV One should just demand higher amounts, as you indicate. Sadly, though, with Trump’s goons in charge of the FCC, they may have to wait until Trump is impeached before proceeding as a practical matter.

Stick Your Proof In My Pudding
Stick Your Proof In My Pudding

White people also don’t show any emotion.

For instance, when a black person tastes something good, they make a loud hmmm mmm noise and pretend like they are about to drop to the ground. A white person just says “that’s pretty good”

Also whites don’t show reactions to smells. When a black person smells something like a dead skunk or a dog coming out of the rain, they make a reaction like you think they’d just been shot.

Show some emotion white people.


Black Lives Matter

You are so right. White people are simultaneously annoyingly quiet, yet never let us speak! Show some damn emotion, white people!